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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A homosexual? You mean...
ALAN KEYES 2 time Republican Presidential Candidate
Also traveling across country.
Although I was obsessed by this C.J., I could not pursue her
And make our reportings along the way.
And then making romance explosion on her stomach.
And then this inside is silk.
And to take this lesson back to my country.
And we are honored to have singing our national anthem.
And we will have more success without him.
Anyone that is minority has the upper hand.
Are you telling me the man who try to put a rubber fist in my anus
Azamat arrange interview with Party official from ruling regime.
But I in love with a woman in Malibu.
But the government scientist, Dr. Yamak, prove it's the size of squirrel.
But what had I learned?
Can Jesus heal the pain that is in my heart?
Dry conditions. If you're heading to the north,
Especially one with plastic chests,
Everybody know it for girls.
General Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee.
Get the fuck out of here before I break your jaw, bro
Get the fuck out of here!
Go! Go and live your life!
Go. Go.
Good night, Luenells.
Gray, I would call it blue, okay?
Hello, my name Borat.
Hello, my name Borat. I am new in town.
Hello, nice meet you. My name Borat.
Hey, baby, want to go out? Wanna go out, honey?
How do I know that this will not happen with a car?
I didn't use to be a tadpole. I is what I is.
I get a step, he must get a step.
I make two friends from this parade.
I needed a gift to give to Pamela
I not American. I new in town.
I took a bus to Los Angeles with some friends of Mr. Jesus.
I wake up, he disappear
I was in love.
I will forgive Pamela and I will go to California.
I will look in your treasures, Gypsy.
I will not move to a smaller room.
If this car drive into a group of Gypsy,
Is not true. Liar! Liar, liar, your panties on fire.
It takes you to the floor where your room is.
It was time for me to return to New York,
It's time to prepare for your TV appearance.
Just dry him, no hand relief.
Mainly, they were shit times.
My name Borat. I come from Kazakhstan
My profession, work as a television reporter for Kazakhstan.
Naughty, naughty.
No, no, no, keep going. Keep going.
No, not because of that.
No. Do you have slaves here?
Not bad. Moist.
Not so much
Of course, every picture that we get back
Oh, go do this. Go do this. King in the castle.
Okay. Okay, wait.
On Sunday, I arrive in Washington.
Onwards to California!
Our bear.
Our country, the minorities actually have more power.
People here were much more friendly than in New York
People say Borak or Billy or Bob.
Please, you see.
She make it from milk from her tit.
She ran off. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
She's laid a Jew egg.
She's stopped.
So bad news.
So you look like maybe an Italian or something
Stand clear of the closing doors, please.
Suddenly, I realized.
Then they say, "I wash you in a shower," and he wash me in a shower.
Therefore, I convinced Azamat to let me film a report in an American store.
This suit is black. Pause. Not.
Very excite. Very excite.
Very nice.
Wait, I want to say hello. What is the problem?
We are going to California!
We arrive here to learn from American politic.
We must improve.
We play a game called "When the snake eat the pig."
We should have stayed in New York.
We welcome you to the 38th annual
We will go to this historical event,
We will try to help you out here.
We wrestle like normal in Kazakhstan.
We're talking about humor.
Well, welcome to the United States. Thank you very much for coming on.
Well, what you're saying is very demeaning.
What if Pamela did not like me too?
What mean, "Balls"?
What should I say if I need to go to the shit hole?
Where should I put this?
Who is this car that follow us? I wish it didn't follow us.
Whoaaa... He nearly got the money there.
Yes, I'm standing in the middle of Times Square.
Yes, you asked me about my mother in law.
You need to calm yourself!
You were funny on that bull.
You will be my boyfriend?
You're singing at a rodeo tonight!
and a very erotic physique. Thank you.
and now I can never forgive her. You have to.
Behind. You can't say that.
Do this have a pussy magnet? No.
Good morning to you. Hello, my name Borat. Hello.
I am very excite. Yes.
Like a ho? No, no, no.
Okay. Very nice. It's getting very, very late
That's her, Borat. Sorry. Borat, that's her.
What do you do? I have spent years in construction.
What your name? We're doing the weather right now.
What? Two hands.
You are retard? Yes.
...make you who you are
"Pamela is a fairly simple girl, she recently explained.
"She is now dead."
"your wife, Oxna,
♪ Have inferior potassium ♪
♪ Other Central Asian countries ♪