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The Golden Child (1986) Soundboard

The Golden Child (1986) Soundboard

The Golden Child (1986) is a classic 80s movie that combines elements of action, adventure, and comedy. This film, directed by Michael Ritchie, takes audiences on a thrilling journey into the mystical and enchanting world of ancient Tibet.

Eddie Murphy stars in the leading role as Chandler Jarrell, a private detective who is hired to locate and protect "The Golden Child," a young boy with extraordinary powers who is destined to save the world from evil. Murphy's natural comedic talent shines throughout the film, adding levity to the intense action scenes and making The Golden Child an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

The supporting cast includes some talented actors and actresses who bring depth and charisma to their respective roles. The beautiful Charlotte Lewis portrays Kee Nang, a Tibetian woman who assists Chandler in his quest. With her grace and charm, Lewis adds a touch of romance and mystery to the storyline.

In addition to Murphy and Lewis, the film features a strong supporting cast, including Charles Dance as Sardo Numspa, the main antagonist who seeks to control The Golden Child's powers for his own sinister purposes. Dance's commanding presence and villainous performance make him a formidable opponent for Chandler.

The Golden Child also boasts a memorable soundtrack that perfectly complements the thrilling and mystical atmosphere of the film. Composed by John Barry, the score immerses viewers in the world of ancient Tibet, featuring traditional instruments and melodies that add a sense of authenticity to the story.

If you are a fan of The Golden Child and wish to relive the magic of this 80s classic, you can now play and download these sounds to your device. Just visit our website and explore the collection of The Golden Child's soundtrack. Each track will transport you back to the captivating world created by Michael Ritchie, allowing you to immerse yourself once again in the heart-pounding adventure.

Whether you want to listen to the haunting melody that accompanies Chandler's quest or the upbeat tunes that accentuate the comedic moments, you will find all the sounds that made The Golden Child such a beloved film. The soundtrack captures the essence of each scene, evoking the same emotions and excitement that you experienced when watching the movie.

So, grab your popcorn, find a cozy spot, and settle in for a movie night like no other. By playing and downloading The Golden Child's sounds, you can recreate the magic of this timeless 80s film in the comfort of your own home. Visit our website today and relive the thrilling adventure of The Golden Child.

About 1 6:30, but I won't make it to the party.
And it's your destiny to seek psychiatric help.
Butt Pie,
Chunky Asses?
Did you just see a little Hare Krishna midget in a tree, floating?
Dope fiend!
Excuse me, I have a game to play. It was a nice thought.
Excuse me, I'll be right back.
He's surrounded at all times and in all the four directions by evil.
Hey, wait!
How long do you think you can keep up this masquerade?
I could destroy you just like that.
I don't care who you are. I do care that you kidnapped a kid, though.
I don't think I can accept a proposal this early in the season
I'll let that slide, because it's your way.
I'm gonna row your ass till it bleeds!
I'm so afraid of the dark, too.
I'm willing to make an exchange. The child for the Ajanti Dagger.
If he dies, compassion will die with him.
It just does my heart good to see another American citizen.
It's perfectly normal, This is my fifth show and I'm still nervous,
Keep your thoughts as pure as the water and don't drop the water.
Leave me alone, asshole.
Let him ask again.
Listen, this Chosen One thing is going too far, OK?
My dear, sweet brother Numsy!
My legs are more attractive.
Neither do l.
Next time I tell you to do something, do it. I don't want you to get hurt.
None? I'm going to break your ass, when I get out of here.
Oh, shit...
One of those? OK.
She had on a sweater and a skirt, Call me on 468 84 92 if you have,,,
She was flown here to help us. She's over 300 years old.
Thank you. You did a marvelous job in obtaining the knife.
Thanks to you, we were able to catch this man, Freddie,
That sounds like a neat trick. How can I pull it off?
The Golden Child can bring her back.
The water... The fire and the water...
The world will become hell!
There's a ground, Monty!
There's no way they'll let me on the plane with a knife under my shirt.
Very popular at the news stands. About a butt with cake all over it.
Wait a second. It's really cold in Tibet, and I don't like the cold.
Wait here.
What am I doing wrong?
What girl?
When will we be contacted about the knife?
Why do you insist on mispronouncing my name, leaving the J silent?
You are not in a rush to leave this minute, are you?
You know, I am the Chosen One.
You must make a promise to someone you have just met.
You were wise to kill Tommy Tong,
You're a bunch of beautiful, brilliant people
You're all brilliant. Thank you, sir.
Am I dreaming now? Does a lady have to ask twice?
Come on. You trust in your destiny.
Give me my shit and take your shit. What, scuzzbucket?
Hey, where are you going? Tibet.
How can I know when to do all that? That's for you to decide.
My name is Jarrell with a J. Yes, I know.
She is beyond this world of pain. You can save her.
What have you got? Not much.
What is it? Nothing.
What? Demons.
Why are they feeding the kid blood? Are you sure?
You are foolhardy, aren't you? Well, I do my best.
You only take the kid cases. Yeah.