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Sling Blade (1996) Soundboard

Sling Blade (1996) Soundboard

Sling Blade is a critically acclaimed film directed and written by Billy Bob Thornton. Released in 1996, it captivated audiences with its unique storyline and unforgettable characters. This haunting drama explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the complexities of human nature.

At the heart of Sling Blade is Karl Childers, brilliantly portrayed by Billy Bob Thornton himself. Karl is a mentally challenged man who was institutionalized at a young age for committing a horrific crime. Released into a small Southern town, he struggles to adapt to society and find his place in the world. Thornton's mesmerizing performance earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, showcasing his incredible talent and commitment to the role.

The film also features an incredible supporting cast, each contributing to the story's emotional intensity. Dwight Yoakam plays Doyle Hargraves, a cruel and abusive man who torments those around him. Yoakam's menacing presence adds a layer of tension to the narrative, as Doyle's actions spur the events of the film forward.

The remarkable John Ritter portrays Vaughan Cunningham, a compassionate and caring friend to Karl. Ritter's character provides a stark contrast to the harsh realities of the small town, offering a glimmer of hope and humanity. Unfortunately, this was one of Ritter's final film roles before his untimely death, showcasing his immense talent and the loss the film industry experienced.

The exceptional supporting cast continues with Lucas Black as Frank Wheatley, a young boy who befriends Karl. His innocent portrayal adds a touch of warmth and innocence to the film, forming a heartwarming bond with Karl that brings moments of joy amidst the darker themes.

Sling Blade's sound design and music score also play a vital role in enhancing the overall experience. The haunting soundscape created by Daniel Lanois perfectly complements the film's somber atmosphere. Lanois, a renowned musician and producer, creates a hypnotic and atmospheric soundtrack that immerses viewers in the world of Sling Blade.

If you are a fan of the film's music, you can easily access and download the sounds of Sling Blade through various platforms. Websites that specialize in movie soundtracks or streaming services often offer the film's original score, allowing fans to enjoy the haunting melodies at their convenience.

In conclusion, Sling Blade is a cinematic masterpiece that explores the complexities of life and human nature. Billy Bob Thornton's remarkable performance as Karl Childers, navigating the difficulties of integration into society after years spent institutionalized, is unforgettable. Supported by an exceptional ensemble cast and an atmospheric soundtrack, Sling Blade delves into themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the power of human connection. Released in 1996, this critically acclaimed film continues to captivate audiences with its haunting storyline and timeless performances. If you wish to relive the experience or explore the film's rich sound design, you can easily play and download the sounds of Sling Blade through various platforms.

A blister sure can hurt mm hm yeah
A boy or a girl it was a little old boy
A damn good song weren't it doyle you like that song all right
A mercury is a real good car that was the car I was driving that day
A quilt or two to put down there mm hm
Actually the hand that we've been dealt in life
Ah well it's not too big in here is it huh huh
Ain't that sweet what am I gonna do about supper while you're out running around with that fag
Ain't you got no mom and daddy to tend to it
All I can do is talk to him see what he says
All I want you to promise me is that you are capable of being around frank and linda you know
All right
All right hey get some extra gravy ok
All right i'm a witness I heard you threaten her
All right ok i'm gonna leave now fuck me!
All right then
All right then (10)
All right then (11)
All right then (2)
All right then (3)
All right then (4)
All right then (5)
All right then (6)
All right then (7)
All right then (8)
All right then (9)
All right then all right then
All right then i'll see y'all later
All right then i'll see y'all tomorrow
All right then i'll see you bright and early
All right then one large french fries
All right then well i'll see you later
All right y'all wanna go with me
All right, then
All right, then.
All right, then.
All right, then. I'll see y'all later.
Also melinda please don't tell anyone at the store that albert was here tonight ok
Also, Melinda, please don't tell anyone at the store
Although I do sense a little tension in you time to time
Amen johnson
And coming into the damn bedroom at four in the morning carrying hammers and shit.
And finally I realized through a lot of therapy that I was wasting my energy on hating him so now I just don't care
And frank you know frank really likes you a lot he says you make him feel calm
And from across the great divide in the distance I saw light
And her dead as a doornail laid out on a gurney
And how's the rest of the team looking this year pretty good pretty good we expect to do well
And how's the rest of the team looking this year?
And I don't mean to be so damned well asshole ish I guess would be the word
And I pulled the mercury right up alongside and I rolled down the window see by electric power
And I told him that there couldn't be any pictures.
And I wanted you to meet karl he's my new friend but it seems like i've always known him I thought you should meet him
And I wanted you to meet Karl. He's my new friend,
And I...
And if you ever hit me again you little bastard I swear to god i'll make you sorry your daddy ever squirted your ass out you hear me
And loves french fries the son of a bitch can eat four larges and won't so much as even belch
And one of the boys was from california and one from arkansas
And one of the things he had was this beautiful young bride sarah
And she had a lot of hair on her arms I like hair I like hair a lot it means a big bush I like a big bush
And she had this leather skirt on
And she says to me how much do you wanna spend and I said whatever it takes to see that bush of yours 'cause I know it's a big one and she says to me 25 dollars
And she'll give us anything we want her to candy or something
And some soap in the bathroom for cleaning up with.
And that we could..
And the first rule is you don't speak unless you're spoken to you got me
And the other thing I say is your buddy karl here's going
And the world'll be shut of you
And then like in country songs you know in parenthesis it says
And then, like in country songs, you know, in parenthesis it says:
And there before me lay this thin crooked uncircumcised penis
And um I came up with a tune just a hummin'
And wherever I go and whatever I do darlin' I love you
And wwhatever! Do
And wwherever! Go
And you know these folks don't want you here?
And your food's in the oven warming over
Anyhow I reckon that's all you'd need to know
Anyhow they seen fit to put me in here and here i've been for a great long while
Anyway it's hard to live gay that's the right way to say it in a small town like this
Are you scared of him scooter no I don't guess so
Are you sure you can drive you've really had a lot of alcohol
As a matter of fact for years I prayed every night that my father would die
Aw come on you'll like her she's real nice
Aw I don't want to me and karl's got things we need to do
Bathroom's out there in the hall
Before that I was thinking I could use me another six or eight cans of that potted meat if you got any extra
Besides karl here's liable to bust a spring he's already off balance
Besides that's the way friends do one another
Besides we have a garden full of flowers
Besides, Karl here's liable to bust a spring. He's already off balance
Better go get your things
Bible says the same thing about killing others too
Bible says two men ought not to lay together
Bible says two men ought not to lay together but i'll bet you the good lord wouldn't send nobody like you to hades
Bill cox he generally gets me a box lunch
Bill Cox is going to a funeral for a Mr
Bill cox is going to a funeral for a mr turner tomorrow and closing up shop early mm hm
Bill i'll see you ok stop back by
Brother john have you seen the homeless daughters standing there with broken wings
But doyle is going to make your life hell
But frankie i'm sorry i'm sorry I hit your momma
But he don't wanna have nothing to do with me.
But he still don't help momma out with any money though
But he was one of these young men we run across in life i'm sure you've run across 'em who didn't deserve what he had you know
But he's not able to do anything to doyle
But I ain't your daddy you just act like I am
But I can't complain other than that wouldn't do any good if I did
But I don't reckon there's no need for it if all you're gonna do is sit there in that chair
But I fixed that washing machine so that boy ain't gotta tote that laundry no more.
But I had me a hole dug out to lay down in
But I reckon he can lay off of doing it tomorrow mm hm
But I reckon what you is a wantin' to know is how come me to kill somebody so I reckon i'll start at the front and tell you
But I tell you what i'll give a couple of cans for free to the right kid
But I tell you what, I'll give a couple of cans for free to the right kid.
But I wasn't scared 'cause as long as daddy was driving I thought nothing could happen to us
But i'll catch you next week with that 327
But just for a while
But old man dixon he had a boy his name was jesse dixon
But she said..
But since you do exist and i'm gonna be the head of the household then you're gonna learn to live by my rules
But that washcloth I put in her mouth I held in place with a real fat piece of duct tape kept all her complaining down to a minimum
But what I see before me is a gentle simple man
But you see you and I are a lot alike as strange as that may seem
But you're gonna start at the defensive end
But, uh..
Bye bye sweetie
Can he talk oh yeah
Can I ask you a question if he's so troubled why are you letting him out what if he does it again it happens all the time
Can I help you sir
Can I help you sir can I help you sir
Can I see him sure
Can we get some candy and pop sure thing go ahead come on
Can we play every saturday if I ain't too stoved up I ain't like you i'm old and give out
Can you go with us now with me and karl
Can't you see i'm trying to relax
Coffee kinda makes me nervous when I drink it mm hm
Coffee makes me a mite nervous when I drink it
Come here you little prick come here you fucking prick!
Come on have a seat in here
Come on karl
Come on karl go with us
Come on karl let's go to the garage
Come on let's go
Come on let's kick off to 'em all right then
Come on man
Come on morris you fucking genius get the fuck up and get the fuck outta here goddammit!
Come on now she wants to talk to you don't just sit there
Come on sugar
Come on there's a lot of retards running around ain't locked up in the nut house think about it linda
Come on vaughan this'll be fun
Come on you motherfuckers! get the fuck out!
Come on, Frankie.
Come on, Karl, let's go to the garage.
Come on, now, she wants to talk to you. Don't just sit there.
Could I have some of that ham oh yeah i'm sorry thanks
Could you give it a try I reckon
Couldn't you have done something karl I would have I wish i'd had him he'd still be right here now living
Couldn't you have done something, Karl?
Daddy can I be excused to go to bed
Daddy don't you think one of us ought to stay up all night and kind of guard or something
Daddy's dead he got hit by a train
Darlin' lord above me
Darlin' you're so damn sweet don't forget the milk
Darlin'. You're so damn swweet
Did karl go to bed
Did Karl go to bed?
Did live up there in the state hospital
Did vaughan go home
Did you check them points no no I didn't
Did you check them points?
Did you ever think about killing yourself on purpose like daddy did i've studied about it some the bible says you ought not to says if you do that you go out to hades
Did you have any brothers and sisters growing up to play with
Did you have fun? Did you make any acquaintances?
Did you like that vaughan
Did you want me to go through the whole list
Didn't I tell you to get moved outta here
Didn't pay my daddy too much of a wage just barely enough to get by on I reckon but I reckon he got by all right
Didn't treat his employees very well didn't pay 'em too much of a wage
Didn't treat his employees very well. Didn't pay 'em too much of a wage.
Didn't you go to sleep at all karl you been sitting there like that all night yes sir
Different ones. One of 'em's the Bible. Mm hm.
Do they know about you
Does everybody like the food yeah it's good oh good I haven't decided yet if i'm a good cook
Don't be a pussy vaughan we all gotta work tomorrow come on
Don't do that linda i'm calling the police!
Don't go vaughan if you don't want to
Don't keep doing this to yourself you's a sweet boy
Don't make me knock the piss outta you
Don't talk about my daddy
Don't tell me what to do
Don't tell me what to do linda
Don't tell me what to do linda leave!
Don't worry about your boy now he's doing good
Don't you have anybody down there to help you out no sir
Don't you have anybody down there to help you out?
Don't you have anybody no sir
Don't you live somewhere
Don't you say nothing about that boy
Don't you tell me what to do lin
Don't you touch her
Dots look good on paper you don't sing 'em anyway you're just showing your true aries color now
Doyle is a monster not just a closed minded redneck but a monster a dangerous person
Doyle said besides sending the police you might want to send a ambulance or a hearse thank you
Doyle wouldn't really kill you would he
Doyle you're awful you shouldn't be that way
Doyle's had a real hard life it's just about run him crazy I think
Doyle's had a real hard life. It's just about run him crazy, I think
Doyle's invited his music playing buddies over to get liquored up pick fights and make a bunch of racket out on the patio
Everybody has something in their past