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Girl Meets World - Season 1

Girl Meets World - Season 1

Girl Meets World is a heartwarming television series that aired from 2014 to 2017. It serves as a sequel to the beloved 1990s sitcom, Boy Meets World. The show follows the adventures of Riley Matthews, the daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews, the adored couple from the original series.

Rowan Blanchard leads the cast as Riley Matthews, a bright and optimistic teenager who navigates the challenges of middle school, friendship, and self-discovery. Her best friend, Maya Hart, portrayed by Sabrina Carpenter, is a rebellious and sassy girl who adds an extra dose of excitement to every episode. Together, Riley and Maya form an unbreakable bond as they face the highs and lows of adolescence.

August Maturo plays Auggie Matthews, Riley's adorable younger brother with a mischievous streak. Auggie adds humor and adorable moments to the show, making viewers fall in love with his charm. Corey Fogelmanis portrays Farkle Minkus, a quirky and confident classmate. He brings a unique perspective to the group of friends, often mixing intellectual prowess with awkward teenage moments.

The show also features Peyton Meyer as Lucas Friar, a mysterious new student who captures the hearts of both Riley and Maya. Throughout the first season, viewers watch as the friendship dynamics shift and change, exploring the complexities of love and loyalty among the group of friends.

Girl Meets World - Season 1 is a captivating blend of comedy, drama, and life lessons. Each episode explores meaningful topics such as family, friendship, love, self-acceptance, and the challenges of growing up. The show tackles relevant issues faced by teenagers in an engaging and relatable way, resonating with viewers of all ages.

With its memorable characters, delightful humor, and heartfelt moments, Girl Meets World - Season 1 has become a beloved series. Fans of Boy Meets World will appreciate the nostalgic nods to the original show, while new viewers will fall in love with the next generation of Matthews.

To experience the captivating sounds of Girl Meets World - Season 1, you can play and download the cheerful theme song, composed by Matthew Tishler and Maria Christensen, along with other iconic tracks from the series. These sounds will transport you back to the halls of John Quincy Adams Middle School, where friendships are forged and lessons are learned.

Girl Meets World - Season 1 is an unforgettable coming-of-age television series that will make you laugh, cry, and reflect on the beauty of growing up. Immerse yourself in the magic of this timeless show and embark on an incredible journey alongside Riley, Maya, and their friends. Play and download the sounds that bring their adventures to life.

A cool universe, huh?
A date? They're going on a date?
A father daughter dance.
A father, a mother and a little girl.
A harajuku girl?
A hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, because I'm dangerous.
A hundred forty eight days from cyclone day!
A lot of things happened in 1963.
A memory that will live with me right up until the next thing happens.
A more natural look during the day.
A piece of paper and our own imaginations.
A squirrel.
A trillion years of evolution in five seconds
A wah a wah.
A wah a wah...
A war we fought against ourselves.
About chicken with pictures.
About time you showed up.
About to find out, sir.
Actually you guys came in two pieces.
Actually, a voice I've always trusted has been telling me that I am.
Actually, Ava, what you're gonna do
Actually, the great mystery of the universe is how you could love two women the same
After an appearance in a small cafe
Ah, my speech. That's an easy fix.
Ah, so you can breathe.
Ah, the box of shame.
Ah, Topanga. Sit, darling.
Ah, who knows?
Ah, yes, the Farkle.
Ain't working. Look at these.
All about your new best friend and none of us will listen.
All caught up. Googly time!
All of our relatives met each other on the same night.
All right, all right, that's far enough, Maya. I get it.
All right, all right. Half hour you can stay.
All right, everybody who did their homework, put it on your desks.
All right, Farkle, you can get down now.
All right, fine, I'll eat it.
All right, future history makers, welcome to career day.
All right, good day, everybody. Class dismissed
All right, guys, tell you what.
All right, guys. I like my detention
All right, he is a spy.
All right, I know these are works in progress, but let's see where we are.
All right, let's get out there and make some money...
All right, let's talk about a real make believe company.
All right, progress reports.
All right, status report.
All right, what do you guys know about girls?
All the way back to your house!
All through history, people have suffered consequences for telling the truth.
All week. And now... you.
All you have to do is trust them.
Allow us to demonstrate.
Alone? I don't know if I'm ready for that.
Always liked you, Matthews. You got moxie.
Always room for you, buddy.
Always, sir.
Am I ever going to take a risk that changes my destiny?
Am I the type of person who always plays it safe?
Ancient Greece...
Ancient Troy was protected by walls.
And "the natural cornucopia of the earth's bounty"...
And "the natural cornucopia of the earth's bounty"...
And a new adventure begins.
And a smiley face.
And actually hang with royalty.
And all you other subterranean mole people...
And alliances were forged in battle
And another one of you.
And as you can see, I am quite the influence on them.
And be together forever.
And because it quiets you down. 999900:00:0,500 > 00:00:2,
And Chase our imaginary father.
And dad takes me to ride the roller coaster a bunch of times, right?
And defeated Troy.
And guess what? He's working for me.
And Hart and Friar muffins.
And he just got promoted.
And her very weird journal.
And here's a twist... no computers.
And here's another twist because I trust you not at all... give me your cellphones.
And hey, aquarius, be a good hippie
And how does that make you feel?
And I am offering you a tuna melt to show my gratitude. Yes or no?
And I believe that by doing this,
And I couldn't find her in the halls.
And I decide who to call on and what I'm gonna ask them!
And I did. Because here we are.
And I didn't. See? Only one of us is disappointed.
And I don't like doing anything without my friends.
And I end up marrying Anthony Delveccio and we buy things in bulk.
And I know once we stop going, we're never going back.
And I let you eat cake and whipped cream.
And I like that.
And I lost something that turns out to be important to me.
And I may just be the first girl
And I really can't have shaving cream...
And I start thinkin' about what I can do for them.
And I still have high hopes.
And I think she is.
And I think you deserve to get toe fungus
And I think...
And I think...
And I want more for her than coming home
And I was wondering
And I will easily be able to make another one of you...
And I'll be the behind the scenes hermit genius.
And I'll try not to forget that.
And I'm about to be late for addressing the united nations.
And I'm amazed that you believe that.
And I'm here with our checkbook.
And I'm in love with her.
And I'm not humiliated.
And I've decided to prove it by letting you help the John Quincy Adams'
And I've learned...
And if you refuse to learn that, I guarantee you,
And into a good life.
And it'll amaze you to know that I have 394 friends in here.
And it's a delivery? You had something delivered?
And it's not right, sir. Our muffins are good for you.
And let's not try so hard to find out.
And look at the 'frigerator.
And look in each other's eyes will we be able to touch each other's hearts."
And Lucas.
And made a human connection that you can even begin to know each other."
And make sure we did right by our customers.
And maybe along the way, you guys are going to learn a little bit more about yourselves.
And men and women and what they say to each other.
And my current assignment is to consider how assumptions
And never comes back for it?
And nighttime makeup?
And not completely under the spell of...
And now from Einstein academy,
And now I kind of feel like everybody's even.
And only one of us will never let this go. You know that.
And our concluding statement will be made by Lucas Friar.
And people tend to stay at the same level as their parents,
And raise the price up to $3.00.
And remember, you're beautiful, man
And right now the world wants me like this.
And Riley...
And sacrifices uniqueness, which is our most valuable freedom.
And screams at people and you're not humiliated, right?
And see how you do for yourselves.
And see if you can channel my shark lawyer back.
And that I actually do come from cowboys.
And that it cares about you.
And the night has always been a mystery to me.
And the universe is going to have the truth come out anyway.
And the universe is probably much too busy
And the world.
And then I ask a little question like, "hey!
And then Jenny Lewis loves me...
And then my friend pulled my hair out.
And then my friends treated me nicely.
And then my teacher measured us and then I'm growing.
And then my teacher took my phone away and then my teacher was also my father.
And then neither will I.
And then you can eat it!
And there goes Virginia.
And there is nothing you could do or say that could ever change that.
And there was no one there, so I called Dr. Galendo and he talked me through it.
And there's a nice lady who pinches your cheeks.
And they all come out like this.
And they lost everything because of outer beauty.
And they're not.
And this is from my friends.
And this many gets to tell this many what to do.
And this record was a big hit.
And this would be my first act as a king.
And to find out what's going on in Texas.
And to peace. I believe that peace is worth fighting for.
And we know how to give it to them.
And we're there.
And we're very happy that you're all jazzed up...
And were made stronger because of that.
And what about you? When are you gonna tell the truth to Farkle?
And what do you do?
And what does that get them? We can buy and sell their business.
And what happened after the sneak attack.
And what was the name of the club?
And what you need to put into it is 400 dollars. Gimme.
And when Farkle does rule the world, no matter what devices we come up with,
And when you leave the next station, there'll be one waiting for you.
And who made you the king of friendship?
And who might you be?
And why do you think that was, Mr. Friar?
And yay for you, my best friend, for watching me with a smile.
And you affect someone else's.
And you didn't tell me?
And you don't need your phone to connect with your real friends.
And you expected that you would be?
And you have to tell the truth about it
And you hold on to him for as long as you can.
And you know that somebody's birthday is coming up, don't you?
And you know what? You're already a wonderful human being.
And you know who came over?
And you selected these ingredients because?
And you showing me your leg and all,
And you stop judging me.
And you take Mr. Googly
And you want me to do my homework.
And you will eat your words using plastic cutlery.
And you, you keep playing.
And you'll forget to bring shower shoes and you'll take somebody else's
And, Auggie, it's very important that you hold onto your friends.
And, Auggie, stay this many for as long as possible,
And, lips, oh, you the doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss.
And, lips, oh, you the doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss.