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A nickel bag is sold in the park I want in
And it won't ever get that good again
And the chance you're in the dark about some of this let me shed some light
Been angry asking the same question second time
But what I have to offer you that's as good as it's going to get
Dane coolidge
Do you know who I am
Do you know who I am still only
Don't lie to me man just tell me why
Employer not to go down that road with them
Five long years he wore this watch up his ass
From here on nothing goes down unless i'm involved now blackjack no dope deals no nothing
Good thing he did 'cause I think that global rapper right round
Have a good time at gym
He be damned if any slopes gonna put their greasy other hands on his boys birthright
He had thirteen year old girls who conform on A street
He knew
Hopefully that will clear up the half full of shit on my question you been asking yourself
How about king ti doe
How come you never came to see me
I can imagine how painful this must be feel
I don't know any kind of fun
I don't want to make money that way
I feel no remorse
I got something for you
I got your message on E
I have a son my own butcher boys edge
I hear you want the cop so I can assume you've heard about this before
I know you know where they are so
I must've been away too long because
I spent half my life in prison I never got away with anything and I never killed anybody that
I want in
I want to play
I want you to know what it's like to live that way
I'm sicilian
Is the meeting set with lucio
It's my turn
Just tell me why
Knoxville tennessee
Larry used to rent his tenements
Low man boy
My correct
My father was the world heavyweight champion of sicilian liars
My name is vincent kakaria workers console for mister blue lou boyle
Now for the likes of arctic lane restaurant thomas
Now you know what it's like
One of the go
Prank Call Sounds: Christopher Walken Soundboard Sound
Ryan coolidge
See it was a good friend of your dad 's
Sense of minor importance what is a major fucking importances that I believe you
So he hit it in one place you know we could hide something is ass
So stupid thing to do
Taken away
Talking about a massacre
Tell me
The anti christ
The manual son stole from
The most anybody is going to give you a few stuff is thirty grand the key
Then is larry wong who want to have a chinatown when he passed away
There's some things I don't do
Those guys are dead
Three days later your granddad was dead
Unlike your problem i'm just the businessman
Was this stuff larry
We talk to your neighbors
We're going to have a little Q and A
We're going to have a little Q and A and at the risk of sounding redundant please
Well it's a tough job but somebody 's gotta do it
Well your dad looked at it this watch was your birthright
What it got away with it but your son fuck him that he is left his drivers license
What we got here is a little game of show and tell you don't show me nothing but you tell me everything
What's in a cup
Where did they go
You can always take comfort in effect you never had a choice
You come with me i'm at the plaza hotel
You got me in a vendetta kind of mood
You guys got fat while everybody start by the street
You make me public enemy
You put up this stuff I put up the guys to sell it
You running games here
You see that
You slap a tag on me for fifty thousand dollars
You tell him what I said
You're a cantaloupe
You're going to come down say hello
You're welcome
You're welcome