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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A bush in kazakhstan will laugh when we hear the name becaus it bush 'em in the hair around the test is satchel
A little
A little better tell me if you like to make a sex crime high five
A very nice
A very nice he have a like a tool shaved horses bladder over river
All day long when I see you I think of you know clothes wow we were but is a very wonderful
And due claw
And here will be powerful and like a styling and the note to tolerate people who are bad
And the barbara we say inconsistent mean to eat so it was like barbara bush street is good
And what you do
And when do we have a sexy intercourse
As she is a pretty girl she had the formati
Being bang then then then then then then then then then then then bing bang bang the adding
But how do you stop it there claw claw
But I have a new i've she nice
But then not with force
But why
But why you do not put her to her a cage
Can I put a camera in the lady toilet
Can I stay with you please
Can I talk about what I did last night
Can I touch it please
Cooking would check ever show you know he have a very famous the song being done
Did you come with clark
Do they have a nicer physiques
Do you have a bigger crumb
Do you have a house
Do you have a policies
Do you know a korky buchek
Do you like a porno
Do you want to touch
Everybody dance now
Forty eight
Forty three
Gender bray
Goodnight we made a sex crime I buy
He is a strongman he will crush his opponents
Hello nice to meet you
Hello thank you to speak me
Here have a sex crime problem
How many fingers do you have
I can do goat very easy in a western minute finger nanos
I can hold a very large woman down for up to three hours
I go on my knees I grip and pull for two hours grip pull grip pull very book
I have a joke
I have a loud voice app
I hear them
I hope.
I is good
I like it I like it I like pussy
I like more than the one god
I like you
I like you do you like maine
I live in a car
I love you too
I make them have explosion for liquid for mick more animals
I my arm begin to hurt I cannot fill my my carry-on I do not care I tell him I will do it crippled nothing nothing then after two hour I hear I think something
I my friend azamat babbitt overcome with maine but they do not let him come into customs becaus he make many sex crime
I need a room for my brother he is a retard and he very small head but a very strong arm
I say this because I had a very bad gypsy attack they stole my wife a plow and the touch my horse in a very bad way he got very
I specialty is camel I can pull a camel for in less than a twenty minute for him to have a liquid explosion
I will not leave until you swear on the eyes of your child that you will vote for him
I would like to do a romance inside of you
I would like to make her romance inside of her
I would like you to come to stay my house in a consistent
If you do not vote for him he will take power
If you vote for him he will make sure that you and your family I will have a very good years but if you do not vote for him you will be sorry
In a cautious than my brother below here have a child born with her hair all over face and the nose on her arms her everywhere here
In the cases banner we say god man horse dog within a woman and then read and then smaller kurt silly like a little
In the gas system I was a make ice I was a gypsy catcher also I work with animals
In the kazahstana will like the family but there are no some men who pretend to be married but in secret they do a bang bang bang in other men animals
In the US and a very rich people like to drink a wine it is like akazaki wine but not made from fermented horses urine
Is freddie mercury homosexual
Is it possible making shit your house now
Is nice
Is your husband at home
It pleases possible make a shit their house immediately very urgent I have problem please
Last night I hear the six
My mother she never love never love maine
My sister make my family very proud
My sister she's a prostitute
My wife is dead
My wife she do very much a noise when she do a toilet
My wife very scared from men with the chocolate face
Not important
Not much
Oh what the L say your policy
One time they said there is a camel he can make a no sexy time explosion I say please let the borat try
Only if she let me not with force
Play laugh
Prank Call Sounds: Borat 3 Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Borat 3 Soundboard Sound
Sexy time
Sexy time explosion
She can stay with you
She die in a field
She died like a month animals
She like to come to the US and a
She like to make money
She tell me sometimes she wish she was a **** by someone else that I was never born
She was a nice
She was voted by almatti chamber of commerce as a best sex in mouth
She would like you very much
She's number two or three a prostitute in a country of kazakhstan
So if the jew come with a claw
So you know a cocky boo chick
Thank you
Thank you my friend
That is good
That the woman not equal to men
There is a chair chair work with the shoes LOL aah you walk on the street isn't working
They do a bang bang bang in other men animals
Two ladies work here
We have a very big testicles
We say in the kazakhstan in man who is a funny has a is a man who has a bigger crumb
We want to speak to someone there who can vote
Well I will
What is the best move to silence a woman
What is the best way to defend from a jew
What is the best way to stop my wife do a **** on main
What is this
What it mean self defense
What it say
When do me and you have a sexy intercourse
Where is it
Why not
Why not
Will you vote for my friend
With a claw
Wow ever
Wow we were
Yaks amash
Yeah but it modeling dancing
Yes why
You are my best friend
You can live there and you can use my wife
You can vote with you are a woman
You have a wife
You like a sex crime
You make a time machine
You must be for whatever it takes
You must keep now
You work alive homosexual
You would like very much to my sister she is a beauty queen of alma T
Your name please