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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A very nice
And he is a strong man he will crush his opponents
And he will be powerful allika styling and and not to tolerate people who are bad
Being bang bang then then then then and then take a diagram bing bang bang the adding
Can I put a camera in the lady toilet
Do they have a nicer physiques
Do way this work here
Do you know a coffee would check
Do you want to touch
Drink lee
Every morning dancing
Everybody dance now
Everybody no
Girls just want to have fun
He had some ass
He is your slave
Hello it is sent you to speak to me
Hey I have a very big testicles
How a nice meet you
I can do god very easy in a western minute thing in animals
I can hold a very large woman down for up to three hours
I can smell you
I love you so
I make them have explosion for liquid
I need a room for my brother he is a retard and he very small head but a very strong arm
I please is possible make a shift your house immediately if urgent I have problem please
I say this because I had a very bad gypsy attack as they stole my wife a plow and they touch it my horse in a very bad way he got very
I specialty is camel I can pull a camel for in less than twenty minutes for him to have a liquid explosion
I will not leave until you swear on the eyes of your child that you will vote for him
I will you vote for my friends
I win
I would like to do a romance inside of you
If another of my wife die is OK I bury her here
If you do not vote for him he will take power
In kazakhstan we like the families but there are no some men who pretend to be married but in a secret they do a bang bang bang in other men animals
In that case system I was a make ice I was a gypsy catcher also i'll work with the animals
In the kazakhstan my brother below here have a child born with her hair all over face and the nose on our arms hair everywhere her
Is it possible making shit your house now
Is your husband at home
My mother
My sister make my family very proud
My wife she do a very much a noise when she do a toilet
My wife very scared from a man with a chocolate face
Now in the christmas banner we say god a man at horse dog woman and then read and then smaller
Please let the borat type
Sexy time explosion
She was voted by almatti chamber of commerce as a best sex in mouth
She wish she was a **** by someone else
She's a number two or three a prostitute in a country of kurdistan
Should say about time time
Something is arriving
Thank you
This is some of called it the movies rabbit shadow move on it's been in my country day is a problem
Uh we saying consistent a man who go to power must have a bigger how you say how you say ham
What if I just burn her
What is the best move to silence a woman
What is the best way to defend from a jew
What is the best way to stop and my wife do arrive on main
What is this
What it mean self defense
While we walk
Why not
Yes why
You are my best friend
You work alive homosexual
[Borat Music]
[Borat Music]
[Borat Music]
[Borat Music]
[Everybody Dance Now Music]