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After the final ride.
All right, all right. We cool.
All right.
Alright baby, let's see what you got.
Alright, alright, alright.
Alright, alright, well tell me this though.
And as a matter of fact, I don't even know the dude.
And I do mean baby in a totally nonsexual way.
Angel face, Let me tell you something good in your ear.
Appreciate it.
Are you still there?
Are you tripping fool?
Be cool, my.
Best Beachy beach.
Bitch, take it off.
Bitch, you gonna be paying me?
Bitch, you see me and they jump on a Dick.
Blame motherfuckers.
Boom. You're deadly motherfucker.
Bullshit me lose to a bitch.
Bullshit, motherfucker.
But I was about to have to drop your ass.
Bye bye asshole.
Come here, baby, Let me squeeze that ass.
Come on, baby.
Come on, motherfucker.
Come on, what you want?
Damn baby, I just can't help myself.
Damn homie.
Damn the police.
Damn, you ain't bad for a bitch.
Damn. Fuck.
Do I need to put a leash on your ass?
Don't fuck with this pyromaniac motherfucker.
Drunk ass.
Employee of the month.
Even by your bitch ass standards, that shit was horrible.
Everybody says you're creepy psycho. Is that true?
Excuse me, motherfucker?
Foldy, 1000.
Fool, I'll beat your ass.
Fuck that.
Fuck this guy talking about ain't crazy.
Fuck you home.
Fuck you wanna go a long way for? We right here, right now, Loco.
Fuck you, Buster.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck, man.
Fucking punks.
Funky pussy bitch.
Go fuck yourself, bitch.
God damn.
Hell yeah.
Hey homie, where? I said you owe us, so you better just ride. Stop all your Yip yapping.
Hey man, what? That other dude?
Hey, hey, hey, hold up.
Hey, what the fuck we gonna do without a ride?
Hey, what the fuck you doing?
Hey, what's up? What you been up to?
Hold on, my I was talking though.
Hold on, my.
How about we hear somewhere more private?
How about you call back and you stop treating me like a pump?
How are you doing?
How can I help you homie?
How does 40,000 sound?
How I'm gonna knock a bad groaning sexy bitch find got a fat peas rock.
How you been, Ma?
How's it going?
I can't wait to see me some bitches and smell some of that Peach body spray.
I didn't get one of these bitches pregnant, did I?
I don't care who you is, you get Jack.
I don't fuck with this.
I don't give a shit.
I don't know.
I don't need no negative babysitting my Dick.
I don't think I'm gonna forget about that shit.
I feel bad playing with a bit.
I got better shit to do with my time.
I I I.
I just wanted to see if you was down for that kind of shit, you know? I'll send you a text with the details later.
I knew you was a bitch.
I need some motherfucking assistance.
I think we both could use some relaxing ass airwaves.
I'll send you a text with the details later.
I'll try, homie, but I'm one loud, dramatic brass crazy, greedy shooter. Motherfucking the back tight motherfucker.
I'm gonna get all up in that.
I'm gonna go find me some ass.
I'm gonna look for some transport.
I'm in need of some assistance here.
I'm OG motherfuckers.
I'm sorry.
I'm talking about 40,000.
I'm talking business.
I'm very sensitive to your intolerance my.
It's more cops on the way.
It's nothing real, homie. When it's some real, we'll talk.
Just some bullshit.
Lamar Davis.
Let me see that ass girl.
Let me see what it do, girl.
Let me tell you something good in your ear.
Let's get serious A second baby.
Let's get that shit cracking.
Let's see if you drive as good as you run your motherfucking mouth.
Magella NAB.
Man, fuck that homie.
Man, fuck you bitches.
Man, fuck you.
Man, fuck.
Man, get your shit together, homie.
Man, I don't care shit. I'm just saying I don't care about nothing.
Man, I hope your bitch ass feel good, punk.
Man, I love the strip club almost as much as the bitches love me.
Man, I wouldn't pay a dime for that pussy.
Man, I'm bored as fuck.
Man, I'm paying for that shit.
Man, it's two homies right here waiting on yo ass.
Man, something wrong with this shit.
Man, that's an insult to my limited intelligence.
Man, this ain't Employee of the Month behavior.
Man, this is an investment opportunity. You got to speculate, to accumulate.
Man, this is shady ass shit right here.
Man, we doing this shit or what?
Man, what the fuck?
Man, what's your major motherfucking malfunction?
Man, why I gotta have a lazy ass homie like yo mother fucking ass.
Man, you better deal with the police.
Man, you doing some shady shit over there, ain't you?
Man, you got beat with an ugly stick.
Man, you over there half stepping, man. You can do better than that.
Man, you pussy. The only thing that's smooth up in this shit.
Man, you suck.
Maybe call back when you start treating me like a little bitch.
Mother fucking asshole.
Mr. CEO.
Much. I love fucking around right now. We gotta go.
Nah, we cool, man.
Need help over here.
Next time you gonna pay me?
No obla espanol, motherfucker.
No, Fuck you, sitting on your ass getting paid on my grind.
No, I'm talking about.
Now look what you have gone and done.
Now that's something I want to see.
Now you are a fool.
Oh my God.
Ohh ain't gonna fuck me.
Ohh bullshit.
Ohh for show I got that.
Ohh hell no homie. It ain't like that.
Ohh really?
Ohh shit Professor, you're right.
Ohh thanks bitch.
Ohh thanks man.
Ohh To put you out your misery.
Ohh, I'm great big guy.
Ohh, so you think you were gangster now, huh? OK.
OK, calm down. Pay attention, little bitch.
OK, that makes a lot of fucking sense.
Paletto Bay.
Pay attention, little bitch.
Punk ass bitch.
Punk ass bitch.
Repeat after me.
Right back at your bitch ass, homie.
Right, Yeah.
Right. Whatever, man.
Say, what's up, little Mama?
See, baby, my hands got mines and they own.
Shake that shit, baby.
Shit, the cops is here.
Should I take what I want?
Should we invest Beachy Beach?
Show me yours and I show you mine.
Shut up, man.
So what the fuck you saying, homie?
Sub sugar tits.
That bitch was pristine, Bitch.
That shit you wanted done has been taken care of.
That would be cool. Homie, why don't you do that?
That's a good thing, I told your dumbass about that shit.
That's fucked up.
That's funny, cause he said you swallow.
That's funny, you had me for a second.
That's hilarious.
That's just what I expect from you.
That's racist, bitch.
The cops is here.
The dude that creeped on that dude.
The fuck you think you is?
The guy who took out half of the Grove St.
The police is your problem.
Then police homie.
They don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Maybe you got rid of that. Ohh yeah haircut you got. You get some bitches on your Dick. Ohh better. Yeah, maybe. Tanisha, call your dog ass if she ever sto...
They got surgery to correct that shit, you know?
They made this fool. Employee of the month man. Come on.
They sneaky motherfucker.
They're fuck this.
This don't look good for me.
This is what it's about. Check it out. I'm talking about 40,000.
This one is money right here.
This shit right here ain't cool, dog.
This step up.
Ugly ass bitch.
Use a bitch.
Use a loser homie.