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Are you ready to Dance on deck?
But there are rocks and little islands in the way.
Captain Uniqlo saw the eggs first, so she should get the honors maybe.
Captain Uniqua the pirate.
Cookies are my favorite.
Drag each block to the whole of the same shape.
I challenge you to a duel, Captain Austin.
I know we could take a robot the rest of the way.
It looks like smooth sailing from here to the island.
Let's all be pirate captains.
Let's celebrate Maddie. I think it's time for a dance on the deck.
Let's go to my house to dig up a snack cookies.
Let's play some treasure hunting music as we go.
Let's practice our musical instruments, then March to the treasure.
Of course we did. We're pirates.
Right. And I challenge Captain Austin to a duel.
Scribble over the axe to dig.
Shout out when you see the microphone. Tap the button when you see the spyglass.
Tap the arrows to move around small obstacles.
Tap the colored paddles in the order shown on the top screen.
The map says that we're close to the treasure. We need to go this way.
This map says that treasure is on the Big Island up ahead.
Was there a bad guys on this island?
We are bad guys. We're pirates.
We dug up some awesome treasure.
We may be pirates, but I'm getting hungry.
We need to dig up the pirate treasure.
We need to raise the sale on our pirate ship.
We need to roll the robot to the island shore.
We need to steer the ships around the rocks and islands.
We're almost to the island, but we can't get this big ship close enough to the shore.
Without the X, let's dig.
Yeah, and we'll sail the ocean looking for buried treasure.