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Borgen - Season 1

Borgen - Season 1

Borgen is not a movie, television show, or song, but rather a critically acclaimed Danish political drama series. It premiered in Denmark in 2010, with its first season spanning 2010-2011. Borgen, which means "The Castle" in Danish, takes viewers on a gripping journey through the realm of Danish politics, showcasing the challenges faced by the country's first female Prime Minister, Birgitte Nyborg.

Set in Copenhagen, Borgen's Season 1 introduces us to the complex and intriguing world of Danish politics. It delves into the personal and professional lives of its characters, highlighting the intricacies and power dynamics within the political landscape. The series expertly weaves together storylines of political maneuvering, personal relationships, and ethical dilemmas.

The cast of Borgen is led by Sidse Babett Knudsen, who portrays the enigmatic and resilient Birgitte Nyborg. Birgitte's character is deeply compelling as she grapples with the immense challenges of running a country while managing her personal life and maintaining her integrity. Other notable cast members include: Birgitte Hjort Sørensen as the ambitious and cunning political reporter Katrine Fønsmark, Johan Philip Asbæk as the charismatic and ambitious spin doctor Kasper Juul, and Pilou Asbæk as the dedicated and honest journalist, Philip Christensen.

Throughout Season 1 of Borgen, viewers witness the transformation and struggles faced by Birgitte Nyborg as she rises to power. From political rivalries and international conflicts to personal sacrifices and compromises, the series explores the depths of Birgitte's character as she navigates the intricate web of Danish politics.

The success of Borgen lies in its meticulous storytelling and exceptional performances by its cast. It skillfully addresses a myriad of issues including gender politics, media manipulation, and the ethical dilemmas faced by politicians. Moreover, it presents a nuanced portrait of the challenges faced by women in positions of power, highlighting the double standards and scrutiny they often encounter.

For those intrigued by Borgen, the sounds of Danish dialogue and the captivating performances can be enjoyed by streaming or downloading the series. While not specifically mentioned where one can stream or download the series, it is likely available on popular streaming platforms or through DVD purchase.

In conclusion, Borgen is not just a political drama series, it is an exploration of power, ambition, and the complex dynamics of Danish politics. With its engrossing plotlines, outstanding performances, and thought-provoking themes, it has gained a loyal following and critical acclaim. For those seeking a captivating and immersive journey through the corridors of power, Borgen is a must-watch. So, immerse yourself in the world of Borgen and experience the captivating tale of Birgitte Nyborg, her struggles, and her triumphs.

A modern world is manifold, and so must our democracy be.
A tiny privileged circle of people rule Denmark.
A vote for the Moderates tomorrow is a vote for a new Denmark. Thank you.
A vote for us is a vote for a green, financially sound Denmark.
According to the first exit polls
Afterward Magnus asked me:
All of us here have become ever so professional.
All the time. Officially. No bullshit. Get it?
All the way out. Screw aestethics!
All this decides our actions.
All this talk about emotions is making me thirsty.
And have fun.
And I promise you we'll find jobs for a couple of asylum seekers
And the success continues. Two more seats...
And the success continues. Two more seats...
And you want me to blackmail him?
And your phone. The computer, and the campaign documents are there.
Apart from Treasury and Foreign Affairs, take your pick.
Are you crazy?
Are you gunning for some pity sex, or what?
Are you seeing someone?
Are you waiting for me, or...?
As always in Danish politics, the fight is over the center.
As you may know, she used to have a drinking problem.
Ask me about asylum seekers only, got it?
At 11 she has a debate meeting with some Labour hillbilly.
Besides, we owe her one. She just gave you four more years, Lars.
Birgitte, I need you to support my candidacy.
Birgitte, my dear. Boy, have you been on my mind these past 24 hours.
Birgitte! The Labour top brass are washing their hands of Laugesen.
Black slims. Black is sophisticated and sexy.
But snitching on people who do theirjobs
But to believe that the free market is the best cure for social inequality
But you said they could work...
Bye bye.
Can we still take care of our senior citizens
Changing our policy three days before the election calls for a new strategy.
Check positions. Keep an eye on background and audience.
Christ, Lars.
Close the door. Jesus, the songs are the worst part of this job.
Close the door. Jesus, the songs are the worst part of this job.
Come along, kids.
Come in at nine tomorrow and clear your desk.
Come on.
Come on. Tomorrow we'll hold a joint press meeting where you support me
Coming through
Commentators say the voters voted against Labour and the Liberals
Conceal any signs of her lack of sleep this past fortnight.
Denmark needs a modern, well trained military...
Did you hear anything out there?
Did you read my speech for the final debate tonight?
Do you still support Laugesen, yes or no?
Each party leader will get two minutes to deliver their closing remarks.
Everyone speaks highly of you, Kasper.
Five years of career for you and five for me. Even if you did find it silly.
Four, three, two, one. Roll camera 3.
From the corporate world, the media and a few politicians.
Get in there and knock their socks off. I know you can.
Getting a few key messages across and making your opponent look stupid.
Go and take the cab. I'll call you later.
Good day to you all.
Got a minute?
Grab your stuff.
Hanne Holm, political observer, what kind of game are they playing
He just went and died. I guess he must have been sick.
He lost 12 seats. He has to resign. The door is open!
Hello! Hello!
Help me. My card keeps bouncing, and I'm not leaving without that bag.
Help me. My card keeps bouncing, and I'm not leaving without that bag.
Her Visa card bounced, and I was afraid someone might see her.
Hesselboe billed the state for an extravagant bag and coat.
Hesselboe on 3.
Hesselboe tries to preserve things as they are
Hey, you! Did I ask for honesty here?
Hi there, and welcome.
Hi there.
Honey, you really buy too much dessert.
How about a serious talk when we've got a handle on things?
How about giving something back?
How bold of you to change your policy three days before the election.
How does that add up, Hesselboe
How long have you been dating him?
Hurry! Get going.
I apologize on behalf of my leader for the no deal
I became a politician
I believe we must own up to our mistakes
I believe we're losing what keeps Denmark together.
I believe, unlike the Freedom Party, we do live in a multiethnic society
I can get them.
I can't. You've cut off the blood supply to my legs.
I doubt Hesselboe wants me to replace Ole Dahl.
I hate this. I hate this, I hate this, I hate this.
I have a sad announcement.
I have that debate meeting in
I just talked to Nørgaard, Gjervig and Lindholm. They're all behind you.
I know something that could make the right person prime minister.
I know something.
I know the Liberals want to talk to us.
I love you.
I made the dry cleaner buy you a new one, seeing as he shrunk the old one.
I only had my official Eurocard. I know it was stupid.
I request of you not to use this tragedy to question
I think we can keep the Freedom Party out of power.
I thought Nyborg was a smart girl.
I understand your interest in a marriage of convenience.
I upset him by not wearing the right clothes either.
I want to be with you all the time.
I want you to host the final debate tonight.
I wish you all a good election.
I'll be right in.
I'll handle this on my own.
I'll handle this on my own.
I'll ignore that. You broke a political deal three days before the election.
I'll take these and settle it with the Ministry.
I've got an unpleasant announcement regarding Hanne Holm.
I've never been happier. I just thought you should know.
I've seen a Mulberry receipt for 12,056 dollars
If Laugesen goes back on his word, do you still prefer him as prime minister?
If used wisely.
If we do, I have a lot of questions.
If we're to create a new Denmark together
In ten. Katrine, you look hot.
In that case I doubt you ever will.
In these times full of turmoil and strife
Individual freedom and initiative is what keeps Denmark going.
It comes off as a smart attempt to save a tactically difficult situation.
It looks good on TV, and it slims. Want to run through it?
It looks like it could be the Opposition leader, Laugesen.
It was great! Just think, a politician changed her policy on live TV.
It was in the news one minute ago. Birgitte Nyborg rejects Laugesen.
Jesus Christ!
Just relax and be yourself. And stick to the speech.
Kasper, my usually smart ex, asked me if I was seeing someone.
Katrine, grab your stuff.
Katrine, have Nyborg comment on this interview just in with Laugesen.
Katrine, pile on the pressure.
Katrine, you're 29 years old, and you just snagged the final debate.
Keep going.
Lars Hesselboe has been Prime Minister these past seven years.
Last but one is Birgitte Nyborg. The floor is yours.
Laugesen looks more like an advertising guy than a politician.
Look, I've always respected girls who fuck their way to the top.
Look, this may sound like a promotion, but it sure as hell isn't.
Many Danes are worried about the rising number of asylum seekers
Maybe you never should have brought Lisbeth along to London.
Meanie! If you're asleep, you're not getting any sex the next month.
Michael Laugesen is after his job.
Michael Laugesen wants me to drink champagne with Labour tomorrow.
Mom deserves to go on TV too.
Most of them will be sent back home
Mulberry near Burlington Arcade.
My close associate and friend of 11 years, Ole Dahl
My constituency wants me to hire a guy like you.
My keys.
Natural? We're not picking members for the softball team here.
Never let your children down, Kasper, because they grow up to be voters.
Next up is Birgitte Nyborg. Roll 3.
No, your rhetoric is crystal clear as always.
Now, thank them and lead them, because they want to be led by you.
Now, we have an election to cover, so get to work. You, my office, now.
Off to battle the red flag in hand
Oh, excuse me.
Ole, say something!
Ole... look at me.
Or we leak it anonymously and wait for him to resign.
Our next guest is Moderate leader, Birgitte Nyborg Christensen. Welcome.
Prime Minister Hesselboe just arrived. How do you feel about the result?
Remember this, honey.
Respected former leader Hardy Eriksen
Round up your party for a charm offensive this weekend. Call me.
She looks fantastic.
She was about to make a scene, so I panicked.
So drop a few features. Cue it up.
Somewhat more dignified than being voted out by the Danish people
Stop nitpicking. They come here from banana republics torn by civil war.
Talk to you after the election.
Tell me where you are, and I'll be right over.
Ten years old,
Thank you, Birgitte Nyborg.
Thank you, Michael Laugesen. The debate is over. Thank you.
Thank you, Svend Åge Saltum.
Thank you.