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Are flat not there and she had money evening not doing too much nothing discount like turn at the wall and wait no my mother to come out and give me my bible lesson right here to commotion up burn ...
Can I help you sir I kinda want something other neat well what would you like you got a biscuit for sale in there will know this here's a frosty cream
Haji mamada you don't need to hear thing glad get you get the boy you need to think about good thought while you still a boy a plenty time for all the other
I got hard on the work for a metro bill cox affecting lawnmowers and white knight that grass
I hear you in along more play I am to kill you with it
I learned to read some are
I'm the oldest boy name of carl I ain't got no boa they turn me loose the nervous hospital that I was way off hum
So as you can lock up for cutting someone up with a hatchet or something I never you know hack it and I remember
So in books never won what time the bible you believe the bible to you girl yes you're a good day I love it and OK you understand all of it
So what's in your bag
We don't got no god damn band we don't need to fucking practice randy we don't need a shit aff manager neither your mother fuckers yelled is a bunch of
We're different people see us is as being different anyway you're welcome you you've gotten your affliction or whatever and I well mine 's not as easy to see
Would you do something for me like to ask you too no I would whatever you when you leave outta here tonight I don't want you going over and stay over that door