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Unikitty!  (2017) - Season 1

Unikitty! (2017) - Season 1

Unikitty! is an animated television show that first premiered in 2017, based on the character from The Lego Movie. The series follows the adventures of the lovable and optimistic princess Unikitty, a half-unicorn, half-cat creature known for her bright colors and cheerful personality. With a cast of colorful characters, Unikitty! offers both entertainment and valuable life lessons for viewers of all ages.

The main character, Unikitty, is voiced by the talented Tara Strong, who brings her infectious enthusiasm and energy to the role. Unikitty is the ruler of the kingdom of Unikingdom, where she aims to spread happiness and positivity to her subjects. Despite her sweet and innocent appearance, she possesses a powerful alter ego known as Angry Kitty, which emerges when her emotions reach their limits.

Accompanying Unikitty in her adventures are her loyal friends and subjects. Puppycorn, voiced by Grey Griffin, is Unikitty's energetic and naive younger brother, who often finds himself in amusing predicaments. Hawkodile, voiced by Roger Craig Smith, is a tough and macho warrior hawk who provides both protection and comic relief. Dr. Fox, voiced by Kate Micucci, is the resident genius of the group, responsible for inventing various gadgets and contraptions to aid in their quests. Finally, Richard, voiced by Eric Bauza, is Unikitty's loyal and dedicated royal advisor who is always by her side, providing crucial advice and support.

Together, this delightful cast navigates the whimsical and colorful world of Unikingdom, encountering various challenges and foes along the way. From battling evil clones and dealing with existential crises to facing the uncertainties of relationships, each episode is packed with excitement and valuable lessons for the characters and viewers alike. Unikitty's unwavering positivity and resilience serve as an inspiration for young audiences, teaching them the importance of kindness, acceptance, and finding joy even in difficult times.

One of the highlights of Unikitty! is its vibrant and imaginative animation style. The show features a mix of computer-generated animation with traditional hand-drawn elements, creating a visually striking and dynamic world. The bright colors, fluid movements, and attention to detail make Unikingdom a visually appealing and captivating setting for the characters' adventures.

Furthermore, Unikitty! boasts a catchy and upbeat soundtrack that perfectly complements the show's light-hearted tone. The music is composed by Michael Kramer, and the show features several original songs that will have audiences singing and dancing along. From cheerful tunes that capture Unikitty's infectious energy to emotional ballads that tug at the heartstrings, the music adds an extra layer of fun and engagement to the series.

If you're a fan of Unikitty or just looking for a dose of happiness and laughter, you can play and download the sounds and soundtrack from the show. Whether it's the catchy theme song or the memorable tunes scattered throughout each episode, the Unikitty! soundtrack is sure to put a smile on your face and brighten your day.

In conclusion, Unikitty! (2017) - Season 1 is an enchanting and heartwarming animated series that offers a delightful cast of characters, valuable life lessons, stunning animation, and a toe-tapping soundtrack. With its infectious positivity and vibrant world, Unikitty! is a must-watch for both children and adults who crave a healthy dose of happiness and fun in their lives. So don't miss out on the exciting adventures of Unikitty and her friends in the magical kingdom of Unikingdom!

A game born in the depths of darkness.
Agreed. There's clearly something very wrong with this board game.
Ah, what a regal flag.
Ah! Face on corn.
All the fresh, positive sparkle matter we can.
All those hours of practice wasted. Fine!
ALL: Hurray!
ALL: Oh, no!
ALL: Woah!
ALL: Yeah!
And anti gravity marshmallows that never sink.
And how many tickets do you have?
And I finally got to punch danger in the face
And I never lose.
And I'm a dog!
And it's all thanks to you, Mr. Snowbuttons.
And play catch with me...
And ride snowboards, and play two player games,
And so did friendship.
And the plot thickens.
And then he'll be bursting with happiness!
And then we turn this on, and put that, and give this a little stir, and..
And tickle his heart strings enough to finally make his feelings feel...
And we learned our lesson.
And you didn't even need the serum.
Anti happy serum complete.
Are dealing with all this horrible icy snow.
Are you kiddin'? We love game night.
Are you sure you wanna have another game night, tonight?
Aw, I think he says he loves his new home here.
Aw, yay!
Aw, yay!
Big skull with legs.
Bodyguard kick!
Bodyguard punch!
Bodyguard punch!
Boo! I'm a spooky skele...
BOTH: Cool! This is awesome! He's so much happier now.
BOTH: What? What?
BOTH: What? What? What?
BOTH: Whoa!
BOTH: Whoa! What's up with Rick?
BOTH: Whoa.
BOTH: Yay!
Bring it on, little bro!
Brock flies solo today.
But I need more tickets.
But I wouldn't come in last if I were you.
But I'd play some carnival games if I were you.
But only one can win the game.
But the cost is beyond your mortal reckoning.
But we forgot games are about having fun with each other.
But we've got a nice place for you.
But what?
But, free?
But, maybe I've been wrong about Snow Day.
But, now I know that everyone feels happy in their own way.
But, you should feel better than fine.
But, you're right. I should have listened to you.
Careful, Unikitty, his negativity is so strong.
Careful. He's gaining on you.
Cheer for me!
Clean the moat, sweep the chimney,
Come on, buddy.
Come on, sis. I never win game night.
Comin' through.
Congrats to you. First to escape the maze.
Cool, and I'm gonna win. Right Haw...
Cool, I love corn.
Cursed be those who play it.
Didn't even try.
Doctor, there must be something we can do. I feel so bad
Don't fall behind or you'll lose
Don't leave me here, please take me with you.
Don't worry, Rick. We're gonna fix you
Don't worry. We got a secret weapon.
Dr. Fox strapped me to this thing
DR. FOX: And the kid is actually... Puppycorn!
DR. FOX: Hawkodile, the citizens..
DR. FOX: Puppycorn
DR. FOX: They didn't show up to his birthday party.
DR. FOX: This kid is eating all alone.
Dr. Fox! Oh!
Enjoy the frozen wastes and blistering cold.
Even after the creepy warning.
Everything is back to normal
Ew! They're having fun? On a Snow Day?
Excellent work. This is gonna be tough to beat.
Except. I've never won.
Exploding with happiness.
Fine? How can you only feel fine on this...
First one to the toy zone entrance wins!
First place winner, coming through.
First to find a game for game night wins.
Fluff the pillows, feed the birds, water the flowers,
For Mr. Snowbuttons to exist here.
Free game. What a bargain.
Free to take. But a curse upon your soul.
FROWN: (MUFFLED) No, no, no no!
Game over. I'm taking you down.
Go ahead, sis. (SNIFFLES)
Good idea. Prepare for the snowball fight of your life. Come on.
Good luck, little bro. (SMOOCHING)
Got a real bad feeling about this.
Gotta warn the others.
Great idea, Unikitty.
Guys, I think this is one snowball fight we're going to lose.
Ha ha!
Ha ha! See you at the finish line, little bro.
Ha, what are you waiting for?
He said, all we gotta do is win, right?
He's feelings aren't very feely
He's probably great at building snow forts.
Here we go. I hope this makes you real.
Here, Unikitty, look at this.
Here's an ice block in case you get warm.
Hey guys! You won't believe it,
Hey guys! You won't believe it,
Hey, flying is cheating.
Hey, look! I think it's wearing off!
Hey, what the...
Hey, where's Dr. Fox?
Hey, who threw that? (GRUNTS)
Hey! No fair.
Hi, castle!
Hi, Dr. Fox!
Hi, little bro. What are you doing?
Hi, me. Hi, me. Hi.
Hi! Whoo!
Hmm hmm hmm
Hmm, something's missing.
Hmm? Huh? (GRUNTING)
Hmm. You might be on to something.
Hmm... (WHISPERS) Dr. Fox? Secret science conference.
How about a hug? Oops!
How about we win this one together?
Huh, that's very strange.
Huh. You look sturdy for a snowman.
Hurry up and tell us what to do.
I always feel fine. Now, back to...
I bet Mr. Snowbuttons wants some, too.
I can't believe I'm saying this,
I can't believe it. It's Snow Day!
I can't take it any more. I gotta get out of here!
I can't wait to hang out, and sled,
I could use a player two.
I did it. I made it to the end.
I don't know. If it's gonna be another Unikitty versus Puppycorn shut out...
I don't need to fly to beat you!
I finally get to win.
I got five tickets.
I gotta see this for myself.
I guess I am a loser...
I guess just one game couldn't hurt.
I have always tried to get a sparkle matter sample from him,
I have been working on a serum for this very problem.
I just wanted you to be as happy as I was.
I know, he's amazing, right? I call him Mr. Snowbuttons.
I love sparkle matter!
I love you so much, Mr. Snowbuttons, I'm going to miss you.
I love you so much.
I mean, you could have been a little happier.
I mean, you could have been a little happier.
I must have loved you so much you came to life.
I recently discovered the perfect hot cocoa recipe.
I should never have tried to mess with him in the first place.
I shouldn't have messed with your feelings so much.
I suspect that spooky guy's up to something.
I think he said he's in! Come on everybody, let's do it.
I thought it was just a game.
I was perfectly happy before!
I was right behind you though.
I wished for a magic snowman and it came true.
I won't forget this. You hear me?
I'll find a way back and then I'm coming for you.
I'll get to all that boring stuff after I finish saying hi to everybody.
I'll have no part... (MUFFLED) No way.
I'll have to make a special serum just for him.
I'm collecting it for my experiments.
I'm corn!
I'm getting a bit chilly.
I'm gonna call you Mr. Snowbuttons.
I'm gonna get some snacks. Let me know when they're done.
I'm gonna start over, start living my life with the spirit of Snow Day.
I'm gonna win Spooky Game, so hard.
I'm moved that you went through all this trouble just to cheer me up.
I'm not gonna wait around to find out
I'm not mad at all.
I'm not out yet.
I'm on to you.
I'm so sorry, little bro.
I'm sorry
I'm stuck!
I'm the happiest person I know.
I'm the score creeper. Turn back if you're scared.
I've got samples from almost everyone in the kingdom.
If my calculations are right, their happy sparticles
If only you were alive.
If you dare.
In more ways than one.
In the freak show.
Initiate protocol Frozen Tundra.