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Brazil Soundboard

Brazil Soundboard

Title: Brazil - A Cinematic Journey into Chaos and Imagination

Year: 1985

Directed by: Terry Gilliam

- Jonathan Pryce as Sam Lowry
- Robert De Niro as Archibald "Harry" Tuttle
- Kim Greist as Jill Layton
- Ian Holm as Mr. Kurtzmann
- Bob Hoskins as Spoor
- Michael Palin as Jack Lint
- Katherine Helmond as Mrs. Ida Lowry
- Ian Richardson as Mr. Warrenn
- Peter Vaughan as Mr. Helpmann
- Jim Broadbent as Dr. Jaffe
- Charles McKeown as Harvey Lime
- Derrick O'Connor as Dowser

- Northern Lights "Brazil"
- Geoff Muldaur "Brazil"
- Sam Lowry's First and Last Name by Michael Kamen and Robert Wyatt
- Brazil- Deaf Metal by Amon Tobin
- Brazil by Dead Fish
- Brazil by Declan McKenna

Featuring an eerie blend of dystopian fantasy and bureaucratic madness, the film "Brazil" takes viewers into a chaotic world of authoritarian regimes and daydreaming heroes. Directed by Terry Gilliam and released in 1985, this masterpiece offers a unique perspective on a society where imagination clashes with reality.

Set in a dystopian universe, "Brazil" revolves around Sam Lowry, played brilliantly by Jonathan Pryce. Sam is a low-level bureaucrat who spends his days tangled in paperwork, longs for escape from the restrictive regime. His world changes when a mishap occurs, leading him to encounter Archibald "Harry" Tuttle, portrayed by Robert De Niro, a rogue heating engineer who has dedicated his life to sabotaging the system. Their peculiar alliance catapults Sam into a world of fantasy, where he meets the woman of his dreams, Jill Layton, played by Kim Greist.

The brilliance of "Brazil" doesn't merely lie in its captivating plot, but also in its thought-provoking soundtrack. An array of artists have contributed to the film's soundscape, ensuring the ambiance matches its unique atmosphere. Northern Lights' haunting "Brazil" sets the stage for the twisted tale, immediately enveloping the audience in the movie's chaotic atmosphere. As the story unravels, the jazzy rendition of "Brazil" by Geoff Muldaur adds a layer of charm and complexity to the narrative, reflecting the dichotomy between elegance and despair.

One memorable musical moment in the film is the lively and whimsical tune, "Sam Lowry's First and Last Name." This delightful composition, masterfully created by Michael Kamen and Robert Wyatt, captures the essence of Sam's character as he daydreams his way through bureaucracy. Its playful melody and witty lyrics accentuate the film's themes of escapism and the power of imagination.

Moving away from the traditional genres, "Brazil" surprises its audience with "Brazil- Deaf Metal" by Amon Tobin. This unique track combines elements of heavy metal and industrial music, bringing a sense of urgency and chaos to the film's tumultuous scenes. Its raw energy perfectly mirrors the ever-growing tension and impending doom in the story.

"Brazil" is also an inspiration for various bands and artists. Dead Fish, a Brazilian punk rock band, pays homage to the film by creating their own track titled "Brazil." With its energetic punk spirit, the song echoes the movie's themes of resistance and fighting against oppression. Similarly, British singer-songwriter Declan McKenna released a single titled "Brazil," taking inspiration from the film's dark atmosphere and dystopian elements. His haunting lyrics and melodic voice capture the eerie beauty of the cinematic journey.

To fully immerse oneself into the captivating world of "Brazil," both the film and its incredible soundtrack are readily available for streaming and download. By simply searching for the title, viewers can indulge in this cinematic masterpiece, while music enthusiasts can appreciate the diverse soundscape that accompanies the story.

Whether exploring the depths of bureaucracy or floating away on the wings of imagination, "Brazil" offers a unique and unforgettable viewing experience. With its stellar cast, imaginative storyline, and evocative soundtrack, this 1985 gem will continue to mesmerize and inspire audiences for years to come.

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Actually, you know, my coming here is rather unorthodox, bringing you this check...
Ah! Mr. Helpmann
Alison. Sam Lowry. Old friend.
All inquiries, reference office of 412/L, room 5001."
All right.
And I'm arresting you as a...
And Shirley!
And this is my receipt for your receipt
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
Are you telling me that this is illegal?
Authorizing the compulsory, temporary requisitioning of this flat...
Barbara's very well, thank you, sir. Very well indeed
Better still, send it to Buttle. After all, it's his check.
But the rules of the game are laid down.
But, um... Hello
Come back here!
Come on, darling. Put these away now. Mummy'll be here soon
Do you want a drink?
Don't do that!
Don't get upset
Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Mother! Mother!
Don't touch it!
Dr. Chapman says it often happens with a delicate skin like mine.
Especially after the bombing.
Faster! Get off of me!
Found it.
Get off!
Go! Straight ahead! Go!
Good turnout. Nice. Very good. Thank you.
Got no vacancies.
Hang on.
Has anybody seen Sam Lowry?
Has been invited to assist the Ministry of Information with certain inquiries...
He hadn't done anything.
He's been overcharged for Information Retrieval procedures...
He's gone.
Here, authorize the check
Here. Here
Hi there. I want to talk to you about ducts.
How do you think I feel, you shit?
Hurry now, while stocks last, to your nearest Central Services showroom.
I didn't have to come here, you know, Mrs. Buttle.
I don't believe you.
I don't know what I want
I hereby inform you, under powers entrusted to me..
I just don't want you to be under any false impressions.
I love...
I mean, look at you, Sam. Whatever happened to you?
I think Kurtzmann is getting suspicious.
I told you before... they fixed themselves.
I want this order rescinded.
I... I'm... I've been, uh...
I'm going to leave you two lovebirds in peace.
I'm gonna have nightmares, you know.
I'm on Security Level 5 now, so Mr. Helpmann relies on me more and more.
Is Mr. Helpmann here?
It's all a bit confusing, but it seems she was killed...
It's all right, Ida. It's just...
It's also accepted for gynecological examinations...
It's good at any doctor's and most of the major hospitals.
It's just a precaution, sir.
It's my lunch hour.
It's too exciting. I've left Dr. Jaffe and gone to Dr. Chapman.
It's, um... It's fixed.
Jill! Answer me!
Just drive!
Look, my wrist is all limp.
Luckily I intercepted your call.
Mesdames, monsieur...
Mother! Mother, please!
Mr. Helpmann, I'm dying to get at this woman. No, no... Ohh!
Mr. Helpmann.
Mr. Lowry, would you step in here, please?
Mrs. Buttle, are you all right?
Mrs. Buttle, are you okay?
Mrs. Terrain has just received that most wonderful of gifts.
Much more complicated since last we... talked.
My name is Lowry. Sam Lowry. Look, really, can't this wait?
Numero huit.
Of recruiting the brightest and best, sir.
Oh, but, Jack!
Oh, Christ.
Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear.
Oh, God.
Oh, that's all right
Oh, that's wonderful! Congratulations, Sam!
Oh, yeah? Then where did this come from, eh?
Oh. The electrics here are up the spout.
Oh. Well, thanks.
On the twenty...
Or you can borrow a sum, to be negotiated from us, at a very competitive rate.
People want value for money.
Really, Ida! Just because his techniques are revolutionary...
Sam, what are we going to do with you?
Sam, you were one of the brightest...
She doesn't like me telling people, but, in fact, she's really pleased.
Shut up.
Since then, she's been going around making wild allegations...
Something for an executive?
Sorry about that, sir. Regulations.
Spoor! Spoor! Come here, Spoor!
Steak. Numero trois.
Still is.
Such delicate nuances.
Thank you for calling Central Services.
Thank you, Myrtle.
Thank you, Spiro.
Thanks, Lowry. You're a good man in a tight corner.
That keeps it up and channels it out to the ears.
The lift's arrived, sir.
Then all I need to wrap up the case is the Layton woman.
There is one way I could get round it. I could accept my mother's promotion
There's a good chap. And get a new suit.
There's a great Niagara of perspiration coming down.
There's another one: Security has got him down as "excised."
There's your bomb, asshole!
They'd get a lot more out of life.
This is a professional relationship
This way. This way.
To midnight
Trier, isn't he?
Tuttle? His name's Buttle. There must be some mistake.
Tuttle. It's Tuttle.
Uh, 27156789...
Uh, Buttle's check?
Uh, Mrs. Buttle?
Uh, w what should I do next?
Uh... Excuse me, sir. That is government property.
Um, I do assure you, Mrs. Buttle, the ministry is very scrupulous...
Um, I I don't know anything about that, Mrs. Buttle
Um, it's a refund, actually.
We broke right through them! We did it! Whee, whee, whee, whee!
We did it! We did it! We did it! We did it!
We love romantic lingerie.
We've got a crack team of... Are they kidding? ... decision makers.
We've gotta get rid of it!
Well done, men. Excellent.
Well, Alma. How are you? You look wonderful
Well, I...
Well, that's a pipe of a different color.
What a bloody stupid thing!
What happened to the, um..
What have you got to say? ..
What? Oh, yes. Uh, well, rather.
What's in the, uh, parcel?
What's the number on the check?
Why ever not? Barbara's a perfectly good name, isn't it?
Yes, of course. Barbara, isn't it?
Yes, um..
You always were bloody quick, Sam.
You are an embarrassment. Please
You haven't got the ambition.
You killed Buttle?
You must have hopes, wishes, dreams!
You want Information Adjustments. Different department.
You, uh..
You'll like it up here. Send that back
You're a very good little girl
You've been promoted
But this is just the beginning. Oh, really?
Can't you read English? Ow! Get your bloody...
Christmas present. Oh.
Get down! Wait! Wait! Will you wait!
Go! Go! Go! What are you doing, you stupid asshole?
Ha! Yoo hoo, Dr. Jaffe. You are a genius.
Hello, Jack. You remember my wife, Alison?
I haven't got an emergency! Yeah?
I know. Look..
I really need to know about..
Jack. How could you do this to me?
Jesus Christ! The smell! Stop!
Monsieur, quel numero?
Monsieur. Steak, please. Rare. Mother...
Numero deux. Duck a l'orange. Dr. Chapman? Chapman?
Oh, God, don't worry about that. No, but if they did promote you, uh...
Oh, my God! No! Sam!
Sam, you haven't had your dessert. I don't want dessert.
What are you doing? Shh.
What if we lose the house, yeah? Don't touch anything!
What? And, uh...
Where are you going? I know a way to save you.
Wouldn't it be simpler just to work..
You've started your treatment. Say the number, please
Zip. Oh.
... law abiding citizens to have to subsidize criminals?
"and the standing within the community of the Department of Information Retrieval;
"Attempting to conceal a fugitive from justice;
"taking possession under false pretenses of said personnel carriers;
"tampering Central Services supply ducts;