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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
But I live over the fifty ninth street bridge
Do you want to be a miserable ugly person your whole life well you started out that way you really are right now you're on the road to lose a big time
Don't speak
Ha ha ha.
How much is world of warcraft
I can't tell you how many times i've waited for a cost service and I picked up the telephone and they say they are on the FDR drive but there's traffic over the fifty ninth street bridge but the id...
I don't believe that sweetheart
I don't believe you out that I don't believe you
I don't care
I don't know why she's gotta be in hub on it I don't know what her problem is
I hate dealing with dumb women
I have some questions for you
I know she's an idiot I know she's an idiot
I thought we understood each other you disappointing me sir
I want you to know that i'm going to make you appear to be ridiculous to everybody that you know unless I get accurate answers from you do we understand each other
I'm finished with you listen i'm finished with you
I'm going to tell you something
I'm not finished what i'm saying why don't you try to absorb what i'm saying to you
If I don't care
If you say another word i'm putting you out did you understand you've ceased have been cute you're not cute anymore do you get it
If you tell the truth you don't have to have a good memory did you ever hear that expression
Irritating me
Is your grandmother still alive
Jump tell me what's relevant and what's not
Just a second absolutely correct
Just a second it didn't happen
Just a second you're an idiot
Let me explain something somebody is going to have the last word here and I guarantee you guaranteed it's going to be nice
Liar liar pants on fire
Listen to make listen to me you're making it up as you're going along
Listen to me carefully listen to me carefully I want you to listen listen to me care
Listen to me you think you smarter than I am
Listen you idiot
Madam I want you to pay attention try to put on your listening years
No I don't believe you
No I got the right phone I got the right phone I got your number
No no no
No no no no that's a lot of baloney what you just said to me
Now i'm asking you to speak
Oh you're an idiot i'm sorry that your parents have to be humiliated
OK can you hear me now
Perfect no problem hearing me
Quiet don't talk back to me
Shut up
So far you have been treated perfectly professionally and perfectly
Thank you very much it's been lovely chatting with you
That is not going to happen
That's not something to laugh about that's something a two year old would laugh
That's what she said
The answer is no genius from your office told him that
There is something clearly wrong with you
They don't keep me in this job because i'm young and lithe and beautiful they keep me in this job because i'm smart
This is judge judy shine lynn how are you
Was it you genius
What are you talking about
What do you have a problem with
What happened in july
Which one of the geniuses in your office told him that his eight hundred dollars didn't buy representation on may fifth
Who are you
Who is
Why didn't you call the police before are you an idiot
Why do you think that that's funny you fool
Why don't you shut up and listen
World of warcraft
Yes you
You are a moron
You are an example of why people should have to take tests before they're allowed to have chilled
You are being totally unreasonable
You are one of the most marginal people that i've come across in a long time and you haven't even said two words
You are out rageous
You better stay out of it it's none of your business
You can't do that
You have a case that had been investigated by child protective services
You have an active case with child protective services
You just made something up don't make anything up
You know that I am having difficulty believing everything that you're telling me some things I believe some things I don't I know when somebody is telling the truth and when they're lying
You lie to me I wipe up the floor with you worse than anybody else who's ever tackled you do you understand me
You may be able to get away with your attitude with your friends you do not get away with that attitude with me
You might
You think this is going to be easy this is not going to be easy don't think about your answer just tell the truth do we understand each other
You're a liar I don't believe you
You're a manipulative maniacal young lady
You're a moron
You're a troublemaker
You're an idiot