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Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends

Title: Halloween Ends: The Terrifying Conclusion (2022)

- Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode
- Judy Greer as Karen Nelson
- Andy Matichak as Allyson Nelson
- Nick Castle as Michael Myers
- Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle
- Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace
- Charles Cyphers as Sheriff Leigh Brackett
- Nancy Stephens as Marion Chambers
- Robert Longstreet as Lonnie Elam
- Dylan Arnold as Cameron Elam
- James Jude Courtney as The Shape

Halloween Ends is a bone-chilling horror film, released in 2022, that serves as the thrilling culmination of an iconic slasher series. Directed by David Gordon Green, this movie brings a climactic end to the battle between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and the relentless killer, Michael Myers (Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney).

Picking up from the previous installment, Halloween Kills, Halloween Ends sends shockwaves through the audience as Laurie and her family desperately try to survive the terror that has haunted them for years. This time, Laurie must confront her deepest fears and summon every ounce of strength to finally end the terror of Michael Myers once and for all.

As the matriarch of the Strode family, Jamie Lee Curtis delivers a powerful performance as a woman determined to protect her loved ones, no matter the cost. Judy Greer and Andy Matichak reprise their roles as Laurie's daughter, Karen, and granddaughter, Allyson, respectively, providing compelling and emotional performances that anchor the film.

Nick Castle, together with James Jude Courtney, portrays the silent and relentless embodiment of evil, Michael Myers. Castle, who famously portrayed Myers in the original Halloween in 1978, lends an authentic and nostalgic touch to the antagonist's character while Courtney delivers a physicality that adds to the visceral and terrifying presence of The Shape.

Joining the cast is Anthony Michael Hall, who plays the grown-up version of Tommy Doyle. Hall breathes new life into this familiar character, who was previously portrayed in the original Halloween by actor Brian Andrews. Kyle Richards also reprises her role as Lindsey Wallace, another survivor from the original film, providing valuable connections to the series' roots.

Under David Gordon Green's meticulous direction, Halloween Ends maintains the tension and suspense that fans of the franchise have come to love. The audience is taken on a rollercoaster ride of fear, as the "Final Girl" trope is dissected in unexpected ways, subverting traditional horror film conventions and challenging audience expectations.

The score, composed by John Carpenter, predominantly features the hauntingly iconic Halloween theme. This timeless anthem of fear elevates the suspense and terror of the film's narrative. You can play and download these spine-tingling sounds [link to Halloween Ends official soundtrack].

Halloween Ends takes a thought-provoking look at the trauma inflicted upon the Strode family, exploring themes of generational trauma, survival, and the enduring power of family bonds. As the series conclusion, it provides satisfying closure to longtime fans of the Halloween franchise while leaving no stone unturned in terms of emotional depth and character development.

In this climactic battle between good and evil, Laurie Strode's resilience and determination are put to the ultimate test. As she confronts her personal demons and faces the embodiment of pure evil, Halloween Ends delivers a jaw-dropping, heart-pounding climax that will have audiences on the edge of their seats.

As the menacing Michael Myers stalks his prey one final time, the film packs a series of relentless and gruesome scares that will leave viewers breathless and questioning their own vulnerability long after the credits roll.

In conclusion, Halloween Ends (2022) is a must-see horror film that serves as a captivating conclusion to the Halloween saga. With the talented cast, expert direction, and an electrifying score, audiences will be engrossed in the terrifying world of Michael Myers, experiencing both fear and catharsis as Laurie Strode's long-standing battle reaches its nail-biting end.

As an added treat, you can play and download the haunting sounds of Halloween Ends [link to soundtrack] and immerse yourself in the bone-chilling atmosphere of this thrilling conclusion.

A couple of years go by, and I'd see him every now and then,
A good life.
A judge might have said you're innocent, but I know you.
A little fucking pedo creep?
A little ice cream, a little cookie...
A place to live with love and trust.
About each other eventually.
After the accident with Jeremy Allen.
Ah, fuck!
ALEXA: Here's "Tell Me With Your Eyes..."
All my memories are here.
All night with girls, but he's grown.
All of that was lost.
All right, Alexa.
ALLYSON (trembling): No, no.
Allyson is not equipped for this relationship,
Allyson, I'm sorry.
ALLYSON: After my mom and dad were killed,
ALLYSON: Hey, Lindsay.
ALLYSON: I heard what happened.
ALLYSON: Just I can't get this fucking thing to turn on.
ALLYSON: Just burn it all to the ground.
ALLYSON: Look at it.
ALLYSON: So you did that on purpose.
ALLYSON: What's your problem, Deb?
ALLYSON: You never shut up.
ALLYSON: You were right.
Allyson! Darn it!
Am I a bad person?
And a new one is about to begin.
And as the town turned in on itself,
And eventually I thought,
And fear of physical threat to our daily lives.
And find healing.
And find our resolve...
And give him a tetanus shot.
And Haddonfield was once again forced to confront
And have a good time with your friends.
And he said it would be terrific is what he said.
And I can't get past the pain.
And I could care less, but... Roger!
And I don't know, man.
And I don't really feel like pretending to be best friends
And I just couldn't imagine he'd be capable
And I just want you to come home.
And I pull up next to him, and he looks at me,
And I think you'd like 'em, too.
And I think, "I'm gonna say something,
And I walked away.
And I will not let her get hurt.
And I'd look up at that tower.
And I've been fiddling around with that,
And invite him to her party,
And it's not him.
And Joe Ross, uh, he made a sponge cake.
And make their own choices.
And my niece gave me a Rosetta Stone,
And once Willie get in your ear,
And probably not appropriate for kids.
And right now,
And show grief your fucking tits and say,
And take off your little mask
And the heavy breather with the mask was the same man
And the story as we told it was to fade with time.
And then he fall down the street and get back up
And then he vanished.
And then I will get back and close it with a suture.
And then it all went bad.
And then left hand is your, uh, clutch.
And then one Halloween night many years ago,
And then she brought you to me.
And then we'll drag it till there's nothing left.
And then when it's all ready to go,
And then, as I predicted,
And then, yesterday, I'm on my way to work.
And there is one thing I need to tell you.
And there's n n nothing you can do about it.
And they look at you like They see you like a survivor.
And they made it about them.
And turned them into nightmares.
And we decide when to surrender.
And you can smash things.
And you don't even know her name, do you?
And you lost your fucking mind!
And you think you can fix me, but you can't.
And you're not gonna rest until you've finished it
And your father fucking hates you.
And your grandma feels guilty about it,
And, uh, left foot is the shifter thingy.
And, um, bedtime has been difficult. (chuckles)
Another night.
Anyway, I've just been dealing with it.
Are we talking about Michael or this kid?
Are you gonna call him
Are you kidding me, man?
Are you okay? Are you okay?
Are you supposed to be scary?
Are you trying to kill me?
Are you?
As he was locked away in his prison...
As people searched for motive and meaning,
As to be with a boy like Corey.
Ashamed of yourself exploiting these tragedies.
At least not in the eyes.
At night when you can't sleep?
At the diner off 74.
Baby, I have been waiting all day for this.
Became an infection passing on to people
Because I felt like they took my pain...
Because of the hysteria that you caused
Because your father treats you like one.
Bedroom's down the hall.
Before everything changed.
Before I fuck y'all up.
Believe you?
Better get that fixed before you have a bigger
Billy, back the car up.
Billy, knock it off. Billy!
Billy, what are you trying to do, man? Suck your own...
BILLY: Come on.
BILLY: Got fucking milk everywhere.
BILLY: Hey, let me help you up. Come on.
BILLY: I could've drove here.
BILLY: Little prick deserved it.
BILLY: You sure he turned in here, dude?
Billy's dead!
Boogeyman's gonna get you.
Boys who keep secrets don't get custard for dessert.
But because your boogeyman disappeared,
But Corey was a good kid.
But do you have your costume for the party?
But he wanted to watch a monster movie.
But I don't, I...
But I know what you did.
But I tell you, I I feel like I won an extra life.
But if you could, please, if you could just
But let's talk about that Michael Myers for a minute.
But she didn't. I heard she stabbed him
But thank you.
But the difference, Allyson, between me and you
But the guy I saw on the side of the road
But the truth is evil doesn't die.
But they don't.
But trust me, y'all, he'll be back.
But we'll just be right down the street.
But what's the point?
But when I look at you when I saw you the other day,
But with the trial, I...
But you you can have a good life, Allyson.
But you're the one to blame.
But, uh, I appreciate the hand.
But, uh, I know who you are.
Caller, you're on the air.
Can I help you?
Can you show me how to make a Thunder Bomber?
Clean up. Take a shower.
Come give us a hand.
Come on, Billy! Let's get this punk!
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
Come out, Corey!
COREY (over phone): We need to leave.
Corey Cunningham.
Corey Cunningham.
Corey said I should bring it in.
Corey, come on.
Corey, I almost called the missing persons.
Corey, I just want to kiss and make up, my man!
Corey, I'm talking to you.
Corey, watch out! Corey!
Corey, what are you...?!
Corey, you got a second?
Corey, you're a lifesaver.
COREY: After the accident,
COREY: Help.
COREY: Hey, you're gonna get us both in trouble.
COREY: It's me.
COREY: Tonight, then.
COREY: Uh, it's no one, Mama.
COREY: Uh... I'm a scarecrow.
Corey? Corey?
Corey. Is it infected?
Course not. You deserve it.
Crash landing! Kaboom!
Cute young girl falls for local creep.
Cute, isn't she?
Damn it!
Darn it! No, no, no, no, Oh, no.
Deb, can I speak to you a minute?
Deb, drop it.
DEB: Are you kidding?
DEB: I'm kidding.
DEB: Lindsay, guess who Allyson's scarecrow is.
DEB: No hard feelings about the promotion, right?
DEB: What?
DEB: You're fucking him, aren't you?
Did I... did I do something wrong or...
Did Michael Myers let you live?
Did the town do this to him after the accident?
Did you find what you're looking for?
Did you really think
Did you really think I'd kill myself?
Do it!
Do it.
Do it.
Do you ever just shut your goddamn mouth?
Do you see what he did to my sister?
Do you want to come in?
Does it hurt?
Does it work?
Doesn't sound simple.
Don't leave him hanging, dude.