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A golden shower is when you you your partner peas on you
Absolutely fine
All right
Allow yourself to get involved in a sexual relationship
And every time you laugh you'll fart
And they can pee on your body or sometimes some people like it when their partner pees on their face
And you can pull your penis
And you've got a morning woody
But the rectum isn't designed for that
Bye bye
Can you just relax
Clitoral stimulation
Do you masturbate
Do you think you could do that
Doesn't heal very quickly
For some people it is a real turn on
Google google google
Gotta go
Gotta morning woody
Ha ha ha ha
Ha ha.
Have fun
Have you been to a doctor about this
He's got crabs
Honey bun
How do you feel about it
I am worried about doing damage to the rectum
I don't know
I worry about it let's put it that way
I'm well thank you
If you be care
Into each other 's rectum
Is he using penis or is he using toys?
Is it rough anal sex safe
Is your rectum not mine
It takes you a few minutes to get to go start urinating doesn't
It tears very easily
Not like your vagina
Oh good
Oh hey mas rocking the boat
Oh yeah right
Patched up
Poo poo
Poopoo caca dulu number two
Sex will be sweeter if you wrap your peter
So you're having vigorous great sex oh boy ha ha ha and all of a sudden she goes through
Thank you
Thanks for a great call
That is feces
That so far
That way you want your penis to be
That won't work
That's because that valve that's in your urethra hasn't opened up yet
The rectum is very very fine mucous membrane
The vagina can stretch
The vagina can take a real lot of rough and tumble play
The vagina is cast iron
There's no way you can make your penis any bigger
They're called vaginal farts
This is not going to be a problem
This is very embarrassing but there's something I need to tell you
Urine is sterile
Vaginal parts are more fun
We're sticking in your penis in a canal full of poo
What is the pleasure in using raw meat anally
When was the last time somebody measured their ejaculate
When you wake up in the morning
Who likes rough anal sex? You, or your partner?
Why are you scared to have sex?
Would that be important to you
You are
You do know
You don't have to protect your testicle
You got an anal abscess
You gotta question
You have only one testicle let's now functioning
You know
You know feces
You know it and you know it as well as I do
You wanna go out with him again
You're going to eat the meat afterwards or while it's in his rectum
You're going to end up getting hurt
You've got what looks like normal testicles