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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A deer a morton
All train compartments smelled vaguely of shit
Am I talking about the deal
And I don't get a moment of spare for some bust out humanitarian down on his luck lee
And I guess on a plane
And one cadillac
And the guy from the bar
And when was that check cashed
Anyone in this office lives on his wits
Anything you want you want it you got it understand
Are humiliated you oh my god i'm sorry
Are you in general be home tonight
Are you talking to me
Bad people go to hell I don't think so you think that at that way
Busted my boss all your dirty to deadbeats
But what was the earliest that it could be cashed
Come on you got him in the kitchen
Did you ever take a dump made you feel like you just slept for twelve hours
Did you hear what I said
Don't fuck with me fellas i'm talking about a fucking cadillac car that you owe me
Don't there any fucking shit and I don't give a shit
Eight units mountain view
For kasha george
For me i'm saying what it is it's probably not the orgasm
Forget the deal the deal is dead
Fuck fuck fuck
Fuck little girls so be it
Fuck you
Fuck you dave you know you got a big mouth
Fuck you john
Fuck you they
Fuck you you only the car
Guess who
Guess who
Guy couldn't find this fucking couch the living room
Harriet anne blah blah nyberg
Hear what I said
Hello mrs schwartz
Hello mrs schwarz this is richard roman with premier properties
How are you
How fucked up you are
How was it
I can
I can't
I can't use on my book I can't
I don't care who's nephew you are who you know who's dick you sucking on your going out
I don't understand
I find out my fucking cousin you are going to go to him and figure out a way to have your ass fuck you
I hope you rip the joint off I can tell our friend here a little something might help him to catch you
I just found downtown it's on their desk
I will be with you in awhile
I'll make it a lot cheaper
I'm doing business
I'm going downtown I will talk to mitch
I'm going to help you fix it
I'm going to lampkin
I'm saying you don't include saturday three days it's not a business day
I'm talking to you shit
I'm waiting for the new leads
If you please
If you think there is go ahead be that thing
It closed AM today
James link
Jim jim
Jim link
Marie is going to go out
Mister williamson
Monday you invite me to dinner again
Monday you saw my book
Money in the mattress
Mountain view eight units
My balls feel like concrete
My name is Richard Roma
No I don't know tell me
None of my business you want to push me to answer you
Not to my knowledge no
Now I want to talk to you because you're obviously upset
Of course you have three days
Oh christ i'm sorry
Oh great
Oh i'm gonna have your job shit
Oh what a big man you are hey let me buy a pack of gum I gotta chew it
One point in fact of which I spoke too of which I can't talk to about it here
Prank Call Sounds: Al Pacino Soundboard Sound
Rather dama patel
See course this is how we keep score booby
Six thousand dollars
Some broad 's forearm on your neck
Something upset you
Talk about a fucking beat that bitch slap anyone self
Thank you i'll call back later thank you
That concerns me
That's right
That's right
The board
The great fox you may have had what do you remember about him
The phone
The statute is for your protection I have no complaint with that in fact I was a member of the board when we drafted it so quite the opposite
This is me
This is ricky
This is ricky roma from last night
Three business days they mean three business days
Three days
To help us not to fuck us up
Wait a minute wait wait a min
Wait a second
Watch the point what's the fucking point in any case I got argue with you
Watt say the words
Well answer me
Wet out there tonight
What am I going to do all months
What am I going to do this month
What are you doing here
What are you going to do about it
What does that mean
What is this your farewell speech
What time do you have
What was that service feature with government
What you're hired for is to help us does that seem clear to you
When did you write the check
Where did you learn your trade this stupid fucking can't you idiot
Where was I i was at home
Where were you last night
Who is this
Who said fuck the machine
Whoever told you that you could work with men
Why did she do that jim
Will someone get this guy off my back please
With the members of a dying breed
With watt john with watt
Yes I have a problem yes I do my friend
Yes it is
Yes yes I confess I did it
You can smell it
You company man
You don't count silly
You fairy
You fucking child
You get befuddled by a middle class morality get shot of it shut it out
You got damn right I am
You got something on your mind what is it
You got the scots spread out
You just cost me six thousand dollars
You know me
You know your business I know mine your business being an asshole
You look on the plants you go home you see
You never open your mouth till you know what the shot is
You stupid fucking cunt
You tell me what it is
You think you're queer i'm going to tell you something where all queer
You told me close thus and so you get the car
You want to learn the first rule you would know if you ever spent a day in your life
You were saying
You're eating her crumb cake
You're in your shirt sleeves
You're right
You're stupid fucking can't you idiot
Your client
Your farewell to the troops
Your fucking shit
Your power closes all that comes out your mouth is bio