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A good day to die
Auto destruct
Beeping and clicking
Blah blah blah No!
Can't Answer
Captain Kirk
Captain's Hail (Boatswain Whistle) - Powerslave
Classic Intercom Whistle
Classic Theme music
Communicator Sound Effect
Computer On
Computer standing by
Console beeps 5
Data's life forms song
Enterprise theme shortened
He's dead Jim
I Am Locutus of Borg
I'm A Doctor - Medley
I'm doing the best I can!
Incoming message
Live Long and Prosper
Make it so
Message received
Message sent
Not a Merry Man
Orion slave girl dance music
Packing a wallop, Shields Weakening - Powerslave
Priority 1 Broadband Distress Signal - Powerslave
Priority 1 message
Priority 1 Message From Starfleet - Powerslave
Priority 1 Msg From KlnSecOfficer - Powerslave
Priority message from Starfleet coming in on secure channel
Priority One Message from Starfleet Coming In On Secured Channel
Resistance is futile
Resistance is Futile - Locutus
Saving the future
Sense of Enterprise
Shields up, Red Alert, Fire Phasers - Powerslave
Short Hypnotic Orion Music
Star trek
Star trek
Star Trek
Star Trek computer
Star Trek door bell
Star Trek Doorbell
Star Trek fan1
Star Trek Hail
Star Trek Music
Star Trek Notify
Star Trek Theme
Star trek tmp
Star Trek TOS - Fight scene
TOS - Main Viewscreen
TOS - Red Alert - Powerslave
TOS Drama Theme - For Wife Calling - Powerslave
TOS Spock's Scanner - Powerslave
TOS:TMP Intruder Alert - Powerslave
Tricorder Sound
Vulcan mind probe
Warp Core Collapse in 10 Seconds - Powerslave
What in Blazes?
Would you say its worth a man's soul
You will become one
1 minute to auto destruct