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Vampire's Kiss (1988) Soundboard

Vampire's Kiss (1988) Soundboard

Vampire's Kiss (1988) is a dark and offbeat comedy-horror film that delves into the world of vampirism. Directed by Robert Bierman, the movie tackles themes of obsession, madness, and the thin line between reality and fantasy. With a standout performance by Nicolas Cage as the unhinged protagonist, this cult classic is an intriguing exploration of one man's descent into madness.

Set in New York City, Vampire's Kiss tells the story of Peter Loew, a successful literary agent who becomes convinced that he is turning into a vampire after an encounter with a mysterious woman. As Peter's obsession with vampirism grows, his mental state deteriorates, blurring the lines between the supernatural and his disturbed mind.

Nicolas Cage delivers a highly eccentric and memorable performance as Peter Loew, capturing the character's descent into madness with his trademark intensity. His portrayal perfectly balances the comedic and dramatic elements of the film, adding a unique charm to the character. Cage's commitment to the role earned him critical acclaim and solidified his status as a versatile actor.

The cast also includes Maria Conchita Alonso as Alva, Peter's timid and tormented secretary. Alonso brings a sense of vulnerability and empathy to her role, contrasting with Cage's manic energy. Jennifer Beals portrays Rachel, the mysterious woman who captures Peter's attention and fuels his obsession with the supernatural. Beals' enigmatic performance adds an air of mystery to the film.

Vampire's Kiss features a captivating and surreal storyline that blurs the boundaries between reality and Peter's fragmented perception of the world. As he spirals further into madness, Peter's behavior becomes increasingly erratic and dangerous. He becomes fixated on capturing and devouring bats, visiting underground sex clubs, and searching for his next victim. The film explores the thin line between fantasy and reality, leaving audiences questioning whether Peter's transformation is genuine or a product of his unstable mind.

The movie's dark humor is evident throughout, bringing a satirical edge to the horror genre. Vampire's Kiss incorporates elements of black comedy, using irony and absurdity to highlight Peter's descent into madness. It explores the absurdity of his transformation and the consequences it has on those around him.

The film's atmospheric setting in 1980s New York City adds to its overall appeal, immersing the audience in a gritty and surreal environment. Bierman's direction heightens the eerie atmosphere, emphasizing the claustrophobic feeling that accompanies Peter's unraveling mental state.

Sound design plays a vital role in setting the mood in Vampire's Kiss. The film incorporates a range of sounds to enhance the viewer's immersion. From the screeches of bats to the hypnotic beats of the underground nightclub, the sound effects create an unsettling ambience.

The soundtrack, composed by Colin Towns, accentuates the dark and brooding nature of the film. It complements the story's eerie atmosphere, heightening the tension and adding depth to the narrative. The music plays a crucial role in capturing the psychological aspects of Peter's journey and immersing the audience in his delusions.

If you're a fan of eccentric performances, offbeat humor, and a unique take on the vampire genre, Vampire's Kiss is a must-watch. Nicolas Cage's captivating portrayal, coupled with the surreal storyline, make it a standout cult classic of the late 80s.

Play and download the sounds of Vampire's Kiss (1988) here [insert link]. Immerse yourself in the dark and unsettling world of Peter Loew's descent into madness, as the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur in this captivating cult classic.

About that letter I sent...
All right, now. Just relax.
And even if there was someone here who was here just one day longer than you...
And have you seen this girl again?
And he has implied that if he doesn't get that copy within the week...
As you could hear, I couldn't get a word in edgewise.
Be off!
Because I haven't sent it to him. Why haven't I sent it to him?
Because you haven't found it and brought it to me yet.
But she's a cunt, a high school....
But this really happened.
Come in
Do you have a cold?
Do you?
Don't know. She don't want to get out of bed.
Don't worry about it. It's understandable. Really.
Dream of me, my angel
End of subject, okay?
For God's sakes, I am not telling you one singIe thing you don't already know.
Frankly, I just don't think you can help me.
Fucking bastards!
Get the hell out of the way.
Go ahead! Kill me!
Go on. Go home.
H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P.
He can stretch himseIf....
He's the last of the Fantastic Four we've been searching for.
Hey, man. You forgot your food.
How did you ever think of that?
I don't know.
I don't see it here. Do you?
I found the contract.
I had a difficult day yesterday.
I hope you're not still angry at me about the other day.
I just want you to be here and listen to the song and dance that I have to do.
I kept telling myseIf, ''I'll wake her up after I do this or this little step...
I knew I was going to delay waking her up for as long as possibIe.
I know you do. I can read your mind, my love
I looked under ''Rattlesnake Hills''..
I love you.
I stayed till one in the morning and I still couldn't find the contract
I swear to God I will.
I think she's here now.
I'll just get another job.
I'll tell you what.
I'm doing all I can. Maybe the contract was lost
I'm like you.
I'm only laughing because....
I'm sure that you didn't.
I'm the only one who can put you out of your misery.
I've become one. A vampire.
If you hurt me, I'm gonna use it.
It was some illness.
It's like I started saying before, I turned into a vampire last week.
It's really incredible.
Just spit it out.
Look at her teeth! All of you!
Look. I just took a $20 taxi ride all the way up here...
Maybe I should see a shrink
More or less, yeah. She took the hint.
My girlfriend broke up with me.
Oh, look. There's a taxi
Oh, sure. Absolutely.
Okay, Frank.
Okay, look.
Or another secretary to help me out.
People get murdered every day in this city
Peter, right?
Pretty keyed up from being with the girl right before.
See the way they color them.
She didn't get in that late. She went right into her room.
Shouldn't the copy...
Take them out and put the cross up to me like this.
Tell me how much you love me, my angel
Thank you very much, Dr. Glaser.
The chase was my favorite part. Pete hurdling over those desks.
The feeling of exultation that you experienced.
The sweep me off my feet.
The work's not just gonna go away.
There is work and there is love. Am right?
There you are!
Unless, of course, it's somehow been misfiled.
Very antisocial, Peter.
What a glorious Sunday. How nice not to have to go in to work.
What do you do, Mr. Wise Guy?
What do you mean the both of us?
What do you think, I'm a kid?
What do you think?
What is happening to me?
What's wrong?
Yes, I do. I've been spending a lot of money here and I just think...
Yes, Mr. Loew?
Yes, Mr. Loew.
You and Sharon
You don't remember me?
You really think so?
You were so right to put yourself into my hands
You're breaking up with me..
You're the lowest on the totem pole here. The lowest.
You're thinking:
You're with me now, angel.
A terrible cold. I'm calling the police.
Are you crazy? I'm not
Come on. Be off....
Hi, Frank. How are you? Hello, Peter. I'm just fine, thanks.
Hi. Hi.
How much? Those are $19.95.
I no speak the EngIish
Yes, Mr. Loew? Judy, would you send Alva in here please?
You see her teeth? Shut up!
You're with me. Don't touch me.
...and sign up with a more efficient agency
...and suddenly he wants to frame the agreement.
...makes a copy of every contract...
...somehow were taught to expect..
...that I could possibly ask to share such a horrible job. have always been telling me when our time is up.
''Beautiful dreamer
''Beautiful dreamer awake unto me