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Basically that
But if we're going to do that on the total unanimity
Do you miss me
Everybody in town till too easy on the eyes he decided to give a supermodel and when you got to the big apple they treat you like the worm C packed on a few pounds
Fortunately can't give over there town after while the only bright lights use older ones at each in the face when you open the fridge
Fuck my ozone
Full little girls
Has he confessed
Hold on their cheese tits
I cannot hear the twister limits
I need to save your life
I notice you continue to let that you eating disorder
I see this here
I would know
In russia
Just because iraq doesn't mean a major stone
Just coming through like static on my radio
Listen bonus
No excuse me
No problem
Only jesus heaven to giant Q tip
Please do that fucker
Prank Call Sounds: Hank Evans Soundboard Sound
So what you're telling me to do swapfell
Suck it kenny vance
Tango man myself
Tell me what happened
Truly sorry
Unless you put you in the ground you only bring the buffalo coming
What was the cutest thing
Whatever you say slim
Whoa whoa whoa
Will you offended anyway by our social and I actually do
With better honey
You never take awhile it on the dash did you