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Activated device
Administering gauge
Adrenaline surge incoming
Afit recovered
Ah but the friends had failed
Alarm online
All 's fair game here
All done
All right
Always room for more
Always room for more
Am i going to need to save all your asses again
Amini was outside
Ammo crate here
Ammunitions full
An eye for an eye
Anchor in adventure
And boom
And boom
And they wanted him
Animals here
Anime reload and go
Any all
Any last words
Any theories about where this thing came from
Anything missing and not
Applying first aid
As they like to say the game is afoot
Attackers failed to secure the biohazard container in t
Attackers have located the biohazard container moved to
Attackers have located the biohazard container moved to
Awaiting signal
Bad guys in a way
Bad guys in a way
Ballistic shield deployed get behind me
Ballistic shield going up
Barricade up
Biggie boots today
Biohazard container located by attackers move to its lo
Biohazard container location unknown attackers need to
Biohazard container location unknown find the biohazard
Biohazard container location unknown you are clear to e
Biohazard container needs to be located by operators af
Blonde blue don't shoot
Blue on blue cease fire
Boo boo
Both incoming
Both the magazine
Breach charge set
Breaching charges up
Breaking your ally was too easy i still enjoyed it thou
Breaking your ally wasn't very challenging but i found
Bridge charge deployed
Bulletproof camera ready
Bullets are better than words
Busy hands empty heart
But i didn't come in
But i have to admit
But one of the friends were still left
But our heroes dropped mister beer oh no
But they needed to start somewhere
But where to start looking
Call out any contacts and see
Camera in position
Can egg in there
Can't believe I N video
Cats hide from me sells bosch this
Cause that's found
Cease fire
Cease fire
Cease fire cease fire
Charge under attack
Check for movement
Check this one
Chica hey
Classic flash burn
Classic frag grenade
Claymore mine is ready
Clear the blast area
Clear the way
Clear the way deploying
Cluster charge going live
Coco cooks mara
Come friend were moving out
Come get me
Come on
Come on
Come on
Come on i'm just one day from retirement
Come on i'm just one day from retirement
Come on let me help you up
Cool styles
Cool thank alienate
Couldn't have said it better myself
Cover me
Cover me
Cover me
Cover me reloading
Crazy i've got you
Dating friendly
Defend jager
Definitely cluster charge
Defusal cycle initiated sixty seconds until bomb is def
Deliver the hostage to the extraction point
Deploring bulletproof camera
Deploying ballistic shield
Deploying claymore
Deploying claymore
Deploying smoke grenade
Deploying welcome mat
Device deployed
Device deployed
Device IP
Device out
Device out
Did you think it would be easy
Do exactly as i say
Do it now
Do me a favor
Do not move
Do not move
Do not move from this spot
Do not move from this spot
Do you have a strategy in mind
Do you smell smoke
Do you think i have time to use the bathroom
Doctor to doctor tell me how are you feeling
Doctors orders
Doctrina eddie tam
Dog is cheap
Don't be an idiot
Don't be stupid
Don't die
Don't diploid
Don't disappoint me
Don't follow me
Don't leave mister bear
Don't lose your cool no matter what happens
Don't make me laugh
Don't make me punch you
Don't move
Don't move
Don't move
Don't move
Don't move
Don't move from here understand
Done no
Door barricade deploy
Door barricaded
Door secure
Doorway barricaded
Double me reloading
Double tap when you can
Double trouble
Draw your last breath so me that i feel
Drive smart or lucky
Eat it
Efficiency is clever laziness
Efficiency is just clever laziness
Efficiency is just clever laziness
Electricity is off line
Enemies down
Enemies located
Enemy contact
Enemy located
Enemy located
Enemy reloading
Enemy spotted
Enemy swapping ammo
Enough prancing around
Enough talk
Enough talk get to work
Enough waiting around
Everyone sees what you appear to be but few experience
Everything will be fine
Explosive set on the final target
Family life doesn't suit you
Fancy getting shocked
Finally a moment to breathe
Find the guy
Finding a nest
Finding advantage
Fire in the hole
First date applied
Flag out
Floor three had a meanie
Fly me i can't wait all day
Focused on the task at hand
Follow maine
Follow me
Follow me
Follow me
Follow me
Follow me and you're in good company
Follow me now
For illuminated mission successful
For the meeting miss blow sieves
Forgive me not
Forty five seconds left before nap time
Forward securing the biohazard container intervene imme
Four is diffusing a bomb and you need to disable their
Frag grenade out
Frag grenade out
Frag grenade out
Frag grenade out
Friendly cease fire
Friendly don't shoot
Friendly down
Friendly down
Friendly down administering aid
Friendly down cover maine
Friendly down cover me
Friendly fire
Friendly fire
Friendly injured
Game over
Generator online
Generators on cranes next
Get back to the fun
Get going smell
Get in line
Get in line or get out of my way
Get lost
Get ready
Get up and give him he'll
Glass loaded
Go get them
Go go go
God damn that smart
God one
Going frag grenade
Going to draw this much