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Da Ali G Show - Season 1

Da Ali G Show - Season 1

Da Ali G Show is a groundbreaking television series that first premiered in 2000, entertaining audiences with its satirical and hilarious take on political and social issues. Created and hosted by the brilliant mind of Sacha Baron Cohen, the first season of Da Ali G Show introduced viewers to a unique blend of comedy and mockumentary that has since become a cult classic.

The show follows the adventures of three distinct characters portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen: Ali G, Borat Sagdiyev, and Bruno Gehard. Each character represents a different stereotype within society, allowing Cohen to explore various perspectives and challenge conventional thinking. Through these characters, Cohen interviews unsuspecting guests, creating awkward and often laugh-out-loud moments.

Ali G, a self-proclaimed "street journalist" from Staines, England, is a hilarious caricature of a wannabe gangster, dressed in his signature yellow tracksuit and oversized gold chains. Through Ali G, Cohen confronts politicians, celebrities, and experts, asking them absurd and often absurdly insightful questions on topics ranging from politics to pop culture.

Borat Sagdiyev, a bumbling and naive journalist from Kazakhstan, provides a satirical look at cultural differences and ignorance. With a thick accent and unconventional mannerisms, Borat's interviews push the boundaries of what is considered politically correct, highlighting prejudices and exposing ignorance with sharp wit.

Completing the trio of characters is Bruno Gehard, a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter. Bruno, with his outrageous outfits and over-the-top personality, provides an opportunity for Cohen to satirize homophobia and challenge societal norms. Through Bruno, the show fearlessly delves into topics related to gender and sexual orientation, often resulting in hilarious and shocking encounters.

The first season of Da Ali G Show features a range of prominent guests who unwittingly become part of the comedy sketches. Some notable personalities include Buzz Aldrin, Newt Gingrich, Andy Rooney, and the former Attorney General of the United States, Dick Thornburgh. Each guest is taken on a rollercoaster ride of absurd questions and uncomfortable situations, highlighting Cohen's exceptional improvisational skills.

Released in 2000, Da Ali G Show was an instant hit, garnering a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. The show's unique blend of comedy and social commentary struck a chord with audiences, propelling Sacha Baron Cohen to international fame. The success of the show led to subsequent seasons, a spin-off movie, and paved the way for Cohen's other iconic characters, such as Admiral General Aladeen from "The Dictator" and Abbie Hoffman in "The Trial of the Chicago 7."

To fully embrace the brilliance of Da Ali G Show, fans can immerse themselves in the soundtracks that accompany each episode. The music selections perfectly complement Cohen's characters and the satirical tone of the show, adding another layer of humor and entertainment. From catchy parody songs to humorous soundscapes, the soundtracks capture the essence of the show and are available to play and download.

In conclusion, the first season of Da Ali G Show introduced the world to the comedic genius of Sacha Baron Cohen, offering a fresh and innovative approach to satirical comedy. With the unforgettable characters of Ali G, Borat, and Bruno, Cohen fearlessly tackled political and social issues, creating a unique viewing experience. For those seeking a hilarious blend of comedy and social commentary, Da Ali G Show - Season 1 is a must-watch, complete with its unforgettable soundtracks that can be enjoyed for years to come.

A crowd's starting to form, let's get out of here.
A honky in the United States is not a nice term for a male.
A television, remote control.
A woman won't go out with you she thinks that's all you want.
After my man Brinkman finally finished his shit.
Again, Barbra Streisand, not to pick on her...
All right, tell me what you enjoy, your interests.
Also, jetzt bin Ich hier mit Paul Wilmot.
America's most wanted. Have you seen this man?
And 'im goes to the travel booker
And any time you hear 2310 on the radio,
And apparently it weren't true.
And he's well full and everything.
And if they are out you go, "Ich don't think so," and you go like that. Ja?
And it was about these two naughty college girls
And it's our job to put the right people in the right seats.
And maybe one year ago it was "Ich don't think so",
And she must be tight,
And she must have a good physique.
And swap her for 15 gallons of insecticide.
And that's what makes something funny,
And the opposite of the moon being full is..
And the travel booker goes, "You can't go to that hotel
And them hadn't done their 'omework
And then, as punishment,
And there is still racialism, even to the native people, what is they called, the...
And to... (Mumbles)... ate.
And what is the conspiracy things?
And you can say, "This is the Venus Trot."
And you can use the moon or Mars or Venus
Apart from that bloke in the Village People,
Ask him to Lloyd Klein, over there.
Barbra Streisand would go to the opening
Because they mix the real with the absurd.
Before American woman will allow you in her vagine
Big up yourself... Buzz. Keep it real.
Booyakasha! America has h'invented
Booyakasha. Check it out.
But how do they really know what is exists
But if she cheat on me, I will... crush her.
But if you cheat on me, I will crush you.
But it's... Why is it funny cos the hotel is full?
But not... not much, maybe one year or...
But that doesn't mean that it has any connection
But they say you can be a honky but still be hung like a donkey.
But what was it like not being the first man on the moon,
But you was the first geezer ever to actually do it?
But your country's got problems too.
C'est la muse de Chrysler.
Choosing which celebrity goes with who.
Cos I am Chrysler's muse in Austria. Seriously, I'm...
Cos I has seen a picture of J Lo
Cos me saw this film called Barely Legal 3
Debbie Harry's having a second moment.
Define as crimes.
Did you get that money from someone?
Did you like some things about your wife?
Do you have a wife?
Do you need another model, would you like...?
Do you need any more models?
Do you think man will ever walk on the sun?
Do you wanna be a cop or not?
Do you wish me success tonight?
Don't move. You is fucking with the wrong cop.
Er, no. You can call things by different names
Even if it's using your body, your sexual organs,
Even though I am big, like a can of Pepsi?
Got all the credit for inventing the moonwalk
Got the siren on.
He is the god of seating plans,
He walk on the street.
He's handcuffed. Put it back in his pocket.
He's... crap.
Hello, Jenny, nice to... to meet you.
Here's a mistake that a lot of men make in America
Hm. Well...
Honey, you won't qualify for our membership
How come you never see them in prominent jobs?
How do I find if she will be a cheat?
How do I know if she want me to take her...
How do I show her I have a senses of humour?
How old is your child?
Hr‡ng, my sac, is heavy.
I am Chrysler's... You know the designer? I am his muse.
I can see the motherfuckin' gun. Put them up.
I don't like men that cheat on me.
I don't think there are very many people who question whether the moon exists.
I have all the male models, they're here.
I have now been, er...
I haven't seen those pictures.
I is here with none other than my main man, Buzz Aldrin.
I just wanted to say, if you want,
I know this is a sensitive question
I like shoot dog.
I like swimming.
I like, er, play table tennis.
I thought it was funny cos he's full...
I want her to have no history of retardation in family.
I was Attorney General. My name is Meese.
I was in charge of public relations for Calvin Klein...
I wasn't sure that it was funny, you said it was funny.
I will give you money, I will give you automobile car,
I will love her. We will be as one.
I wish you success in the future
I'll ask the names. So "vassup" and "Ich don't think so".
I'm doing the bit with the underpants.
I'm sorry.
I's got a joke about space, do you wanna hear it?
I've years of experience in the fashion business.
If possible, she must have plough experience.
If she wants you to go to bed with her? How do you know that?
If there were some things you liked about her.
If they are in, we go, "Vassup." You go, "Vassup."
If you have any more questions, just give me a call.
If you met your ideal woman?
If you want to make sure the show is classy,
If you're kissing and petting, then it just sort of goes... naturally.
If you're prepared to crush a woman.
II demande si... Il veut savoir s'il peut faire le mannequin.
Il faut aller demander ‡ Lloyd.
In America, if you say that on your profile,
In some Philadelphia police recruit training.
In the US and A, if you want to marry a girl,
In which the officers will respond to some incidents.
It doesn't matter.
It must really get on your tits, but let's just sort it out
It was a strict rule that if you didn't do your 'omework
It was Neil Armstrong and no,
It's like an ethnic slur.
Just do something for them about safe sex, how to keep safe.
Keep your distance!
Keep your distance.
Let's talk about who is in and who is out.
Like a man's anus.
Like Marianne Faithful is having a "vassup" moment too.
McDonald's, gangsta rap, spaghetti and swimming.
Me know you has been asked this a zillion times,
My first... My older wife.
My is... My, er...
My name is Borat.
My name is Jenny.
Neither is Michael Jackson on the moon.
No *******, OK.
No, it's not... We're handling a situation.
No, not a criminal, a woman who go with another man and...
No, the hotel is full.
No, they can't hear you, they can't hear you.
No, when do me and you have a sexy intercourse?
No. The sun is too hot, it is not a good place to go to.
Nobody wants to be reminded of somebody who's dead.
Now she has a chance to be "vassup".
Now, "vassup".
Of encountering any living being whatsoever.
Of the Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitunggesch‰ft!
Oi, did I ask for to have a chat with you?
Oi, that ain't the time to get her number, man.
OK, attractive.
OK, great, I am here with Paul Wilmot.
OK, or anything negative?
OK, tell him you see the gun.
OK, this is what we do on a "man with a gun" call.
One black male, one white male.
One week without any sexy intercourse.
Or the person being full and that's an absurd condition.
Put up your hands or you is gonna be shot by us.
Put your right hand up, sir.
Remote control, a red dress, I hope will fit her.
Right. Once a person's dead, you should really put it aside.
Screw around on you. OK, right.
Search him! You wanna be a cop or not?
She's talking about a clothing line "Ich don't think so."
Should I tell her she reminds me of my wife?
Should I tell people that I am good at sex?
So all those people out there who is saying it don't, you is wrong.
So the purpose of this show is to h'educate, to motivate
So what is illegal?
So you better realise that these things is important.
So you have a good life and back home
So, when you arrived on the moon,
Some guys jumped us, they beat us up.
Some of the bestest things in the world
Talk about the environment you're in,
Talk about what she does for a living and about her.
Teaching them about sexual responsibility and safe sex.
Thank you for coming in today
That all of us engage in on a day to day basis is legal.
That gets into technicalities and that's why you have trials.
That is so... wicked!
That was Cop 101 at the Philadelphia Police Academy.
That would probably be governed by the rules of the institution.
That's right. The moon does exist.
That's why you need to date her before you get married.
That's wicked.
The chair, er... walk...
The main man, 2310, with my man, Brinkman.
The sun is not cold in the winter.
There is a monster from outer space
There was absolutely no thought...
There, take your hand. (Laughing) You gotta touch!
There's been nuff sadness since the terrible events of 7/11.