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Sling Blade Soundboard

Sling Blade Soundboard

Sling Blade was filmed over the course of 24 days on location in Benton, Arkansas, and was produced by David L. Bushell and Brandon Rosser. The film tells the story of a man named Karl Childers who has an intellectual disability and is released from a psychiatric hospital.
See also: Sling blade, Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade, Billy Bob Thornton, Molly Ringwald, Lucas Black, Dwight Yoakam,

A little boy named Jesse
Ain't listening to you no more
Alright then
Alright then 2
And store your momma told me they are in there
Arkansas 2
Back of house
Bible says Men
Bible says two men are not lay together
Bible says two men are not lay together but i'll bet you the good lord wouldn't send nobody like you to hate this
Bill Cox
Bill Cox
Bill Cox 2
But i'll bet you the good lord wouldn't send nobody like you to heat it
Call it sling blade
Can't understand
Care 2
Care 3
Care for you
Coffee kindly make me nervous
Coffee nervous
Come back
Corner of Vine
Cut his head
Cut it
Dead soon
Do it again
Do it again 2
Don't hear
Don't know Jerry
Don't say nothin
Don't say word
Doyle Hargraves
Eat at Noon
Father cruel
French fried potaters
French Fried Potaters #french fries #ordering #food #billy bob thorton #the biggins #sling blade
French Fried Potatoes
From Arkansas
Get it
Good Daddy
Good deal
Good to eat
Have biggins
He likes the way I talk
He would have had fun sometime
Hear commotion
Hello are there besides sending the police
Hit him 2x
Hit him again
Hit Jesse
Hit Mother
How much
How much you want for 'em?
I believe one feller come from Arkansas. Get it?
I can understand our love it but I reckon understand a good deal of it
I don't mean I don't care for you
I don't reckon I got no reason to kill nobody
I hit him two good whacks with it
I killed Doyle Hargreaves with a lawnmower blade
I learned to read some
I like the way you talk
I like them french fried potatoes
I read the Bible quite a bit
I reckon I'll have some of the biggins
I reckon that didn't quite satisfy me
I wanna be baptised
I'm the oldest boy name of Carl
I'm well
I'm your boy
I'm your boy
It ain't got no gas in it
It ain't right related keep from telling you how come later baiter state hospital
Jesse Dixon
Jesse on top
Just a boy
Kaiser blade
Killed brother
Killed Doyle
Killed mother
Killed Mother 2
Know better
Learned read
Let's get out it made him probably another month at dollar store to get him to me for a walking with her
Like Fries
Like oh man well brummitt now
Like talk
Long blade
Look for work
Lord wont send
Love you boy
Made me mad
Make Biscuits
Make Biscuits 2
Meat leftover
Mmm hmm
Mom Dad
Mother hollering
Much hurts good on him lane
Need to know
No floor
No free
No gas
No Gas #billy bob thorton #gas #fuel #gasoline #empty #sling blade
No Hatchet
No ma'am
No need
No reason kill
No reason kill 2
No Sir
No thanks
No, Maam
No, Maam 2
No, Sir
Not done that
Not expected
Not funny ha ha funny queer
Not satisfied
Not say word
Not talk
Not use language
Oldest Boy, Karl
Picked up blade
Police sent
Pretty 2
Read Bible
Reckin you can make me some biscuits?
Reckon what do you like to eat in there
Sat in Shed
Seen Mother
Setting me free
Setting me free 2
Sitting in Shed
Some boxes at lane
Staring at wall
State Hospital
Stories aint there
Studied a bit
Take kaiser blade
Taste good
Thank you
Thank you 2
That live or years to read the bible
They good
They said I want right in the head so they put me in the nervous hospital instead of put me in jail
They turn me loose the nervous hospital that I was way off
Truck front
Turned 2
Turned me loose
Umm huh
Understand it
Use Meat
Use some
Very two better
Want eat
Want me in house
Water cold
Water deep
What did you kill Jesse for?
What you eat
What you got in our good date
Whenever you take the notion to I don't have to put you out done
Which numbers do you put in?
White house
Worked Saw Mill
Yes ma'am
Yes sir
Yes, Maam
Yes, Maam 2
Yes, Sir
You are taking the guide her blade some folks called it a sling blade I called it a kaiser blade
You got any biscuit for sale in there?
You know my mother and and oh boy let jessy dixon
You ought not have done that to you boy
You ought not talk that way
You ought to have not killed my little brother
You understand me
You're headed giant growed up
3 times week
4 yrs to read