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Borat (2006)

Borat (2006)

"Borat" is a groundbreaking mockumentary film released in 2006. Directed by Larry Charles, the movie showcases the hilarious character of Borat Sagdiyev, played by Sacha Baron Cohen. Borat is a clueless journalist from Kazakhstan who embarks on a journey to America to learn about its culture and people. The film follows Borat as he interacts with unsuspecting individuals, exposing their often outrageous and absurd reactions.

With its unique blend of satire and improvisation, "Borat" became a cultural phenomenon, provoking both laughter and controversy. Cohen's incredible portrayal and the film's outrageous stunts garnered critical acclaim, earning numerous awards and nominations.

If you're looking to relive the outrageous comedy of "Borat," you can play and download the film's sounds here. Immerse yourself in Borat's outlandish adventures and get ready for a wild and unforgettable experience.

A "not" joke is when we're trying to make fun of something
A beautiful house, this.
A car with a lot of miles for 700 with no warranty.
A man yesterday tell me if I buy a car
A woman called C.J. on the television.
Absolutely not, and neither can you.
Absolutely, Jesus loves you.
After interview, I encounters traditional American street festival.
Against cruelty to animals?
All I could think about was this lovely woman in her red water panties.
All right, let's go this way.
All the paintings in the house, I did.
All you gotta do is step out of that aisle now
Although Kazakhstan glorious country, it have problem too.
America is known for its sense of humor.
An hour. Then you have dinner date with high society.
And a jar of Gypsy tears to protect me from AIDS.
And all of them son of a bucks hanging from the gallows,
And also my passport.
And assholes Uzbekistan.
And believed on in the world.
And Boltak, the rapist.
And Boltak, the rapist.
And do you think, you know, when they...
And get killed on the way?
And he also decide to take all money
And he leave me
And he take Oxana, my bear.
And hello!
And her vagina hang like sleeve of wizard.
And here live Mukhtar Sakanov,
And I have decide to
And I will marry Pamela there...
And it wouldn't take very much time for him to really become Americanized.
And it's time that, you know,
And kick the butts over there
And make your way down to this altar.
And on weekends, I travel to capital city
And snap off your cock.
And the asshole of a 7 year old.
And the shit times.
And then we all laugh.
And this is a little decorative duck.
And this is where I lives. My bed.
And this my beautiful wife.
And this my wife, Oxana. She's boring.
And this play cassettes.
And this say that it is today's date, our wedding,
And ticket to Kazakhstan.
And together we will take her!
And tomorrow she's doing a signing.
And watch ladies while they make toilet.
And we gonna always be a Christian nation until the good Lord returns. Amen.
And what we do is we make a statement that we pretend is true
And you wipe your bottom and you put the paper... Look.
And you'll be accepted.
And, if it is a big table, a very long table,
Are we going the right way?
Are woman... Are women your slaves in Russia?
As far as when people looking at you.
At the start, she was cook good,
Azamat have leave.
Azamat, great success! I've got the tears.
Azamat, let's prepare the wedding sack.
Be careful! Be careful, C.J.!
Because a woman has a right to choose who she has sex with.
Because I love this woman.
Because I want to learn from U.S. and A,
Because I'm *******, so I have lots of pictures of ****.
Before we start, can you tell me, because I want make urines,
Big shame. Big shame.
BOB BARR Former Georgia Congressman
BOBBY ROWE General Manager, Imperial Rodeo
Borat, Borat. She is no virgin, Borat.
Borat, Borat. We have a lot to talk about.
Borat, shut up.
But after three years, when she was 15,
But at least he is
But don't show your Huggies though, man.
But he would not sell me gun since I not American.
But is it not a problem that a woman have a smaller brain than a man?
But it's certainly not black, right?
But no passport.
But one time, he break cage and he get this.
But perhaps you have not seen someone with a very funny retardation.
But then it look like I am holding a Gypsy while he eat my chram.
But this I watch for three hours, do not change.
But we need to leave New York to find the real America:
But why California? What's there?
But you look like one of them.
But, at the end, we say, "Not," which means it's not true.
By that time, you will have proven yourself
California had better be as good as you say, or we're finished.
California, I coming!
Calm down. Let me explain.
Calm down. We'll keep heading to California.
Calm down. We'll keep heading to California.
Can I bring a guest to dinner?
Can I have a microphone so people can hear me?
Can I hear a game you play?
Can I say first, we support your war of terror.
Can we follow her?
Can you teach me speak like you?
Check that out on the radar this morning and...
Chevrolet guarantees that with a warranty.
Cleanse me, Lord, in the name of Jesus.
Come here.
Come in here, please. Ignore.
Come my house.
Come on, Borat. Stay with us, buddy.
Come on, get her!
Come on!
Continue making documentary.
Disco dance,
Do Jesus like my sons?
Do Jesus love my neighbor, Nursultan Tulyakbay?
Do Jesus love my retard brother, Bilo?
Do not fear me, Gypsy, all I want from you is your tears.
Do not try and shrink me, Gypsy. I serious.
Do you ever laugh on people with a retardation?
Do you have a joke about her?
Do you have a telephone in this village?
Do you think a woman should be educate?
Do you want to pay for the entire stay now?
Doltan improve too.
Doltan, I'll get you a new arm in America.
Don't look at me like that. I will eat your shit.
Don't pull them down like...
Don't spend more than $3. We're low on money.
Don't worry, I am a TV professional.
Don't worry, I nervous too!
Don't worry. My friend, he can make glue and...
Dr. Yamak would never believe this.
Eat my asshole!
Economic, social and Jew.
Even though my anus was broken
Eventually, I managed to hike a hitchings with group of young scholars
Eventually, I persuade Azamat that we would travel to California
Everybody almost see your underpants.
Everybody say U.S.A. television much better
Except for in brothel or in grave.
Excuse me, is it possible to go and do a, you know...
Excuse me... Excuse me for just a moment, please.
Finally, I had arrived.
First stops on our journey was Washington, D.C.,
First, a lady will teach you southern manners.
For the first time in my lifes,
From the terrorists or anything else, the Muslims, they look like you,
Get a move on, we have 100 miles to go.
Get away! What are you doing?
Get off!
Get out of the way! Watch out, watch out.
Get up! Get up!
Give me a smile, baby. Why angry face?
Give me a smile, baby. Why angry face?
Go ahead and eat something because you're hungry.
Go ahead.
Go kids! Crush that Jew chick before he hatches!
Go over here with Adrian. She's calling you to go over here.
Good night, Borat.
Great success.
Great success.
Great success.
Great! Nice.
Great. Thank you. Lovely place.
Greatest country in the world, to learn lessons for Kazakhstan.
GUY BORGES Manager, Wellington Hotel
Happy times.
Happy times. We were safe and well on our way to Pamela.
Have you offered them pubic hair?
Having learned many lessons from U.S. and A,
He behind his cage, crazy, crazy. Everybody laugh.
He fat.
He grow three centimeter. He now 17 centimeter long.
He insists we not fly in case the **** repeated their attack of 9/11.
He is my neighbor, Nursultan Tulyakbay.
He is not what you would refer to as retard.
He is pain in my assholes.
He is traveling across America to get the taste of life here in the United States.
He loves your brother, Bilo.
He means a car that women will like.
He only get iPod Mini.
He spent the last few days here.
He still asshole.
He take my money and my bear and he leave me alone.
He very strong.
Hello and nice meet you.
Hello to you as well.
Hello, I'm Bethany Weston.
Hello, it's so nice to meet you. Welcome to America.
Hello, nice meet you.
Hello, nice meet you. My name Borat.
Hello, U.S. and A.! Hello, U.S. and A.! I'm very excite!
Hello. Hello, nice meet you.
Hello. Thank you.
Her vagina work well and she strong on plow.
Here comes the Jew.
Here in America we try not to make fun of
Here it comes.
Here's today's date.
Hey, Doltan. High five!
Hey, don't look at me. Eat my tits!
Hey, stop that goddamn van!
Hey, what your name?
Hey! Fuck off, Death!
Hi! My name Borat.
Hi. Hi, everyone.
High five!
High five!
High five! Great!