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Miracle (2004) Soundboard

Miracle (2004) Soundboard

Miracle is a captivating and inspiring sports film released in 2004, directed by Gavin O'Connor. This incredible movie tells the true story of the United States men's hockey team during the 1980 Winter Olympics, a group of underdog players who achieved the impossible by defeating the mighty Soviet Union team.

The cast of Miracle features outstanding performances that truly bring the characters to life. Headlining the film is Kurt Russell, who portrays renowned ice hockey coach Herb Brooks. Russell does a remarkable job at capturing the complexity and determination of Coach Brooks, guiding his team with fortitude and unyielding belief. Alongside him, Noah Emmerich portrays Craig Patrick, the assistant coach, who supports Brooks through the ups and downs of the team's journey.

The film also showcases an ensemble of talented actors who portray the young and determined hockey players. Some of the cast members include Michael Mantenuto as Jack O'Callahan, Eddie Cahill as Jim Craig, and Patrick O'Brien Demsey as Mike Eruzione. Each actor embodies their character's struggle, passion, and eventual triumph beautifully, creating a deep connection with the audience.

One of the strongest aspects of Miracle lies in its powerful storytelling and attention to detail. The film skillfully depicts the immense pressure and skepticism surrounding the U.S. hockey team as they face off against the powerful Soviet Union team, known for its dominance in the sport. The movie takes the time to develop each player's journey, exploring their diverse backgrounds and conveying the personal sacrifices they made for the ultimate goal of victory.

The climactic moment of the film is, of course, the legendary faceoff between the United States and Soviet Union teams. This intense and heart-pounding scene is expertly executed, capturing the raw emotions and nail-biting suspense of the game. Audiences will find themselves on the edge of their seats, experiencing the highs and lows of the intense match, and cheering for the underdog team that defied all odds.

The film's historical accuracy is another notable feature. Miracle skillfully incorporates actual footage from the 1980 Winter Olympics, providing a seamless blend of fiction and reality. This adds a layer of authenticity to the story, making it even more captivating for viewers.

Furthermore, the film delves into the themes of teamwork, perseverance, and the power of belief. Miracle showcases how a team that was initially underestimated and dismissed by the world not only overcame their external hurdles but also their internal conflicts. It highlights the importance of unity, trust, and hard work to achieve the seemingly impossible.

The remarkable story of the 1980 U.S. hockey team has been immortalized in Miracle, and its impact continues to resonate with audiences to this day. The film's rousing score by Mark Isham adds an emotional layer, enhancing the exhilaration and triumph experienced by the characters on-screen. You can still feel the goosebumps and excitement while watching this film, even after all these years.

If you're looking to experience the incredible journey of the 1980 U.S. hockey team, Miracle is a must-watch film. Its compelling storytelling, outstanding performances, and attention to detail will both captivate and inspire you. So, grab a bowl of popcorn, huddle up with your friends and family, and get ready to witness a truly miraculous underdog story.

You can play and download the sounds of Miracle (2004) by visiting the official website or streaming platforms that offer the film. Immerse yourself in the powerful score and relive the moments that defined this unforgettable tale of triumph and resilience.

Across to Silk. He moves in.
After Tretiak had given up two goals in the first period.
Ah, that won't work with Wells.
Ahlberg shoots. Save by Craig.
Ahlberg to Eriksson
Ahlberg up the wing to Hakan Eriksson in the slot
All right
All right, Doc's waiting for you.
All right, just relax, okay? Jeez.
All right. On three, boys
And he goes down!
And he's run into the boards by Bilyaletdinov.
And he's sent hard into the boards by Krutov
And in net, Vladimir Myshkin...
And since that day at Squaw Valley,
And that includes, as we've just found out, the NHL.
And the Soviets take the lead, 3 2.
And the U.S. Team is still very much alive
And won in decisive fashion, beating the NHL All Stars
And you were meant to be here tonight
And your ridiculous sayings and your drills
Another save.
As I watched them out there, celebrating on the ice,
As the period, apparently, has come to an end
Attaboy, Jimmy!
Back door, O.C
Baker fighting for the puck with Naslund.
Be prepared to grow through pain, gentlemen
Because of chemical leakage
Because what we have at hand, the rarest of sporting events
Before the Olympic Games in Lake Placid
Between the NHL All Stars and the Soviet Union
Billy Beer hit the shelves this week.
Bilyaletdinov picks up the puck in the corner.
Boris Mikhailov,
Boys, hit that one timer now
But he's played very little over the last six months
But Johnson is there.
By many as the most important speech
Calling the players over for the face off
Centering pass. Shot.
Change them up! Let's go!
Cleopatra's leaving, and she wants to say goodbye.
Come on, boys
Come on, Buzzy!
Come on, go, boys
Come on, Herb. Get your guys to the face off.
Come on, now. Pick him up.
Come on, quick feet, boys! Quick feet! Work it!
Come on! Shoot it!
Come on. Nick and Nora Charles. "The Thin Man
Coneheads, you're up next
Craig with the save!
Damn it!
Dave Christian took a shot from the other side of center ice,
Did they ever see him when his game's on?
Do it again!
Don't do this to yourself, Herb.
Dumped into the Swedish zone
Each and every one of you.
Easy, big guy.
Everybody get on that line.
Everybody in.
Everybody on the line. Let's go.
Face off is won by Mikhailov.
Fighting for possession.
For the Love Canal area of Niagara Falls, New York.
Forward! Blue line!
Get him off!
Get it back!
Get men out!
Get that through your head!
Get the puck!
Get used to this drill. We'll be doing it a lot
Getting a huge hand from this very appreciative crowd.
Give me a "best case
Go! Stay with him, Jimmy! Stay with him!
Golikov. Cross ice pass to Petrov.
Gonna open up some space. What are we gonna do?
Good game.
Good night
Good to have you here.
Governor Brown,
Hard to say no to someone who drove you to practice every day.
Has got to be shocked.
He can give the U.S. The lead.
He circles behind his own net. Leaves it for Fetisov
He gets a little carried away sometimes.
He makes a move around Hakan Eriksson.
He shoots! He scores!
He shoots.
He's absolutely flattened there by Kasatonov
Hello again, everybody
Herb, it'll be fine.
Here at Madison Square Garden last October,
Here. What's that give us, boys?
Hey, go to the blue line!
Hey, Jimmy!
Hey, Phillie, what are you on?
Hi, Daddy
Hit by Golikov and sent flying into the boards
Hit hard by Silk.
Hold up, there. Hold up, hold up.
How well conditioned this U.S. Team is.
How's it looking?
Huge hit
I am a hockey player!
I don't understand you
I get tossed out of the game.
I played for him for four years.
I still got a few more.
I think it was 15 1.
I want to see that kid in the net who wouldn't take the test
I wanted to win a National Championship.
I'll tell you something else he's got.
I'm not looking for the best players.
I've watched them, and I've coached a lot of them.
If he plays on it, can he hurt it any worse?
In the crowd, Jim Craig's father, Donald Craig
In the opening round.
In this tournament so far, and we can do it again.
Is the silicon chip.
Is there any chance we could talk to him?
Isn't it obvious? For the girls.
It is a crisis of confidence.
It should be a great night.
It was stopped at one
It's about a team.
It's different playing with them
It's the Soviet Union in control,
Jim Craig in goal for the United States
Johnson gets rid of it and heads to the bench
Johnson. Wrist shot.
Just let him go.
Just money who's got a say in this thing.
Kasatonov leaves it for Mikhailov.
Keep it moving.
Keep your shoulders square
Keisler, the referee, indicating that the goal stands
Kharlamov at center ice. To Krutov.
Kharlamov leading the charge up the ice.
Kick it in the ass, Verchota!
Knocked away by Craig!
Krutov with the puck. Right in front.
Ladies and gentlemen, your 1980 U.S. Olympic Team
Let me take this one.
Let's do this.
Let's get it back, boys
Let's go! Next line up!
Long shot. Easy save by Tretiak
Look like hockey to you?
Loose puck in the corner. Krutov chasing it.
Lou Nanne, I think you know, from the NHL.
Makarov over the blue line. To Maltsev.
Make sure I could push them this hard
Maltsev scores!
Maltsev streaks across the U.S. Blue line.
McClanahan after the loose puck.
Me and Jannie are done.
Might want to wait a day or so before you go over and say hi.
Mikhailov at center.
Mikhailov moves it over to Kharlamov.
Monsieur! Monsieur!
Move and hit him, Johnson. He's open.
Moving in on the net.
Moving in with a shot,
No one has ever worked hard enough
No, no!
Not a good time right now
Not for long I don't.
Not only for those who watched it,
Now, go out there and take it
Now, I know best what I need to compete.
Number 16, Pavelich
Oh, I love Brooks' reaction.
On the bench.
On the way out, pick up one of these.
One, two, three!
Only a few short months ago
Only a goal down, a tremendous achievement
Over to Kharlamov, who carries it into the U.S. Zone.
Pass is across to Kharlamov. Shot. Stopped!
Passes come from the heart.
Pavelich has it.
People I speak to say Craig's game has been off
Picked up by Mark Johnson.
Please hold.
Pucks in, pucks in!
Quick feet! Push it!
Ralph Cox. U.N.H.