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Close Enough (2020) - Season 2

Close Enough (2020) - Season 2

Close Enough is an animated sitcom that first premiered in 2020. Created by J.G. Quintel, the mastermind behind the acclaimed show Regular Show, Close Enough follows the lives of a young couple, Josh and Emily, as they navigate the trials and tribulations of adulthood in Los Angeles. Balancing their roles as parents, employees, and friends, they constantly find themselves in hilariously bizarre and relatable situations.

The main cast of Close Enough is a talented group of voice actors who breathe life into the show's vibrant and diverse characters. J.G. Quintel himself lends his unmistakable voice to Josh, the somewhat naive but well-meaning protagonist. Gabrielle Walsh takes on the role of Emily, Josh's wife who is both lovingly supportive and assertive when necessary.

Other notable characters in the show include Alex, Josh's eccentric best friend, voiced by Jason Mantzoukas, who adds a zany charm to every scene he's in. Emily's roommate, Bridgette, is portrayed by Kimiko Glenn, infusing the character with a mix of humor and heart. And of course, there are their five-year-old daughter Candice and their otherworldly roommate, Pearls, voiced by Jessica DiCicco and James Adomian respectively.

Throughout the second season of Close Enough, viewers are treated to a rollercoaster ride of humorous and often surreal adventures. From encountering alien sushi to finding themselves trapped in a virtual-reality game, every episode is packed with offbeat humor, pop culture references, and unexpected twists. J.G. Quintel's distinctive animation style brings a nostalgic touch to the show, reminiscent of classic cartoons but with a modern flair.

The soundtrack of Close Enough further enhances the show's overall experience. Tying together the comedy and emotional beats, the music adds depth and atmosphere to each episode. From catchy theme songs to background tracks that perfectly capture the mood, the sounds of Close Enough are both enjoyable and effective in creating a complete viewing experience.

If you're a fan of the show and want to immerse yourself further, you'll be thrilled to know that you can play and download these sounds right here. Whether you want to revisit your favorite songs or add the show's humorous tunes to your playlist, you'll find everything you need to fully indulge in the world of Close Enough.

Close Enough - Season 2 showcases the continued growth and development of the characters as they face new challenges and embrace the absurdity of their lives. With the blend of relatable storylines, endearing characters, and hilarious comedy, it captivates audiences of all ages. The series has garnered a dedicated following and has been praised for its clever writing, unique animation style, and memorable voice acting.

In conclusion, Close Enough - Season 2 is an animated sitcom that delivers comedy, heart, and an unforgettable cast of characters. With its charming animation, talented voice cast, and immersive soundtrack, it has become a fan-favorite since its premiere. Whether you're looking for a good laugh or a relatable exploration of adult life, Close Enough is well worth a watch. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and enjoy the delightful madness that awaits.

A big boss named Sauceface.
A bust. Candice thought everything was for babies.
A few more pushes...
A few more WODs and a couple of protein shakes,
A fourth grader we called Jimmy Two Times
A little bit of secret frackin'.
A neighborhood carnival!
A toothbrush at your place?
Aah! [ Sobbing ]
Aah! No!
Able to suck gas out of a tank faster than you can say
About fracking under people's houses.
Actually, superhero stories
Adios, son!
After giving the police force the best years of my life,
After such a beautiful evening of love make.
After that, ripped, yoked, jacked,
Ah man, my best white slip ons!
Ah, Jesus, we're gonna miss our light!
Ah, she jumped to LTE!
Ah, that's our time.
Ah, the motherlode, right here.
Ah, you're a Trickle now!
Ah, zere it is! Classic Bridgette.
Ah! Bridgette!
Ah! I can't believe I missed my Harold audition for this!
Ah. Never mind.
Alex is Jacked into the cyber matrix.
Alex, in order to complete my setup,
Alex, my mind is going.
Alex, we think you might have a problem.
Alex, what are you doing?
Alex, you rock!
Alex: Josh!
All I need is your thumb print, DNA sample,
All my life I played by the rules,
All my work has been building to this moment.
All the food at this school is so bland.
All they give me in return is some aspirin
All: Awwwww.
All: Monster! Monster!
Alright then.
Alright, Josh, let's do this.
Always lookin' for the next big slurp.
An iced coffee with minimal ice would be perf. Theeenk you.
And a prescription for water aerobics?!
And Alex and Bridgette only live with us to help us pay for it.
And as soon as I figure out which key opens this door,
And be a rat?
And be nice!
And boy is it gonna blow... your... mind.
And combined them. [ Pig squeals ]
And discover unrealized swole tential.
And don't embarrass me.
And expects me to forgive him?
And finally, shredded, which is what I am.
And finally, when you expect danger,
And go back to bein' all buddy buddy?
And he accused me of snooping?
And he's gonna crash here, too.
And he's like...
And head straight to the crematorium.
And I accidentally dropped a dumbbell
And I bet this paintball gun shoots real bullets, too, huh?
And I can't have negative energy around my baby.
And I don't want to tell him!
And I should be able to lift you as high as the ceiling.
And I use "the cheeks" [Slurping]
And I want you out of my life!
And I'm like, "Really, mason?
And I'm like, I... Fair's fair. No!
And I'm meeting them today.
And I've downloaded every Stephen King audiobook...
And if I was ready, or if you were alive,
And if you ain't achin', it ain't workin'.
And if you...
And in return, they made love back to me.
And it would get us involved in stem fields
And Josh is white.
And just write your name in it, brah.
And look where it got me.
And my interests include skateboards and horror movies.
And naming herself after an R rated movie.
And not his regular weird smell.
And not just any thieves.
And now I won't have to see her for another couple years.
And now I'm gonna have his baby,
And now my skin is barely glowing.
And now, Mr. Chocolate Chip Coward,
And please, don't push me on this.
And Shirley here is my ride or die.
And shotguns we called "long dongs."
And some became jealous. [ Screams ]
And sometimes you have to break some rules
And that, my friends, is how you disarm
And the "E" is a three.
And then all your base are belong to us.
And then they get schooled by the professor.
And then you need to set boundaries.
And there's a weird smell.
And they heroically died protecting the spaceship.
And this naughty girl is Gertrude.
And three and four and one and two and three..
And want to run with the big dogs,
And we get that rush.
And we haven't even bought our drone yet.
And we'd move it at school.
And we'll cut you in on the proceeds.
And you aren't tossing me at anyone as a means of escape.
And you know what I can do for you.
And you, why is it that my couch
And you're responsible for me
And your Social Security number.
And, like, mm, some of the blood of the innocent?
And, well, you're our favorite teacher.
Annihilate weakness...
Anyone care to disagree?
Anything for a friend slash tenant.
Anything to declare?
Anything you can do on your capitalist tracking device,
Anyway, with my training
Anyways, what did you want to talk to me about?
Anyways, what's up with you, gal?
Are part of a rich folk tradition
Are you even to be kidding me right now?!
Are you sure you don't want to yell at me
Are you sure you're up for this?
Aren't you supposed to be at water aerobics?
Aren't you tired of being ignored?
Arrest this!
At least I made it to the trash can.
At least run in the right direction!
At Temple Beth Emet Day School.
At the Santa Monica First Pier Bank on Friday,
Attencion, everyone.
Aw, man... Upset?
Back away!
Barb: The Werther's Originals armored truck
Be firm.
Be they named Achilles and Odysseus
Beautiful mademoiselle, why so sad?
Because "our lengths were too matchy."
Because he raised a princess, hmm?
Because he technically paid for it,
Because it promotes militarism.
Because once I do the impossible WOD,
Because you don't stop when you're tired...
Becca sucks. You hate seeing her.
Becca, you have been in there for three hours!
Becca, you've been binging old seasons
Becca: Ouch! [ Gasps ]
Becca: Tiny Butler! [ Bell rings ]
Becca? What are you doing here?
Before Kira uploads Alex to the cloud!
Before she's too far along.
Before that happens,
Being a dad r r rules!
Being a dad rules!
Besides, the commercial success
Better call in animal control.
Bex, why you being such a binch?
Bonjour, mon chéri. [ Chuckles ]
Bridgette just got ghosted
Bridgette, I apologize if I've done anything to offend. [ Harpsichord playing ]
Bridgette, I have expressed my passion for you
Bridgette, I have something I want to keep at your place.
Bridgette, I love you!
Bridgette, I'm scared.
Bridgette: Every culture throughout history
Bridgette's came from Kyoto...
Bring it on.
Bro, listen. This is me, Jim Crunch, talking.
Burger Thing, that new ironic restaurant in Silver Lake,
Business was so good, it was only a matter of time
But apparently, I love big, ham hock hunks.
But Costco says they're living in Malibu?!
But damn it, I didn't bring my detonator bag!
But don't ever apply fence varnish to your face.
But I can be homeless, if that's what you want...
But I got your heart.
But I was unfaithful.
But I'll take what I can get?
But I'm afraid it's the only way to close the book
But I'm just so thankful that I have you.
But is this what you want?
But it was the only way we could earn money,
But it's important we support him now that he's hot.
But it's not even available yet.
But let's head inside and talk over some fine dinin'.
But next year'll be even better when we unveil...
But next, you'll get swole.
But she's tearing right through it!
But she's the kinda gal I'd want with me in a firefight.
But somehow I know I need it.
But sometimes, even the best plans...
But the blood of the innocent might be more of Costco thing.
But Travor gave me chlamydia first, so, guess what, I...
But we didn't play!
But we don't have the money for stuff like that.
But we needed that!
But we were playing.
But we'd sure like to earn it.
But we're four dimes short.
But we're going to hit it before it gets there.
But we're re glazing our butthole washers.