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Home > Prank Call Sounds: Hulk Hogan...
NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And i'll give you ten thousand dollars
And what
Are you crazy
Bang splat real fast
Brother who makes the spectrum rock and roll better than anybody
But it won't be today brother it won't be today
By end the real hulk
Do you want to dance with the nature boy you want to make some serious money brother
Don't do it
Fourteen thousand dollars
Hey brother
Hey i'm from new york
Hey man i've been training for a year and now I think i'm bigger than you are
Hey man let's go out tonight
His name is vince mcmann
How soon can you start
How the hell are you
How you doing my friend
Howard stern
Hulk hogan
Hulk hogan
Hulk hogan
I apologize
I guess I blew that one
I hate to intrude
I pity the fool I pity your mama I put your mom 's full
I tell you what i'll give you fourteen thousand dollars
I want to spend the rest of my life with you
I want you to come up north next week
I was a real horses ass
I'd be real pissed off
I'll break you in half like a little toothpick
I'm going to be there tomorrow and i'm going to workout with you I want to show you a few things
I'm going to go out and buy a house i'm going to get you an engagement ring and hopefully you'll think about moving to minnesota
I'm madly in love with you
I'm sure that'll really work
I'm whole cove
If we're in a real street fight and you never got close enough to hit me it would be all over
Keep going don't stop
Let's do it
Let's meet at the red onion at seven o'clock
Listen i'm serious I want to take you out
Look man I made a mistake
Me hulk hogan
My head was huge alright
Next time we'll get the rest you stupid fools
No I think i'm bigger than you
No such luck
No way
Now get mad and start talking
Oh my god
Oh my god
Oh my god you're dead you're fired you're never going to work here
Oh no
Oh yes I do
OK whatever you think brother you're the boss
On brother
Please shut up
So you think you're a tough guy
So you want to be a wrestler
Steve how the hell are you
Sure no problem
Sylvester stallone
Sylvester stallone wants you to appear in his next rocky movie
Thank you
That's for damn sure
That's not what I want
The rock
The rock
Then what
This could be a problem
Those are my shirts i've got a right to sell them
Try to stop me from hitting you
Vince doesn't have anymore plans for you
Vince mcmann
We had talked on the phone during the holidays
We sold all those shirts where is my percentage
We're going to piss off a lot of people who want to see us russell
Well I could set you up with hiro matsuda this japanese guy
What are you chicken
What do you think
What gives you the right to be part of this
What the hell is wrong with you
What's running wild in the philadelphia spectrum
Who's got the largest arms in the world brother
Would you move to minnesota so we can get married there at the first chance we get
Wow that's unbelievable
Wow you're pretty quick for a big guy
Yeah hell yeah let's go
You can't do this you work for maine
You don't get a percentage
You'll never work for this company again
You're embarrassing me running around like an idiot in your trunks
You're right