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Acknowledge starfleet.
Additional technology acquired.
Ahead full.
Alert the crew.
All hands to battlestations.
All other units initiate new primary objective. Return to Omega to Una matrix 001.
All sections report.
All stop.
All vessels have been assimilated or destroy. Proceed through the wormhole and retrieve the Omega particle.
Alter course.
Assigning designations.
Bring all weapons to bear.
Canceling self destruct sequence.
Captain's log, supplemental in destroying low cutis and Omega, it seems we have finally halted the Borg invasion of the Alpha Quadrant. The Federation is secure once again since we cannot locate th...
Captains log star date 53551.3. We have been hailing Starbase 612 ever since we received the USS Premonitions, warning about the Borg. There has been no response. I fear we might be too late Captai...
Chancellor Martok Aalborg ships in the sector have been destroyed. We are victorious.
Change heading.
Construction cancelled.
Divert power to engines.
Drones transferred.
Engage engines.
Engage target.
Fire all weapons.
I'm assuming vessels goodbye.
Increase efficiency.
Initiate new attack pattern.
Initiate self destruct sequence.
Initiating additional technology.
Initiating station construction.
Initiating vessel construction.
Insufficient drums.
Insufficient energy.
Insufficient power nodes.
Insufficient resources.
Invalid objective.
Location invalid.
Mr. Data set a course for the premonition.
Multiple attempts to retrieve particle 010 F and we require an independent mind to organize its capture. Initiate action 420. Determining proximity of nearest facility with the required technology.
My death is irrelevant. Resistance is futile car. It is only a matter of time. Fire all weapons.
Redirect power to weapons.
Relying attack priorities.
Resources transferred.
Returning to port.
Running passage subroutines.
Set a course.
Shields failing is a good day to die.
Sila, I would not have thought even a Romulan would stoop so low as to make an alliance with the bog. I will make you burn for this.
Spatial rift detected.
Species targeted for simulation.
Star Trek Armada Sounds Sound
Station construction complete.
Station designated for disassembly.
Subspace anomaly detected.
Temporal distortion detected.
That is what we believed as well, until these Ferengi discovered it in deep space. What do you know of it?
The Avenger is no match for a nigbor battleship. We will have to evade them in the eye colas expense. We must get to that wormhole.
The collective is under attack.
This is Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise, assuming command of all Federation forces on behalf of Starfleet Command, all ships prepared to receive new battle orders. It is good to hear ...
Transwarp conduit detected.
Unable to transport.
Unsimulated species engaged.
Vessel construction complete.
Vessel designated for disassembly.
We must return Aldan to our starbase immediately.
What the Lieutenant? Where did those ships go, Sir? We show no record of the enterprise or any of the other ships in the area. Check the logs. Sir historical logs indicate that the enterprise was d...