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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A little kiss
All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break him for no to understand
And tony montana a political prisoner funk over
And we're going to blow that fucking truck back to call
And what the fuck you talk
And when I get back that i'm going to kick some ass all over the fucking place
Antonio montana
Anything beats lying around all day waiting for me to fuck you I figured out
Are better those tucker rocks
Because of fucker out to you know that
Black kids
But you fucking high
Call me a liar now would you call me
Can I go now
Do it going this
Do something be a nurse work of blankets lepers that kind of thing
Do you wanna go to walk do you want to go to walk with decades of war
Do you want to go on with me to say it and you make a move
Don't be calling me know fucking dishwasher five kick your fucking monkeys
Don't fucking bother
Even when I lie
For all I know he had me set up and had my friend angel fernandez kill
Fuck gaspar gomez and fuck the fucking thing as promised
Fuck off
Fuck that
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you fuck you
Fuck you man
Fuck you might
Fuck you might
Fucking that you thought
Ganada ha says
Get fucked
Give me one of the function over there with a descrambler and a radio with with askanas
Go fuck woman
Goodbye motherfucker
Hello history and I make roller right connections
Hey my father he was for united states
How about you
How would you know bubblehead
How you doing
I always know one day and coming here united states
I always tell it to
I call my lawyer
I come from a gunner
I don't give a fuck
I don't know education
I got here strong I hear things
I know that but you know why but
I like voice cross for melanie
I like you
I made what I could on the side but I never tired you
I never fucked anybody over in my life did never come to you got that
I really like that
I really think we are baggage handlers
I still loyal to you
I told him I thought up
I wanna talk to you
I want to see
I want you to be the mother of my children
I want you to marry me
I was caring
I was on a good
I'm an organizer
I'm not going to get a skylight that eating pussy
I'm working with an anti castro group
Is such a good lawyer
It was a yankee
Just have a typing
Last time you're going to see a bad guy like this again let me type
Let's get this straight now
Main that's who
Montana realty company
My best at all
New fresh
No fucking way
No way
Not your problem is pussy cap
OK fuck you how's that
OK then you call me tomorrow
Prank Call Sounds: Scarface Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Scarface Soundboard Sound
Recognition when you talk to me OK
Save your breath
Sign up to my little friend
So long have a good trip
So say goodnight to the bad guy
So the later
Stay away from her she love for you
Stop fucking around actor
That piece of shit up there I never like him I never trust him
That's a pig that a fly straight neither do you
That's big cause for seventy five years you been fucking everybody
The earth
There's nothing you can do to me that caster has not already done
They got fucking
This sounds like a great big pussy is waiting to get fucked
We fucked up he got away
We put this thing together
Well stop it
What are you lost
What do you think I have fucking learn like you
What is try sticking your head of joyous see if you feel
What should I know
What the fuck difference 'cause he may want for men
What the fuck is wrong with this guy why he came over
Whatever do for us
Where do you hide your stuff
Where the fuck is
Where the fuck you bitch
Where the hell is burning I could call it all over the place where is he
Who do I trust me
Why don't you get a job or something you know
With the right woman and not stopping me I could go back to the problem
Would you call yourself
You don't want that got me into this mess in the first place your owner
You fucked up
You got nothing on me you know it I know it
You got nothing to do your life right
You gotta be kidding
You just fucked yourself
You know what capitalism is
You know what i'm talking about you fucking cock a roach
You need people like me
You short a couple of mil I go on the street for you
You tell your cash I kill a communist for fun I gotta carve him up real nice
You wanna play russ
You want a job
You want me to come in we start over again
You want to assign script with my family
You want to waste my time OK
You're not fucking army you're gonna pay me
Your piece of shit
'cause you got your head up your cooler