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And you know what it was fun
Bobby Surprised Sound
But just woke up
But you just don't listen
Do you don't have any goals
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Do you understand what love means?
Eddie Stilson
Excuse me
Hill residence
How was your weekend
I apologize for yelling at you
I just got my period
I just hate these big emotional scenes
I sell propane and propane accessories
I went in there and fixed her like fixing a carburetor
I'm going to kick your ass
I'm hank hill
I'm looking for a tap and die and some WD forty
I'm trying to buy a tap and die and some WD forty
I've got the strangest feeling someone 's gonna kick his ass
Is that you
It's kind of interesting the word customer begins with C U
It's like you gotta problem with concentration
Let me explain
Let's say I want a hammer do you know what a hammer is
Loser your a loser are you feeling sorry for yourself
Maybe i'm not getting through to you
Mister I have not begun to project my anger onto you
My god are you still talking
No I was
No no no stop please
Now where in the hell would I go
Now you listen to me man
Oh my God it's so juicy!
Shut the hell up
So are you chinese or japanese
So what
Son you're teasing the gorilla in the monkey house
Stop making such a big deal out of
Stricklin pro
That's what I want a damned hammer
That's what the white man calls him
The hardware department
The names hank hill
There you go
Uh well I guess
Wait a minute
Well i'd like to tell you what stricklan can do to meet your enerji knees
Well we don't see you as just another sale but as a member of our team
Well what do you think
Well y'all come back now ya hear
Well you should because you are dirt you make me sick you big baby
Well you've got one heck of a nerve
What are you implying
What are you talking about
What are you turning into some kind of feminist
What is that chinging noise?
What the hell kind of country is this where I can only hataman if he's white
What's the point in arguing
What's wrong with you how does that sound for a change
Where's the hardware department
Who the hell is that
Why are you always asking me that
Why is she still talking?
Yeah now you're getting it
Yes yes all right
You do some shopping
You gotta figure out what you want to do with your life
You see it strickland the customer comes first
You take that back