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A8A04525 [1]
AF02BA29 [1]
Alfred, do you think I'm overweight?
Alfred, what do I do?
Alfred, why are we rhyme?
All right.
Alright, let's test it out.
And double pineal.
And extra Larry boy.
And I'll be there before I can say Methuselah.
And tasted.
And the mayor's office is right around the corner.
Back to bumbly burg I go.
Barb Bumbly Burg.
Boy, that's uplifting news. I thought I reached a dead end. Thanks, Alpha.
But what you fail to see is God's promise to not let us be tempted beyond what we can handle, and that he'll always give us a way out.
Cool. How do I use?
Don't forget the anchovies.
Don't worry Alfred, my kid will do the trick.
Everybody in Bumblebee knows you have a gift for making the best cakes and pies. That's why we can't wait to see the anniversary cake at the big celebration.
Fire Marshall G**** Bumblebee's Fire Squad needs your help.
Get Alfred.
Good idea buddy.
Good idea. Where do we start?
Good point. She's waiting. I mean, she's waiting for us.
Got it out.
Got it.
Got them all, Alfred. That was fun.
Hang in there, Virginia. We're coming for you.
He needs my help. I'll be there before you can say Matthew's.
Heavy duty.
Here goes everything.
Here I go.
Here's a little game I like to call. I win and you lose. Want to play?
Hmm, I can figure this one.
How do I do that?
Huh. I didn't know I was. I tried to keep a cheerful smile on my face all the time.
I am that hero.
I can't get out of this mess by myself, Alfred, I need help.
I got the note Alfred, but it looks like I'm stuck down here. The walls are too high for me to jump onto.
I have a feeling I'll be seeing her again. I'm heading back to Bumblebee.
I know I can do this.
I know I will, too. Alfred. What you?
I like the sound of this surprise me, Alfred.
I think you're right, Alfred. Let me weigh the possibilities.
I will, Alfred. I always do.
I will, Alfred. Let's find the mayor.
I won't be tempted or outsmarted by the bad apple.
I won't let the bad apple stop us all.
I'll do my best. Chocolate. I Alfred.
I'll get over there right away.
I'll give it a shot.
I'll have to do it all.
I'll have to get them to chase me. Not a problem.
I'll just look for a hidden exit. The bad apple wants to deceive with some tricks. Upper sleeve.
I'll save that Carney apple puns for later, Alfred to the bakery.
I'll search the area for anything that'll help.
I'll spray it with lots of water.
I'll wait here.
I'm curious, Alfred, if my name was Control Switch, would you call me Master Control Switch?
I'm glad we're on the same team, but.
I'm going to have a lot of fun with these new gadgets.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here, Alfred. Maybe the humongous rocket standing right in front of me could be used somehow.
I'm gonna have to slingshot and glide to get on top. I know I can do it.
I'm heading out.
I'm heading over to our news van. It's at Bumblebee Park.
I'm nearly there, Alfred. Tell the vet to give my matter lots and lots of water.
I'm on it all.
I'm ready for anything.
I'm shocked at how this works.
I've never launched a hydro rocket before. This is going to be great.
If that bad apple thinks she can stop me, then she's wrong.
It looks like we have a big job ahead of us, Alfred.
It only becomes trouble when you choose to play games instead of taking care of more important things.
It works without your help, Alfred. There would be no Larry boy.
It's it's you.
It's my duty to try my very best for the citizens of Bubbly Berg.
It's OK to enjoy a good movie, but just make sure your responsibilities are taken care of first.
It's time to put an end to her tempting ways. I use all of my abilities to stop.
It's time to rescue Petunia.
Just a bit too fast.
Just check.
Keep up the Great Work Alpha.
Let me guess. Baker let his fallen into a web of temptation and needs my help. I'm on my way to the bakery to help.
Let's do this, Alfred.
Let's find out what the switch does.
Look, temptation comes in so many different forms.
Lookout below.
May your attempting end here. Bad apple.
My pet Mata. I have one of those. Alfred, What's the Matt?
My super suction plunger ears will get me up there in no time.
Nah, they're just too nosy.
Nito, now I can get back up.
No, it's wet, Alfred. Enjoy your lunch.
Not if I have anything to do with it. I'm on my way. Bumbly bird.
Ohh boy.
Ohh goodie, I'm heading over now.
Ohh no.
Ohh you.
Ohh, dealing fizzy. Feeling dizzy.
Ohh, pretty colors.
Ohh, well, of course they are. Alfred. You took the words right out of my mouth. Ah, just don't ask me to repeat.
OK, I'm ready.
Petunia Bumbly Berg needs to learn the news about the webs and birthday celebration.
Piece of cake, Alfred. Looks like I can jump over him. Hmm. Cake.
Please stop.
Right back at you, buddy. The Slingshot is another great invention of yours. I'm heading back to Bumblebee.
Smart Cape Don't fail me now.
Snap out of it, Baker Lunch. You have a cake to bake.
Sure thing old.
Sure thing.
Temptation is nothing to be toyed around with.
Thanks Alfred Baker. Lunt must be right around the corner.
Thanks Alfred, I can do this old bud.
Thanks for your hard work Alfred. We make a great team.
Thanks for your help buddy.
Thanks, Alfred. I'll be safe, but I hope the Baker is too.
Thanks, Alfred. I'll be sure not to fall.
That's awesome alpha.
That's great, Alfred.
That's great, Alfred. What is?
That's right. Remember, when you're feeling tempted, you can always call a friend or loved one to help you avoid giving in.
The Bad Apple has lost her appeal. I'll see to it that she no longer attempts the citizens of Bumbly Burg again.
The Bad Apple wants to control the city. The citizens of Bumbly Burg will need our help.
The city of Bumbling Berg is relying on you to help organize the big celebration, Mayor Blueberry.
The city will look a lot better when you're gone. Bad Apple.
The fire station isn't far off. I'll be there right away.
Then I better not leave. But I cannot conceive of a way of escaping before New Year's Eve.
Then I should already be there.
There has to be one around here somewhere.
There you are.
There's a whole bunch of webs though, Alfred. I'd need to carry a bazillion bottles to.
These webs won't stop Larry Boy.
This Cape weighs a ton.
This power drencher will definitely come in handy.
We all have toys, but having a lot of them for yourself won't do any good for someone else who needs help.
We all need each other's help to fight temptation, Your honor. And right now, Bumbly Burg needs your help to organize its 300th birthday party.
We won't be seeing the bad apple anytime soon.
We'll have our reporting the news again before dinner time. Ohh, can we have cheeseburgers again?
Well, that was easy, Alfred.
What do you suggest?
What's that big glowing wall behind me?
Whatever you say, Alfred. Get it with the water thing.
Wow. So if I see something that looks like it can be pressed or lowered, I can just get on top of it and turn into a weight to make it go down. And can I turn back to my normal self?
Yeah, hello.
Yep. I'll see you soon, Alfred.
You can't be the mayor God wants you to be if all you ever think about is how you look.
You know I am.
You make being a superhero fun, Alfred. I can hardly wait to see what you'll think of next.
You make the best gadgets, but.
You're a genius, Alfred. What else does the Cape do?
You've fallen deep into temptation.
あああぁぁ。 まあ。