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A Fine Addition
A Jedi's Gotta Do What a Jedi's Gotta Do
Ability to speak
Across the stars
Admiral Ackbar "It's A Trap!"
Aggresive negotiations
Ah Ha!
All my life
All remaining systems
All too easy #darth vader #too easy
Allie is the Force
Always a pleasure
Am the senate
Amaze even myself
Amidst my achievement
And so it is
Ani my goodness
Apology accepted
Are we blind
Are we really doing this!?!
Arent the droids
Army or not
Arrogant and apologize
As wise as
As you wish new
As you wish old
Atat cannon
Babu Hey Hey
Baby Yoda ride
Baby Yoda Wave
Back away
Bad feeling
Balance to the force
Battle of the heroes
BB8 Hold On!
Become the very thing
Ben Kenobi That’s no Moon
Big Deal
Bigger fish
Binary sunset
Blockade is perfectly legal
Boba Theme
Bobas blaster
Boring conversation
Brave of you
Breaking my heart
Bypassed the compressor
Cantina band
Cantina Star Wara
Cardi B Tie Fighter
Cargo hold new
Cargo hold old
Carrie Fisher: I am Princess Leia #princess leia #carrie fisher #star wars
Changed my hair
Chewbacca Sound
Chewie sound
Choking #force choke #cant breathe #strangled
Chosen one
Circle is now complete
Clones are very impressive
Close your eyes. Feel it
Clue we need
Come Get It!
Come on, lets keep a little optimism here #star wars #optimism #optimistic #happy #enthusiasm #enthusiastic #cheerful #bright
Contest cannot be decided
Controlled your fear
Copy That Black Leader
Couple of surpises
Creature in a mask
Credits will do fine
Darth Vader & Princess Leia Father Daughter Dance #dad #dance #fathers day #daugher #star wars
Darth Vader Appears
Darth vader breathing
Darth Vader Kid
Darth Vader NO!
De wanna wanga
Destroy sith not join
Dh17 blaster
Did you say Ninjas!?
Discover identity
Disturbance in the force
Do it
Do it
Do or do not
Do Or Do Not There Is No Try #task #learn #yoda #force #jedi #luke #do or do not #try
Do or do not, there is no try
Do their job well
Do you have a plan B?
Do. Or do not. There is no try
Don't Do It!
Done that yourself
Dont get cocky
Dont think so
Dont thinkso
Dont try it
Droid attack
Droids looking for
Drop your weapons
Duel of the fates
Duel of the fates start
E11 blaster
E5 blaster
Emperor Escalator
End this
Ever owning a droid
Every gun we have
Ewok horns
Exsqueeze me
Failed i have
Fear leads to hate
Fine addition
Finish what you started
First galactic empire
Flanking us
Flying suicide
Flying tie fighter
Focus determines reality
For the enemy
For the republic
Force be with you
Force push
Forcebond Sfx
Fun begins
Fus Ro Da
Gained my trust
Garbage chute
General Grievous Cough
General kenobi
Get him dad
Get low
Get Turnt
Going to kill him
Great confusion
Great fear in you
Grievous Coughing
Half ship
Han Solo
Han Solo Fuzzball
Han Solo Blaster
Handle myself
Hands go up
Hans blaster
Happy landing
Happy landing
Have been trained
Have failed you
Have to finish him
Have your moments
Hello #star wars #luke skywalker #r2 d2 #hello #hi #nod #greetings #hiya
Hello Dark Side
Hello There
Hello there
Hello there obi
Hello there old
Help me obiwan
Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi #carrie fisher #princess leia #star wars #help me #obi wan kenobi
Here to rescue you
Hes me
Hes my brother
Hes my father
Hi #star wars #hi #hello #greetings #carrie fisher
High ground
Hit That Opening!
Hit the nose
Hokey religions
How can you
How embarrassing
How rude
Hunk of junk
I am a jedi
I am altering the deal #altered the deal #change the deal #pray i dont alter it any further #darth vader #empire strikes back #episode 5 #episode v #i have altered the deal
I am your Father
I am your father
I Can Do This..
I can show you
I can't get back in to vinyl
I don't believe what I am hearing
I don't like the look of this #not looking good #might have a problem #bad feeling about this #uh oh #worried #anxious #c3po
I dont like sand
I Feel Something
I feel something
I find your lack of faith disturbing
I gotta go
I hate you
I have a bad feeling about this #princess leia #bad feeling #ive got a bad feeling
I have a really bad feeling abut this #han solo #bad feeling #ive got a bad feeling about this #harrison ford
I have a very bad feeling about this #luke skywalker #ive got a bad feeling about this #i have a bad feeling about this #bad feeling
I have the high ground!
I hope he doesn't try anything foolish
I know
I like this thing
I love democracy
I love you
I love you Han Solo and Leia #love #in love #i love you #carrie fisher #princess leia #harrison ford #han solo #star wars
I love you leia
I love you! #love #in love #i love you #carrie fisher #princess leia #harrison ford #han solo #star wars
I shouldnt
I want droidekas
I Was Big in Japan
I will do whatever you ask
I will not fail
I'm Gonna Kick Some Grits Up on Your Face
I'm gonna walk away
I'm outta here
If you only knew the power of the Dark Side #darth vader #star was #power
Ill try spinning
Im a pilot
Im home
Im not afraid
Im pregnant
Imperial alarmone
Imperial blaster
Imperial march
Intense Reaction
Interfered with our affairs
Is still good
Is that legal