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Sling Blade (1996)

Sling Blade (1996)

Sling Blade is a captivating film released in 1996 that revolves around the life of Karl Childers, portrayed brilliantly by Billy Bob Thornton, who also wrote and directed the movie. Set in rural Arkansas, the story follows Karl, a mentally challenged man recently released from a psychiatric hospital after committing a violent crime as a child. As he struggles to adjust to life outside the institution, he forms an unlikely friendship with a young boy and his mother, played by Lucas Black and Natalie Canerday, respectively. The film delves into themes of redemption, love, and the complexities of human nature.

If you're looking to immerse yourself in the soundscape of Sling Blade, you can play and download the movie's score composed by Daniel Lanois and various tracks from the film's soundtrack. These mesmerizing sounds can be found here, allowing you to relive the emotions and atmosphere of this unforgettable cinematic experience.

A blister sure can hurt. Mm hm.
A boy my age shouldn't be tired of things.
A boy or a girl?
A boy your age ought not to hear such things.
A damn good song, weren't it, Doyle? You like that song? All right.
A dangerous person.
A lot of different kinds of cars.
A Mercury is a real good car.
A quilt or two to put down there. Mm hm.
A shovel just makes too goddamn much racket.
About how I acted the other night.
About why you ain't allowed at the First Baptist Church no more.
Actually, the hand that we've been dealt in life.
Ain't anybody gonna come and get me?
Ain't it about time to eat?
Ain't that sweet. What am I gonna do about supper,
Ain't you got no mom and daddy to tend to it?
All different ones.
All different ones.
All I can do is talk to him, see what he says.
All I want you to promise me...
All right, I'm a witness. I heard you threaten her.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then. I'll see you bright and early.
All right, then. One large French fries.
All right, you can kiss my ass.
All right.
All right.
Although I do sense a little tension in you, time to time.
And by the authority of the Church,
And closing up shop early. Mm hm.
And do what a regular kid does.
And emptied out the screwdrivers and washers and nuts and things out of it.
And face what they call reality.
And finally I realized through a lot of therapy
And Frank.
And get out.
And going at it right in the same room with poor old Miss Olgetree,
And he handed me a towel with something or other in it.
And her dead as a doornail, laid out on a gurney.
And I don't know what they expect you to do.
And I don't mean to be so damned...
And I figured you was in there fooling around. Mm hm.
And I hit Jesse Dixon upside the head with it, knocked him off my mother.
And I hit my mother upside the head with it.
And I hope you will too, so...
And I pulled the Mercury right up alongside
And I rolled down the window, see, by electric power.
And I said, Whatever it takes to see that bush of yours, 'cause I know it's a big one.
And I'll bet you got plenty to tell.
And I'm gonna be the head of the household,
And if you ever hit me again, you little bastard,
And in obedience under his command,
And it's just not Christian of me not to let you have a key.
And just plumb near cut his head off, killed him.
And lo and behold, someone says some shit to someone or another.
And make a bunch of racket out on the patio.
And one of the boys was from California and one from Arkansas.
And one of the things he had was this...
And read books to each other with a flashlight.
And run ice out to us when we look low.
And said, Here, take this and throw it away,
And she had a lot of hair on her arms.
And she had this leather skirt on.
And she says to me, 25 dollars.
And she says to me, How much do you wanna spend?
And she'll give us anything we want her to. Candy or something.
And she's got one of each living with her.
And sit and read a book somewheres. Mm hm.
And some cleaning up supplies to have back there.
And the first rule is, you don't speak unless you're spoken to.
And the other thing I say is, your buddy Karl here's going.
And there before me lay this thin,
And we pull off into this remote location, you know,
And when you're running real fast trying to score a touchdown,
And you really shouldn't stare at him.
And your food's in the oven, warming over.
And, um, I came up with a tune, just a hummin'.
And, um, Morris called it Stuart Drives a Comfortable Car.
And, um, Morris is the lyrics.
Anyhow, I reckon that's all you'd need to know.
Anyhow, they seen fit to put me in here, and here I've been for a great long while.
Anyway, it's hard to live gay that's the right way to say it
Are you sure you can drive? You've really had a lot of alcohol.
Around a midget or a piece of antique furniture.
As a matter of fact,
As much as anybody else is, I guess.
At the junior high school field all the time.
Aw, come on. You'll like her. She's real nice.
Aw, I don't want to. Me and Karl's got things we need to do.
Baking the cookies of discontent
Bathroom's out there in the hall.
Beautiful young bride,
Because I love Linda, Frank, and a certain other person,
Before that I was thinking
Besides, that's the way friends do one another.
Besides, we have a garden full of flowers.
Better go get 'em.
Better go get your things.
Bible says the same thing about killing others, too.
Bill Cox, he generally gets me a box lunch.
Buried him out there in the corner of the yard.
But an old army cot and a toilet.
But Doyle is going to make your life hell.
But for a breath of a fresh kill
But Frankie, I'm sorry.
But he doesn't want you to ask him anything.
But he still don't help Momma out with any money, though.
But he was a Frenchman who claimed to be an Englishman.
But he was one of these young men we run across in life,
But he's not able to do anything to Doyle.
But I ain't your daddy.
But I can't complain other than that. Wouldn't do any good if I did.
But I don't reckon there's no need for it
But I had me a hole dug out to lay down in.
But I reckon he can lay off of doing it tomorrow. Mm hm.
But I reckon he got by all right.
But I reckon what you is a wantin' to know is how come me to kill somebody,
But I wasn't scared, 'cause as long as Daddy was driving,
But I'll bet you the good Lord wouldn't send nobody like you to Hades.
But I'll catch you next week with that 327.
But I'm gonna say it anyway.
But it just feels good when I imagine it.
But it seems like I've always known him.
But old man Dixon, he had a boy.
But since you do exist,
But that washcloth I put in her mouth,
But the children out there, they were very cruel to me.
But there might be a little something there to help out.
But what I see before me
But why don't you stop Doyle when he's being thataway?
But you're sitting in a crew cab dually pickup.
But, well, emotionally.
But, you see, you and I are a lot alike, as strange as that may seem.
By the heat of the Laundromat vent
Bye bye, sweetie.
Cabinets and whatnot.
Call up a fucking preacher, goddamnit! We can't baptize you.
Calling for you and for me
Can I ask you a question? If he's so troubled, why are you letting him out?
Can I help you, sir?
Can I help you, sir?
Can we play every Saturday?
Can you go with us now? With me and Karl?
Can't nobody stop that.
Can't you see I'm trying to relax?
Coach says he's going to start him at end on defense.
Coffee kinda makes me nervous when I drink it. Mm hm.
Coffee makes me a mite nervous when I drink it.
Come here, you little prick. Come here, you fucking prick!
Come on, Karl, go with us.
Come on, Karl.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, man.
Come on, Morris, you fucking genius, get the fuck up and get the fuck outta here,
Come on, sit down.
Come on, sit down.
Come on, sugar.
Come on, Vaughan. This'll be fun.
Come on, you motherfuckers!
Come on. Have a seat in here.
Come on. There's a lot of retards running around ain't locked up in the nut house.
Come to find out I don't reckon my mother minded what Jesse was a doin' to her.
Crooked, uncircumcised penis.
Daddy used to say they was made out of lips, peckers and intest...
Daddy, can I be excused to go to bed?
Daddy's dead. He got hit by a train.
Did live up there in the state hospital.
Did Vaughan go home?
Did you ever think about killing yourself on purpose, like Daddy did?
Did you have any brothers and sisters, growing up, to play with?
Did you want me to go through the whole list?
Didn't I tell you to get moved outta here?
Didn't pay my daddy too much of a wage.
Didn't you go to sleep at all, Karl?
Do they know about you?
Do you need something?
Do you need something?
Do you think you could work it if he'll hire you?
Do you understand how important that is to the world, Frankie?
Does everybody like the food?
Does that surprise you?
Doing away with license plates
Don't be a pussy, Vaughan. We all gotta work tomorrow.
Don't forget the milk
Don't go, Vaughan, if you don't want to. You'll wreck, Doyle. You're drunk.
Don't keep doing this to yourself. You's a sweet boy.
Don't say nothing about our little spat to your momma, now.
Don't talk about my daddy.
Don't worry about your boy now. He's doing good.
Don't you have anybody?
Don't you live somewhere?
Don't you live somewhere?
Don't you say nothing about that boy.
Don't you tell me what to do, Lin...
Don't you think one of us ought to stay up all night and kind of guard or something?
Dots look good on paper.
Down at the planer mill for an old man named Dixon.
Doyle is a monster.
Doyle said, besides sending the police,
Doyle wouldn't really kill you, would he?