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A 49 year old unidentified man went berserk last night opening fire with a 12-gauge shotgun in the crowded downtown restaurant
Ah this is cool, I want to check this out
Ah Uuuh
Ah you know it's funny, these people they go to sleep
Alright give him the stick
And don't look at me when I'm f***ing talking to you
Ba ba ba ba ba eyy ehuug
Ba! Wut
Baseball game sound
Because I already had him, that's right kids, I already had him
Bet you won't touch that button, bitch
Body massage
But too bad your ass got sat
Car rolling over
Check it out
Chomiko mon force manilla dead wit love. I watch the people rush into a lycom bacha choco!
Chubba di joobaa bu chaga chi boochaaa
Cough cough cough, go get the door Johnnie
Daiba matta
Damage to the base is said to be heavy and the Israeli Jets are reported to have made it back to their headquarters
Damn! These beats are so fresh!
Detector is now going and you tell me do things and you tell me do things and I done running
Didgeridoo man
Didgeridoo man and teleport
Digeridoo man
Do you know my dad- Ohhhhh
Do you think I could have some more- Yeah we should but I totally get first dibs on it
Dockside bars?
Does your mother still hang out at dockside bars?
Don't give him the stick
Doo doot da dooot da dooh
Dude I have no idea what you doin
Electrical sparking
F*** we're all dead, get the f*** out
F***ing old school
Fighting broke out overnight between rival factions along the Israeli-Syrian border. Initial reports claim Israeli jet fighters bombed a guerilla base killin
Fire on your sleeve
Get out of here
Get that kid off my ice you little wankers
GI Joe
GI Joe
GI Joeeee
Help computer
Help me
Hey are you in the Army?
Hey can I try that
Hey guys ah you know it's funny these people they go to sleep. They think everything's fine. Everything's good, they wake up the next day, and they're on fire
Hey Kevin
Hey kid, I'm a computer!
Hey kids did you happen to see a pink uh, I wanna say vinyl purse around here somewhere
Hey man check out that thing. What do you want to do with it
Hey man who's that weird dude you're talking to bro
Hey sup. That I made you. Sandwiches
Hey watch me ollie!
Hey what the f*** are you kids doing on my fucking lawn
Hey what the f*** man, wait. Suck my dong, bitch
Hey, aren't you Buzz Lightyear?
Hey, sup
Hey, what's up Mrs., Mr. Lafitte
Horn honking
How do we play this game?
I believe I knew your mother son
I don't know much about computers. Other den- other then the one we got at my house. My mom put a couple games on there and I play
I don't think I can do that.
I don't think so... OK I'll play
I don't want to die
I f***ing hacksawed your mom's ass last night
I just wanna ride my motorcycle
I just want to eat you up
I just want to ride my motorcy. Cle.
I love your movie
I think he's going to hit us... car crashing
I wanna play video games
I want someone to take me to the hospital
I'm glad you guys skipped the class today, we're having fun aren't we
I'm going to take the car and kids down to the river
If I had been in that water, dead
Issai ya gah heed da neko
Issai ya gah heed da neko
It's into da dump get back into school ya understand- I wanna get in the fridge too
It's just ease through the steps, just flip it, stick it, and see you later bye
It's like I'm looking in a mirror
It's such a wonderful experience here with the Indian
Johnny, do you play baseball
Just dying to get my cigarettes
Last one there's a penis pump
Let's launch over it
Look at all your different colored hats!
Love the tattoo Mr. Lafitte
Magic sound
Man imma bout to put da presha wit da wickah witta man
Man you just f***er
Mimi mimimi Mimi mimimi
Mimimimi mimi Mimimimi mimi
Mmm hmm mmm hmm
Mr body massage machine, go
Muffled man talking
Muffled mumbling
Muffled shouting
Muffled talking, bye
Mum dad you got to see this... shiiiiit
My friends are here, see you later
My God did that smell good
My turn, my turn my turn. My turn my turn my turn
Nah I'm just kidding with you
Nandesuka- Kimono dairu ai dadake mateku dasai
Native American speaking
Native American talking
Native American talking
Nice catch blanco nino
Niisan nichi ishtara den wou kakateku da sai
Now you listen to me Eran you don't blow your money on the comic books you understand. Are you listening to me
Now you! You're the ringleader. Aww wetsa go now but dersa BWOoa hehuh
Ogenki desu ka
Oh Brian's doing it again dude. Brian you ain't no pimp dude
Oh hell naw what's up dog
Oh I don't waaaooaooaant a pickle
Oh my God what should we do
Oh my God, we're dead
Oh shit get the f*** out of here, what are you doing, what are you doing, get the f*** out of here you stupid idiot
Oh you boys look so lovely in your little outfits
Oh, you're not my friend
OK I guess I'll go solo on the swimming now
Old school music
On your marks, get set, go
Orange vests are for pussies
Ow, ow
Pork chop sandwiches
Robotic noises
Scoot diddy bap pa da dooba dooba dooba daa
Skateboarding sounds
Stop all the downloading!
Sunshine deh are time for the bus rider, Sunshine deh are time for the bus rider NO!
Susie don't forget your sandwiches
That was rad!
That's my money
That's no fair. Holy cow I'm totally going so fast oh f***
There's no retard in team
They think everything's fine, everything's good
They wake up the next day and they're on fire
Uh I'm not going to play, why not that guy
Uh uh uh I'm OK
Uh what did he just say to us
Uh what the hell
We had a good conversation. Hehuns
Well look what we got here. That's right Billy I'm back and I want you!
What are you talking bout, aint nobody seen no... damn
What the hell!
What's it been- Thirteen years- Fourteen, my Lord
Where's my money?
Who wants a body massage?
Would your name happen to be Johnny?
Yeah I do
You better bring it
You didn't take anything out of our tent did you
You don't know how to cooking
You know my mom
You like it, you love it, you need it! Euhhe I'm out
You might want to put a vest on
You sure about that
You're out... argh
1, 2, 3, world's longest burp, OK you won, burp continues...