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Home > Frieza - Dragon Ball Z
Ah, did I hurt your feelings?
All you are is a bunch of chalk.
Allow me to show you something that not even your father saw in his lifetime.
Are you really foolish enough to challenge me?
Before you begin your pathetic struggle to survive, I should warn you your chance of winning is nonexistent.
But the balls don't work unless you have a password.
Compared to me, it's still insignificant.
Dragon Ball.
Get over it.
How rude.
I am the mighty freezer.
I doubt I need an introduction.
I will make you pay tenfold.
I'm a visitor here.
I'm probably 500,000 times stronger than you are.
I've had enough of this.
It is no way for guests on my ship to behave.
It is so hard to control my strength.
It never works.
It would seem you forgotten just how terrifying I can be.
Let me remind you.
Listen here, you green BLOB. Watch your mouth.
Might I suggest you give up now while you're still breathing and simply tell me the password.
My dear man, do you know the password which activates the Dragon Ball?
My left hand. It's strength alone is enough to crush you like the little bug you are.
Nice to meet you.
Now you will know that terror of the most powerful being in the universe.
Ohh my.
Ohh, you've got some nerve.
Read that.
Right. You have the fighting power of a Boy Scout troop.
Such a worthless effort.
Thank you for waiting.
The good king.
Touring your lovely planet and I happened to find seven Dragon Balls.
Well, what else did you expect?
What is the matter?
Why aren't they showing up on my scouters?
Why you insolent tree monkey?
Why? Thank you very much.
Would you happen to know the password, my good man?
You mindless idiot.
You of all people should know better than to defy me.
You're just like your father, aren't you?
Your sense of humor is as warped as ever.