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Flight of the Conchords - Season 2

Flight of the Conchords - Season 2

Flight of the Conchords is a critically acclaimed and hilarious television show that aired its second season in 2009. This musical comedy series revolves around the lives of a New Zealand folk parody duo, also named Flight of the Conchords, as they navigate the ups and downs of trying to make it big in the music industry. With a unique blend of deadpan humor, catchy tunes, and unforgettable characters, Season 2 of Flight of the Conchords takes viewers on a delightful and whimsical journey.

The show is spearheaded by the talented duo of Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, who play fictionalized versions of themselves. Jemaine, with his tall and lanky figure, delivers deadpan humor with impeccable timing. Bret, on the other hand, exudes an endearing and slightly clueless charm. Together, they form the heart and soul of Flight of the Conchords. The chemistry between Jemaine and Bret is one of the main driving forces behind the show's success.

The second season of Flight of the Conchords introduces a number of memorable and beloved supporting characters. There's Murray Hewitt (played by Rhys Darby), the Conchords' inept and constantly stressed-out manager. Murray often finds himself in hilarious and nonsensical situations as he tries to navigate the music industry, while simultaneously staying true to his Kiwi roots. Also joining the cast is Mel (Kristen Schaal), an obsessed fan who borders on stalking the duo and constantly fawns over them. Kristen's portrayal of the overzealous and slightly delusional fan is side-splitting and adds another layer of comedy to the show.

Throughout the second season, Flight of the Conchords delivers an assortment of fantastic musical numbers that perfectly encapsulate the essence of the characters and their misadventures. From the ironic "Too Many Dicks (On the Dance Floor)" to the hilariously melodic "Carol Brown," every song showcases the duo's talented songwriting abilities and their ability to deliver laugh-out-loud lyrics. The music is catchy, clever, and wildly entertaining, making it impossible to resist singing along. Fortunately, fans of the show can play and download these sounds to enjoy the tunes long after the season ends.

In addition to the hilarious escapades of the main characters, the second season of Flight of the Conchords also delves deeper into the personal lives of Jemaine and Bret. Viewers get a glimpse into their romantic entanglements, as both characters find themselves in a series of amusing and oftentimes awkward situations. Whether it's Jemaine's misguided attempts at attracting women or Bret's endearing naiveté when it comes to love, the show demonstrates a relatable and humorous exploration of the complexities of relationships.

Flight of the Conchords - Season 2 continues the show's signature blend of dry humor, memorable characters, and infectious music. With its whimsical and irreverent take on the world of struggling musicians, it has carved out a unique place in television history. The show's ability to seamlessly blend comedy with music is a testament to the remarkable talents of Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, who effortlessly bring their fictionalized alter egos to life. By the end of the second season, viewers are left craving more of the Conchords' quirky adventures and unforgettable tunes.

For anyone who appreciates clever wordplay, catchy melodies, and absurd humor, Flight of the Conchords is an absolute must-watch. It offers a refreshing and entertaining escape from reality, making it the perfect show to unwind and have a good laugh. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to embark on a hilarious journey with Jemaine, Bret, and the rest of the Flight of the Conchords crew—the laughs and catchy tunes are guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours on end.

A bit boring in jail, eh?
A couple of cool guys took to the stage and wowed the audience
A group of people basically getting together
A land of innovators.
A lot of attention to your illegal immigrant status.
A lot's happened since then. Things change.
A moss green shirt and a tie?
A my mom gave me that. She thought it made me look like bruce willis.
A place called...
A really big drop because you guys nearly got me the Sack.
A whore? Is he?
A woman killed her husband.
About six times I think it was
About three of your staff members and their behavior.
Actually, bryan, you can't drink and drive either.
Actually, maybe that would be quite good.
Actually, Mel, I don't see any reason
Actually, you're part maori, aren't you?
After that, the rockers,
Ah, yes, you said that. Yes.
Ah. Ah.
Ah. Is that them there in your briefcase?
Ah. We got a letter from the electricity company.
Ahem. He struggled with addiction.
All our utilities were cut off because Bret bought a cup.
All right then.
All right, go.
All right, I'll note that down.
All right, I'll see you tonight at tae kwan do.
All right, if everyone's finished taking pictures,
All right, it's time to get the high points
All right, now we've got some industry types in tonight,
All right, scratch that character.
All right, see you tomorrow, future friends.
All right, that's another issue we need to discuss.
All right, this is it!
All right? He shouldn't be selling himself to the street!
All right? It's your story.
All right.
All right. Well, I'll put that on the list.
All the ladies are just checking out my sugarlumps.
All year.
Also, would you be interested in going out sometime?
Ambassador, I'm Murray hewitt
And a share of his family fortunes.
And also similar to little Italy.
And also, I think you're gonna have to go the whole way.
And at the end here I've got
And Bret could've just easily covered over
And Bret, great cover on the fainting.
And Bret, you can still see Doug.
And Bret...
And Bret... Joey, the naive one.
And by the way, who's manning the information booth?
And despair, selling their instruments.
And did you ask Jemaine about that thing?
And finally end up at the bottom.
And future actively.
And get that cushion off your head, Jemaine.
And get to that next level. What do you say, guys?
And he's had to go back and get some more.
And I brought you back into the city...
And I can see into the future when I sleep?
And I grope people in my sleep.
And I just went to the bank to deposit them
And I know this is gonna be hard on you two,
And I know you guys are sometimes involved in music,
And I noticed that the fan art I painted for you
And I tell you about the musical I've written. It's just like now.
And I was the guy that looked after the bags.
And I will get you back, Jemaine.
And I'm not allowed to have friends over on weeknights,
And in '54 I joined the monkey lords.
And it got out of hand.
And it's a great success.
And it's not a musical gig as such.
And just turn this house into a whorehome.
And low points graph out.
And maybe wear a cowboy hat and cover up your head a bit.
And my dad Gordon. Mom wasn't even allowed in it.
And no more raft gigs.
And on the internet service,
And on the y axis here,
And one air guitar which was mimed,
And preferably never.
And said something that rhymed with dick...
And she's gonna be working with us on the new zealandtown opening day celebration.
And so should you. And you, Jemaine,
And that you've got a job if you want it.
And that's if you stop selling those straws, Bret.
And that's where he met my great great grandma.
And the australians would lure them to the bottom of the sea and they'd drown.
And the fun begins.
And the help of a savvy manager who shows you the light...
And the police psychologist said
And then "enemies."
And then he taught you to fight your father?
And then she got on the bus back to Australia for good.
And then she'd tell you to do it.
And then we give the cup a rest.
And then you and then greg.
And then you just made up the end with a musical.
And then... Iook at this...
And there's a risk of throat polyps.
And they don't think we can be together?
And they shipped him out to Australia
And they started to feel good about you.
And they're in the wrong currency.
And to make matters worse, the guy next to him barbecuing...
And unfortunately I've had to use all the profits from the nigel soladu fund,
And unfortunately, as of yesterday,
And we need 50 really for an effective replica.
And we'd build bivouacs like this
And we've decided that,
And what about you? You're a farmer.
And what I want is to get you up here...
And what's this I also hear from the same source
And you can be sure about it.
And you get up on your chairs and sing, but...
And you is hair.
And you owe me $7,727.
And you shouldn't hassle rappers.
And you start at the bottom, but with a bit of hard work
And you'd not really notice,
And you'll have to bring in some I.D.
And you're from someplace no one's even fucking heard of.
And your children, what about them? What would become of them?
And, Bret, you can't confirm that he's a dick.
And, Bret, you're lucky I'm bailing you out.
And, Jemaine, you will stay with Doug.
And, um...
Anything to report back?
Anyway, good news on the money front, right?
Anyway, I'd like you all to meet Paula.
Anyway, I'll see you later, guys.
Anyway, Murray, Paula's second in command after me
Anyway, zero people.
Anyways, I made one of Bret, but it came out a little weird,
Are these your guys?
Are you sure Doug's gonna be okay with this?
Are you sure she's Australian?
As an off Broadway musical.
As you can see, I pretty much got the handsomeness.
At the end you end up staging yourselves a big Broadway musical
Back in 1991 when I was trying to find my look.
Band meeting tomorrow, so see you tomorrow...
Banish him, you know, from the group.
Basically, you should have your guitars back
Bass solo. Bass solo over.
Be together anymore doesn't mean that we don't want to be with you.
Because Bret was jealous.
Because everyone wants us to be quiet.
Because I'm a new zealander and you're an Australian
Because they were in love.
Because they won't let you go into town to play your music.
Big art opening... around the block. Come on.
Bird watching. I love to watch birds.
Bobby mcferrin. Pavarotti.
Bought a magazine and a giant beach ball.
Bravo, guys.
Bret cuts it. Ask him.
Bret loves it. I saw him bring it up a couple of hours ago.
Bret, come in a bit.
Bret, could he have one of yours until I get this sorted?
Bret, Dave, get those kids.
Bret, do you read?
Bret, don't shine the light in my eyes...
Bret, have you seen keitha?
Bret, how much are you selling those superstraws for?
Bret, I didn't say to tell him he's a dick.
Bret, I dreamt about you again.
Bret, I feel like you're my brother.
Bret, I think she might be Australian.
Bret, I want out... I want out of the gang.
Bret, is your gang gonna be here all day?
Bret, it's Jemaine speaking.
Bret, look. There she is.
Bret, perhaps you should wear shorts and show your legs off
Bret, the ladies go crazy for my sugarlumps.
Bret, where's your guitar?
Bret, you know how you told me you were good at sex?
Bret, you will stay with me
Bret, you've got a favorite part of the newspaper?
Bret, you've got to get out there and stop Jemaine.
Bret! Bret.
Bret. Bret.
Bret. Bret.
Bret. Bret.
Bret. No, I've done you.
Bret... Murray, curry. Any use to you?
Bret's a real good masseuse.
Bret's right. There are none.
Broken? How long have you been hearing me?
But come on, get up with the '90s.
But don't look at it that way.
But he's... he's a lovely guy.
But I actually used to be in a gang.
But I can't believe what I'm hearing.
But I got a lot of shit going on in the states right now.
But I keep it private.
But I knew something was wrong,
But I like to go to bed by 8:00 at night
But I think the other guy living in my apartment is a dangerous drug dealer.
But I think we could use more development.
But I think you should probably apologize.
But I thought flossy the sheep won miss new zealand every year.
But I will fight you, Doug,
But I'm more like chandler..
But I've only got one bed
But if she was here, yes, we'd have two.
But it didn't matter in the end, did it?