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Rainbow Six Soundboard

Rainbow Six Soundboard

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on December 1, 2015. The game was also released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S.
See also: Rainbow Six, Rainbow Six (novel), Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (video game),

A bomb has been located, moved to its location and plant the diffuser.
A friend remained standing.
A little momento.
A meanie was outside.
A tooth for a tooth.
Activated device.
Administering aid
Adrenaline surge incoming.
Alarm online.
All done.
All the more reason to locate Doctor Macintosh as soon as possible.
All this walking and I didn't wear my hiking boots.
All's fair game here.
Alright, let's go.
Always have a plan and always have a backup plan for when it goes wrong.
Always room for more.
Always room for more.
Am I going to need to save all your asses again?
Ammo crate here.
Ammunition is full.
An eye for an eye.
And boom.
And boom.
And here they are.
And I was so good at it.
And just like that, the rainbow pals were all napping.
And take my time.
And they wanted him.
Animals here.
Anime swapping ammo.
Any last words?
Any theories about where this thing came from?
Anything missing, no?
AO yeah yeah.
Applying first aid
As they like to say, the game is afoot.
Ash charge
Asset secured
Assisting downed operator.
At least they're not immune to bullets.
At least we are well prepared.
At the meeting this process.
Attackers did not secure the biohazard container in time. Mission failed.
Attackers failed to secure the biohazard container in time, defenders win.
Attackers have located the biohazard container, moved to its location, and secure the container.
Attackers have located the biohazard container, moved to its location.
Awaiting signal.
Bad guys in Norway.
Bad guys in our way.
Ballistic SHIELD deployed get behind me.
Ballistic shield going up.
Barricade up!
Barricade up.
Be quick and lethal. Don't be too foolish.
Beautiful now Get Me Out of here. I've got work to do.
Beefed up the floor here.
Big meanies hurt Mr Bear.
Biggie was today.
Bingo ammo
Biohazard container located by attackers moved to its location.
Biohazard container location unknown. Attackers need to locate the biohazard container and secure it.
Biohazard container location unknown. Find the biohazard container.
Biohazard container location unknown. You are clear to engage.
Biohazard container needs to be located by operators after insertion.
Blonde blue don't shoot.
Blue on blue ceasefire.
Blue on blue don't shoot.
Blue on Blue see flair.
Bomb defuser activated bomb will be diffused in 60 seconds.
Brave, smart or lucky.
Breach charge deployed
Breach charge set.
Breaching charges up?
Breaking your ally was too easy. I still enjoyed it though.
Breaking your ally wasn't very challenging, but I found ways to have fun.
Bridge charge ready.
Bro, reinforce.
Buck one monster 0.
Bulletproof camera in place.
Bulletproof camera in position.
Bulletproof camera in position.
Bulletproof camera ready.
Bullets are better than words.
Busy hands empty heart.
Busy I've got you.
But I bet he's already fixed himself up with duct tape and plastic wrap.
But I have to admit.
But one of 'em.
But one of the friends were still left.
But our heroes dropped Mr Bear Oh no.
But they needed to start somewhere.
But where to start looking?
C for detonated.
C4 Deployed
C4 primed
C4 Set
Cafe De's coming for you.
Calibrating air compression.
Call me run.
Call out any Contacts you see.
Call out any Contacts.
Camera in position.
Can a kidney?
Can't believe I had with you.
Can't hide from me. Sells Bosch this.
Card one.
Cease fire.
Cease fire.
Ceasefire ceasefire
Ceasefire since fire.
Changing mags.
Changing mags.
Charge in position.
Charge replaced.
Charge replaced.
Charge under attack.
Check for the movement.
Check this one.
Chica hey
Classic flash bang
Claymore mine is ready.
Clear the blast area.
Clear the way deploying.
Clear the way diploid.
Clear the way diploid.
Clear the way.
Clearly you're the smart ass.
Close your eyes.
Cluster Charge
Cluster charge going live.
Coco cooks Mara.
Come friend were moving out.
Come get me.
Come on and just one day from retirement.
Come on, let me help you.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, we need to move.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come out, I'm just one day from retirement.
Confirm your targets.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Cover me if you loading.
Cover me reloading.
Cover me reloading.
Cover me.
Cover me.
Cover me.
Cut the chatter.
Damn it.
Dark diploid.
Dating friendly
Defend Jager
Deliver the hostage to the extraction point.
Deploy rappel
Deploying ballistic shield.
Deploying bulletproof camera.
Deploying Claymore
Deploying claymore.
Deploying code.
Deploying mobile cover.
Deploying Nitro cell.
Deploying rifle shield.
Deploying smoke grenade.
Deploying welcome mat.
Designated cluster charge.
Device deployed.
Device deployed.
Device out.
Device out.
Did anyone remember to bring the ammo?
Did you think it would be easy?
Diffusal cycle initiated 60 seconds until bomb is defused.
Diffuser acquired moved to bomb location and diffuse the device.
Diffuser located protect the bombs. Disabled the diffuser.
Do as I do.
Do exactly as I say.
Do it now.
Do me a favor.
Do not move from this spot.
Do not move from this spot.
Do not move.
Do not move.
Do you have a strategy in mind?
Do you smell smoke?
Do you think I have time to use the bathroom?
Doc's Stim
Doctor Eddie Tam
Doctor McIntosh is down.
Doctor McIntosh is the best hope we have for developing a vaccine.
Doctor McIntosh we're here to get you out.
Doctor to Doctor tell me how are you feeling?
Doctor, I'm so glad we found you.
Doctors orders.
Don't be an idiot.
Don't be stupid.