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A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z now I mother fucking on my song bitches don't you ever fucking mess with me again
Add me as a friend
Ah, he went left
Ah, just leave me alone you weirdo
And don't forget. I like mayo and mustard
And make that a turkey sandwich
And no sorry guys i'm very shy and I don't feel like talking yet
And so what if I am an E-girl. Do you like that kind of thing?
And why do you think I'm fake?
Anyone have an extra skin?
Anyone want to trade me a skin?
Anyways, I'm going back to A F K and I'm out too. See ya
Are you camping in there! Oh my God, I fucking hate campers
Are you fucking kidding me right now?
Are you fucking retarded?
Be careful, there's jets and oppressors flying around
Bitch please, you can't fucking do shit
Bitch please! You can't fucking do shit
Bitch, shut the fuck up
Bitch, you are trash
Bomb diffused
But I don't want to add you to my list
But why? Guys don't like my singing? I thought I was singing all nice and pretty. Aren't you just mean?
By the way I am not a soundboard OK. Don't listen to Jack, he's just keeping me for himself because he likes jerking off to my voice
Bye bye
Can I add you as a friend?
Can somebody help me?
Can you hurry up!
Can you shut the fuck up? Thanks
Careful. Enemies behind you
Close your mike please
Corona time bitches
Could I get a buy?
Damn baby
Damn, somebody's salty
Damn! Somebody salty
Damn! You don't have to be so toxic right. Just chill the fuck out
Damn! You must have been born on the side of the road because that's where all the litter happens to go. Ugh
Did I just make you blush?
Did you read my message?
Did you see my new emote? Isn't it cool?
Did you see my skin?
Do you need help with anything?
Dude I'm not giving you my number
Dude! Shut the fuck up
Duh! It's me, Vanish
Duh. It's me, Vanish
Dumb bitch
Everyone is off radar and using BST
Favorite game is Call of Duty Ghosts. Oh yeah
Fine and stop it
Follow me
Fuck off
Fuck off Kevin
Fuck the police
Fuck you cunt
Fuck you Kevin
Get bodied bitch
Giggle Yea Baby
Glad to hear
Go fuck yourself
Good half
Grand Theft Auto 5
Great low guys. I'll try to join again next time
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha.
Ha ha ha ha. Hah.
Ha ha ha ha. What? Oh my God
Ha ha ha ha. What? Oh my God.
Hah, why are you laughing?
Haha, you sound cute
He's beside the tank
He's on top of the hill
Headshot bitch! You just got owned
Hello? Anyone have a mic?
Hey 2
Hey 3
Hey boys. What's going on?
Hey can I get your number?
Hey do you like my gamer tag?
Hey dude. How are you?
Hey dude. What's up?
Hey girl. What's up?
Hey guys, it's me, the voice of Xbox Gamer Girl Soundboard. I have decided to upload some new audios. I hope you guys enjoy it. I got a new microphone, so yeah. I still take requests, so email me or m
Hey guys, this is Kiara Rose from the soundboard. Um, I've been having some issues with people taking my soundboard and posting it on other web sites. I do not appreciate that. I post it on this web s
Hey guys. How are you?
Hey guys. I'm back
Hey have you seen the new anime on Netflix, Beastars?
Hey hey! Why are you picking his little kid?
Hey hey! You're my bitch now
Hey hold on, I'll be right back
Hey hold on. I'll be right back
Hey I need some backup on A right now
Hey I'm Tina
Hey Jamal
Hey my name is Kira
Hey thanks
Hey they're at A
Hey what's your Snap?
Hey whatever the fuck your name is, shut the fuck up
Hey you guys wanna be on YouTube?
Hey, he's on the stairs
Hey, you have a mike?
Hey, you wanna play some Fortnite?
Hey! Bitch!
Hey. Jay won't be getting online for a while. Guess I just wanted to say goodbye
Hey. What's up?
Hi 1
Hi there
Hi there. It's really nice to meet someone new
Hi, Jim Wolfe when server launch?
Hitch up bitch! You just got owned!
Hold on, I need to change my mouse batteries
Hold on, my controller is dying
Hold the L you passive pussy
Holy shit
How about you?
How are you?
How old are you guys?
How old are you?
How old do you think I am?
Huh? What?
Hurry I got your back. Plant the bomb
Hurry the fuck up
Hurry up
Hush little baby don't say a word, mama 's gonna buy you mockingbird. And if that mockingbird don't sing, Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring. And if that diamond ring turns brass, Mama's gonna buy yo
I am 16
I am 18
I am 20 years old
I am super hungry
I bet you are
I cannot understand you. What language is that?
I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup, and crap out of smarter comeback then what he just said
I did, I said bye
I don't know what time it is
I don't wanna talk about that so
I don't want the bomb
I dont share my Insta or Snap. Sorry
I game on PS4 too
I game on Xbox too
I got the bomb
I hate try hards
I have really big natural breasts, and I love sucking on them
I haven't played in a really long time, so, um but yeah
I live in the U S
I love you
I need help on B
I said where are you from?
I sent you a message
I think he's hiding
I use a Turtle Beach
I waited 'til I saw the sun, I don't know why I didn't come, I left you by the house of fun, Don't know why I didn't come, Don't know why I didn't come, When I saw the break of day, I wished that I co
I will talk when I am more comfortable
I wish the police would leave me the fuck alone
I would, but there's nothing to eat, so
I'd like to kick you in the teeth, but then again, why should I improve your looks?
I'd rather you not talk to me that way. I don't really like that kind of stuff, like I would appreciate it if you just would not do that. That'd be good. Thanks
I'm 14
I'm 15
I'm 16
I'm 18
I'm 19
I'm a girl you deaf cunt. Go get your ears checked
I'm from New Zealand
I'm from Wyoming, USA
I'm going A
I'm going B
I'm going to plant the bomb
I'm gonna change session
I'm gonna touch my pussy for you tonight
I'm good, how are you?
I'm good. How are you?
I'm horny
I'm just going to mute you
I'm not going to say your name just to prove that i'm not a soundboard. That's stupid
I'm not going to tell you where I live
I'm not really into Instagram. I kinda just like just I just play Xbox. I don't do much socializing on all those apps and stuff, so
I'm not really, I mean I'm into Call of Duty games, like I have Black Ops 4, I just got that one recently. Um Fornite isn't really my thing, sorry
I'm not telling you where I live, stalker
I'm OK
I'm OK, I'm just a little bored though
I'm pretty good
I'm really tired. I'm gonna go. Goodnight
I'm recording right now
I'm sorry, what was that? I can't hear you. Maybe she could drink your mother's breast milk, and then come back
I'm such a noob
I'm yeah I pretty much just been watching YouTube, and occasionally gaming