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Argo (2012) Soundboard

Argo (2012) Soundboard

Argo is a thrilling and captivating film that was released in 2012. Directed by Ben Affleck, the movie tells the incredible true story of a covert operation to rescue American hostages during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

The film boasts an exceptional ensemble cast that brings this intense and suspenseful story to life. Ben Affleck himself stars as Tony Mendez, a CIA agent tasked with the dangerous mission of rescuing six Americans who managed to escape from the U.S. embassy in Tehran. Affleck delivers a stellar performance, effortlessly portraying the complexity of his character as he navigates the treacherous political landscape of 1970s Iran.

In addition to Affleck, the cast includes incredible performances from actors such as Bryan Cranston, who plays Jack O'Donnell, Mendez's CIA supervisor, and Alan Arkin, who brings wit and humor to the role of film producer Lester Siegel. John Goodman also shines as makeup artist and Hollywood insider John Chambers, who assists Mendez in establishing the cover story of shooting a science fiction movie called "Argo" in Iran.

The film expertly balances the intense political situation with moments of humor and tension. The viewers are taken on a nail-biting journey as Mendez and his team work against the clock to concoct a believable cover story and safely extract the hostages. The attention to detail in recreating the period atmosphere is commendable, immersing the audience in the high-stakes environment of the time.

The movie is further enhanced by a remarkable soundtrack that complements the emotional intensity of the story. The score, composed by Alexandre Desplat, masterfully captures the suspense and urgency of the scenes, intensifying the audience's connection to the characters and their plight.

Argo received critical acclaim upon its release, earning numerous awards and nominations. It won three Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Film Editing, solidifying its status as a must-see film.

If you're intrigued by this gripping tale of courage and ingenuity, you can easily access and enjoy the sounds of Argo by playing or downloading the film's official soundtrack. The haunting melodies and powerful compositions will evoke the same emotions you felt while watching the movie, or perhaps introduce you to the magic of this exceptional film for the first time.

Don't miss out on experiencing the extraordinary story of Argo. Play and download the mesmerizing sounds of the film, and immerse yourself in the astonishing true events that unfolded during the Iran hostage crisis of 1979.

A bit of an oddball, apparently.
Actions of Iran have shocked the civilized world.
Ahem. It's off. They want us to pack up the office.
All right.
All right.
Am l? Am I really that close?
An exotic, Middle Eastern vibe.
An Iranian flag was burned...
An8}Come in
And if need be, I'll bear arms again.
Argo. A science fantasy adventure.
At this time we want to expose the hateful acts. ..
Battle for the Planet of the Apes.
Before that decision was taken, there was a demonstration in Houston.
Brace yourself. It's like talking to those two old fucks on The Muppets.
But if the exiled shah, now in a New York City hospital...
But that it had a very high possibility of failure.
Can you tell me what the objection was to normal cover identities?
Canadians took them in.
Carter's gotta say yes for us to get the tickets.
Chambers. John Chambers, makeup!
Come in.
David, pick up!
Don't fucking shoot anybody.
February 21st, 1952.
For free.
From where?
Get the safe, get the filing cabinets, get it all.
Get the shredder.
Hang on.
Have you gotten people out this way before?
He can't know about it. Nobody can know about it.
He's got an Oscar, he did Planet of the Apes. Did a bunch of contract work for us in the past.
Here, come on, come on, come on.
Hey, is A006 still on the open list?
Hey, Tony.
His wife was rumored to bathe in milk...
Hold on.
I love New York.
I understand.
I wanna set up a production company and build a cover around making a movie.
I was a terrible father.
I'm sorry, Mr. Harkins is out of country on a location scout. May I take a message?
I'm very well. What's your name?
I've known this guy for 25 years. He's full of shit and he comes on hard...
If I'm doing a fake movie, it's gonna be a fake hit.
If the police are not coming, then the army's gonna come.
If they're caught with fake journalist creds, it's Peter Jennings' head in a noose in an hour.
If you're detained for questioning, they will bring in someone who knows that. Yes.
In this country, George Meany died last night. He was 85 years old.
Involved in what?
Iran with an N?
Is that right, Jack?
It is going!
It says security at Khomeini's home now has been tightened.
It was always a fucked mission.
It's 300 miles to the Turkish border.
It's a Feed the Kids thing. Okay?
Jack, you are this close.
Jordan's in the West Wing. He's not taking calls
Just burn everything! Burn it now!
Look at the repaired list of embassy employees.
Look, we don't have any alternatives.
Look, we don't have any other choice!
Most of them were educated in the U.S. or Europe
My name's Kevin Harkins. ..
No, no, just one thing.
No, no, no. Press event and then they're gonna read through the script.
No, the police aren't coming. It's been 45 minutes.
No, we have six more from Canada meeting us today.
No, what?
No. I would like you to bullshit me, Max.
Now, hurry!
Okay, you got six people hiding out in a town of, what, 4 million people...
Okay, you know those science fiction movies?
One month, yeah.
Open the door!
Pace Academy, Buckhead, Georgia
PAT Sahar, how are you doing?
REYNOLDS Whatever the conflicting signals from Iran today...
Scorched earth policy tonight.
Seven Canadians, Jack.
She packed our bags, and I said:
So all our other pricks on their prick thrones know when they get thrown out on a rail...
So don't be recognizable but look exactly like your passport photo.
So I'm sitting in Jerry's this morning, I'm having breakfast.
So it's the Argonaut
Star Trek, Star Wars. They need an exotic location to shoot.
Swissair 363, you are number two for departure.
Swissair Flight 363 is now boarding Rows 18 to 35
Taking time off.
Talk to me.
Telex on flash.
Thank you very much
That's why they're saying that their current regime....
The 74th day of captivity for 50 Americans in Iran.
The bazaar, maybe the palace.
The Canadians are the good guys
The guests of the Ambassador. How long have they been here?
The people...hold that... the people are inspired to join him. They are farmers, but they learn to fight
The State Department insisted today that the crisis in Afghanistan...
There is it. What'd I tell you?
They called your bluff.
They caught the shah's chief of security trying to get on a plane to Paris.
They haven't left the Canadian ambassador's house since it happened.
They just don't know it.
They should have boarded already
They suspect something?
They will remain until the shah is returned.
They would never come to me and say, Well, sir, we have tortured this fellow.
They'll verify
They're sticking. No release till we expel the shah.
This can wait. Let's go get a drink.
Those kids are black.
To reason with them.
Tony's an exfil spesh. He got a lot of the shah's people out after the fall.
Trudeau, Pearson and Diefenbaker.
Uh, film production. Business.
We can't hold up under that. We don't know what the hell movie people do.
We got an office.
We have a
We want you to go to L.A.
We're going to. ..
We're responsible for these people.
Well, what can I say?
What does the title refer to?
Where do you vacation? What are your allergies? Who'd you have an affair with?
White House.
Who says that we'll know our covers well enough?
With all due respect.
Yes, I do. I took a leak next to him once at the Golden Globes.
You came closer than anybody else.
You can teach a rhesus monkey to be a director in a day.
You did good.
You don't have it.
You keep these. It's a gift
You really know Warren Beatty?
You want to set up a movie in a week.
You're doing the reading?
You're telling me that there is a movie company in Hollywood right now...
You're worried about the Ayatollah? Try the WGA.
You've been here an hour
Your attention, please.
Bob? Thank you.
Carter and his administration shameful to talk about human rights.
How do you know? The police have abandoned their posts.
I need some fresh air. I can't breathe. Stay inside the fucking house.
I thought we did. Ha.
Jesus. Can anybody hear me?
Leon? Shoot him. He's an American spy.
Make me a producer. No.
No, it's fine. Stop.
No. I did, okay? I saw you
Tehran. Right. What's on the ground?
Thanks for the ride. Yeah.
That we're not gonna make. No.
Uh, Mike? Yeah.
What are our chances? Your chances are good.
What's his occupation? Fisherman.
Yeah, who said it? Marx.
Yeah! Yes!
Yeah. Yeah, let's go.
...and I'm gonna get you home.
...and told him she wants the six of them out. well as promotion for the arts.
...for the protection and the safe passage provided for our diplomats.
...harsher decisions will be taken against the hostages. violates them for all nations.
...of the Clandestine Services of these United States.
...pretty soon they're gonna figure out they're six short of a full deck.
...returning Iran's oil to its people. the movie's kaput international terrorism or to blackmail. send in a Moses, he takes them out on a commercial flight.
{\an8}Cl's got three people over there, they don't see a revolution coming?
{\an8}He lives in rural Maryland with his family.
{\an8}We demand extradition...