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Home > Prank Call Sounds: Judge Judy...
NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And how much do you earn a year?
And then I will kill myself
And you were incarcerated for a period of time is that right?
Anything else?
Are you a licensed daycare provider?
Behave yourself
Considering the fact that you weren't a great father
Did you see a doctor?
Did you seek medical treatment?
Do you go to school?
Do you have a television set?
Do you listen at all?
Forget it
Get a life you know get a get a real job
Get your head together
Good afternoon
Good for you
Have I been respectful to you
Here were hustler
How many speeding violations have you had
How old are you
I believe
I don't believe you sit down
I don't like favors
I don't think i'm finished torturing you yet
I don't want to live in your house
I eat morons like you up for breakfast
I listening to one person at a time
I want you to answer my question my question is
I want you to speak slowly speak clearly so that I can understand you
I was being kind to you sir
I will kill you
I wouldn't lose too many nights sleep over that
I'm a really smart lady
I'm speaking
I'm ten steps ahead of you i'm a lot older than you are you may be as smart as I am when you get to be my age but you're not there now so when I ask you a question you'll give me an answer
If you start telling a lie it tends to mushroom do you know what I mean gets bigger and bigger involves all kinds of people so very good lesson
Is that correct
Is there anything you want to do better
Just answer this question
Just do me a favor step yourself outside irritating me
Just remember where you are and what it is that you hope to accomplish today
Let's hear it
Listen to me
Miss Malone
Mister Butler
Mister Graham
Much smarter than you are on you
No no no no no no no no
No that's not what I said at all
Not interested sir
Not not nananana now let me explain some juicer
Not only you not a very nice person you were also a slob
Of course
Oh I don't believe a word of that
Seems to me that that would be the first thing that you would say
So you get zippo nada
Somebody always is going to get the bad worse part of the deal somebody 's always going to end up the loser
Started away your head is
Tell me your last name
Tell me your name
Tell me your name
That is an untenable situation for somebody to have to live with
That's baloney it doesn't make sense
There is no excuse for that
This is my house as long as you live in my house I own the air you breathe you follow my rules you act respectfully
Two thousand and fifteen hundred does not add up to thirty one hundred even I know that
Was I looking at you
We take any prescribed medication sir
We work regularly
What did I just say
What happened in april
What is adult novelty
What kind of responsible behavior is that
What kind of television said to you
What kind of work do you do
What's wrong with your driving record
When did you go to jail
When you're here I ask questions he went into them and less i'm looking at you for an answer do not speak do we understand each other
Why don't you pay attention
You can't dance fast enough for me do you understand
You may live is hopefully as long as i'm but you're not as smart as I am yet
You still didn't give me an answer to my question
You take any other kind of medication
You want to say something
You're flipping