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A bunch of nothing.
A lot of fast people in your family
A Pizza Hut employee.
All the court knows the general, lying, conniving, worthless backstabbing cunt.
Alright well that went well
Alright you're rolling your eyes at me
Alright, very good you're in the right place for waiting for the plaintiff attorney to show up
Alright, well that'll save us some time.
And um
And you can't get a Michigan license and less you have lawful residency status.
And you smell like alcohol.
Anyway, everybody’s here now and I can quit staring into space and address our case
Around the throat
Backstabbing cunt.
Butt fucker 3000.
Can you hear me?
Contemplating the nature of the universe
Could you take your hat off, please?
Could you unmute your microphone?
Credit zero
Deborah, you got other things to deal with. I let you go.
Do what I ask you to do
Do you have a license?
From where?
Get out.
Go bitch and cry to my probation officer again.
Good morning, can you hear me?
Good morning, do you have the ability to do video
Good morning, Sir, what's your name?
He's apparently dissatisfied
He's having a rough go of it
Hi good morning everyone.
How about if you stop yanking my chain?
How do I look?
How long have you been here in Michigan?
I can, it's not up to you you stupid bitch.
I can't.
I didn't ask you to do it, I ordered you to do it, and you didn't do it
I didn't expect that would take very long.
I don't know anything about anything.
I don't know if you've been drinking every day since October, if you're using meth, if you're taking opiods
I have medical issues.
I thought we would be done with our sentences early today, but I was mistaken.
I want someone to take care of my kids, whether it's my father, my sister.
I will get him back. Watch on your mom's life.
I'm going to close the breakout room.
I'm going to send you some information regarding your lawyer and the court date.
I'm not a liability I.
I'm not mad at you, I'm I'm always disappointed.
I'm not packing my stuff for you, you stupid mother fucker
I'm sorry, I dialed the wrong number, but nice talking to you.
If you could get the jail staff to unmute the microphone
In for a penny, in for a pound.
In front of a police officer.
It's alleged that you assaulted
It's alleged that you assaulted a Pizza Hut employee in front of a police officer.
Keep fucking with me until I promise you will not turn out. Good for you in the future.
Let's pretend this is a court proceeding and you're a part of it.
Let's pretend we're in court.
Logging into my court with that as your screen name.
Methamphetamine is so powerfully addictive.
Might as well stop recording a bunch of nothing.
No need to apologize.
Not one friggen time
Now I'm going to put you on whats known as our virtual breakout room
Oh you can't drive here without a license.
Other than the plea agreement, did anyone promise you anything to get you to plea to this?
Put you in the waiting room. You can sit in limbo for awhile and.
Right now there's nothing I can do about it.
Smoking meth
So we don't have an alignment of the stars in the moon to precede yet.
So we don't smoke
Stop eating and drinking coffee while we're in a courtroom.
Stop eating.
Stop eating.
Thank you, that was very nice.
There's a difference between you and me. I'm not afraid of death.
Think about the nature of the universe
Think about what you call yourself online.
This was a lot of dead air here waiting to get this done.
We are trying to conduct this as a court hearing
We let people out and say hey don't use anymore.
We're serious as a heart attack
Well he's all blow and no show
Well you should be.
Well you're doing it to you and to me and everyone that's watching this feed
Well, how about if I just give you 90 days in jail and shoot from the hip 'cause I don't know anything about anything.
Well, I won't be here 11:00 PM.
Well, that's something.
Well, that's what it says.
Were you driving a car in White Pigeon on April 6th?
What kind of idiot logs into court like that?
What the heck
What's your name again?
When I run for President, I'll try to fix that.
Where are you from?
Where were you going?
While I twiddle my thumbs.
Whose car are you driving?
Yeah you.
You keep missing the court dates.
You look like a scarecrow.
You need to get on the clue bus, buy a ticket
You stupid cunt.
You stupid mother fucker
You yo ho.
You're babysitting your kids and smoking meth
You're digging your hole. You've hit bottom and you're continuing to dig
You're floating around like a feather in the wind.
You're playing the fool there
You're wiggling all over the place. You got a window behind you. There's hundreds of people watching this proceeding.
Your name's not butt fucker 3000 you yo ho.
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[Humming 5]
[Singing 1]
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