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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All right
All set to go
All that work for the last girl on the pinwheel of the extravaganza what's her right there
Almost having a lot of problems at home
Alright is bullshit
And it's a sale
Anybody chose me against the force i'm going to piss all over myself
Anybody home
Are you cheap son of a bitch
Are you crazy those guys are retards
Are you home
As you dumb to play with themselves
But as bullshit
But she's a fantastic gal I mean fantastic
Call detroit tell them bullshit
Call max gorgeous snatch N F L A
Can't is no good
Daddy he called me daddy transit station
Dave the killer have
Does that make him
Don't care was a fag no more I mean who cares it's natural it's all around us
Every game
Everything a fucking song
Fix the motor for
Flashing is like that
Fuck machine took my quarter
Give me a break right now is not thinking right here
Got sticking shit face on the bus louise left me and that sonofabitch over there keeps play me when he knows him shit face
He was dancing in front of a mirror with this kind of zebra skin jockstrap
Hello my
Hey I wanna soda
His wife is a guide
Holy shit
How many quarts is going to piss all over himself
I can sleeping with women
I didn't do it
I don't believe this I don't freaking believe this
I have a theory that children imitate what they see on a TV screen
I know a pistol shit out him
I know to drive in brazil
I look like some cock sucking faggot
I speaking happen when the guy take the stick you know when you go like that you know you don't do that oh no never never
I think the show speed racer here
I thought my hands guys I can't control him anymore they gotta be punished
I told him his wife was a dyke
I underlined the fox news for you
I wanted to tell you I forgot the whole thing years have passed now and sexually liberated
I'm drunk
I'm not bullshit you
I'm telling you you better be prepared because when I yank it out everybody in that audience with the exception of my wife is going to be running for the exits
Is the answer jesus
It is and you can see that
It sure old time hockey like eighty sure yeah yeah
It's only so
Jenny book here then they give you a dime column massage
Jesus failures in three ****s and two murders in his park in one year
Johnny always says he can just prove so much and drink so much
Nail nail to make a fucking head
Nice oh shit
Nice talk
Nipples hard with little rocks
No your son it's like a fag to maine
Now look like some cock sucking faggot have you seen range of ratio I don't care man enough is enough nowhere in my contact does it say I gotta make a fool out of myself and my right has he left fo...
Number how I screamed at you when you started coming on to me and I just had jesus stop it show i'm ashamed of you
Office on any sort
Oh no oh no
Oh shit is here
Oh that brings his head come over here
Oh yeah real cemented
OK coach
Old time hockey
Old time hockey
Old time hockey none of this wrestling shit
Pottery class of jokes all now somebody could open this faggot back broken wiggle my dick adam
Prank Call Sounds: Slap Shot Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Slap Shot Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Slap Shot Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Slap Shot Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Slap Shot Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Slap Shot Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Slap Shot Soundboard Sound
Pretty sure
Property smith threw a fucking tire changer right in the mouth
Push that pelvis from boy up there way way up there
Put it on the foil
Put my fucking car but got it back
Remember I went up to your room afterwards and you were dressed in chicks close
Right that reminds me ice coaching in omaha in nineteen forty eight and eddie shore sends me this guy does a terrable masturbate you know couldn't control himself when he would get deliberate penal...
She look like
Take my father
Teacher you know card
The hansens
The hansons
The street new algebraic
There goes jeff hanson into the corner I think it's jeff how much at seventeen on a second later he'll we prefer country check out in the horn so i'm telling you things are really going on out ther...
They brought their fucking toys with him
This is an art this is sex
This is sam chicken shit
This plastic
Took my corner
Trade me right fucking now
We'll have any cheap bastard
Well I sing happen when the fuck come down bang you know before the other guys nobody there you know my harm go comes out then the game stop then start up
Well well jim the way I see is kid probably would've done it anyways you know a bad upbringing in the home or whatever
What you need is seriously when you talk
Where should I go
While we're waiting for our next caller we'd like to remind you folks calling in the keep your questions within the boundaries of good taste
Who are these
Who owns home
Why do you wear that rug
Will you do me a favor and put him behind bars
Wrestling shit
Yeah run road
Yeah you are sorry
Yeah you gotta fuck with them
Yeah you had on this flat bra with castles
Yes I am joe and you know why because I want you to have a heart attack and die so that we never have to do this shit again
You are totally fucked
You better get married again 'cause he's gonna wind up with some buddies cock in his mouth before you can say jack robinson
You make me sick with
You suck cock
You're fucked
Your heads in the eye socket all know how to play hockey just play it smart right below fucking christ