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Bruno (2009)

Bruno (2009)

Bruno (2009) is a satirical comedy film directed by Larry Charles, known for his work on Borat. The movie features acclaimed British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who takes on the role of the flamboyantly gay fashion journalist, Bruno. As Bruno travels from Austria to Los Angeles, he hilariously exposes the absurdities of the fashion industry and challenges societal norms with his outrageous antics.

The cast of Bruno includes Gustaf Hammarsten, as Bruno's devoted assistant Lutz, and a host of cameos from celebrities like Bono, Snoop Dogg, and Paula Abdul. Their appearances add to the comedic brilliance of the film.

If you're interested in experiencing the wacky sounds and laughter-inducing moments of Bruno, you can play and download them here. Just a warning though, the movie pushes boundaries and contains explicit content, so be prepared for a wild ride! But if you appreciate Baron Cohen's fearless approach to satire, Bruno is a must-watch.

A List Celebrity Max Out mit Bruno.
A little sensitive subject here. How much does she weigh?
A place for anal bleaching
About what?
Africa is a continent, not a country, baby. Get it right.
Agree to give the pyramids back to the Israelis?
All right, and then what would you be doing?
All right, but wait a second. You are the baby's father now.
All right, God damn it.
All right, picture's next. Last looks, please.
All right, this is...
All right, well, you know, there is a finale to this talk show.
All right. Do we have another photo, or is that the last one?
All right. I think, guys, we're finished.
All right. So how did you find your son?
All right. What do you think there? Is that a white trash foetus?
All the most famous stars in the world,
Also, Bruno just needed to find the hottest world tragedy to fix.
Also, great. Maybe they can let us out.
Also, ich headed to my first meeting mit a Hollywood uber agent.
Also, ich hired a top photographer
Also, so tell me about your humanitarian work.
Although he did cost us a MacBook Pro.
Although, I did once suffocate a hamster in Mykonos.
Am I going to be able to meet her before we actually start?
Amateur science?
And at this time, we're taking the child into protective custody.
And give them a chance to seduce you.
And he dresses like the policemen, how would you know that's him?
And I am on the verge of buying Mr. Magorium's Wunderbar Emporium.
And I flew back here to America,
And I have known him personally for most of that time.
And I have personally known him for most of that time.
And I just feel like that's been my life.
And I want the best guys in the business to kidnap me. Al Qaeda is so 2001.
And I'm just trying to run in und kiss you...
And I'm pretty, in that sense, pretty ordinary.
And it's very important what scores you give it,
And just make love forever
And lifting weights and building your muscles
And make all nations calmer
And play the clarinet with everything inside of you.
And put me in touch with one of his chums.
And quit telling me to look at you in the eye. Okay?
And so I was just trying to break it up with some simple horizontal lines.
And take your little briefs off before I fucking rip them?
And the ears, like, have not been developed yet.
And the most exciting and amazing thing in the town,
And then come in and break his arm. Take it here, take him out.
And then they would broadcast it to the whole world.
And then when you're facing me, that's called cowgirl.
And then when you're turned the opposite way, it's reverse cowgirl.
And then, like, which one now?
And they never get back to the first point maybe ever.
And they said they're, like, really, really exhausted after they do her.
And they'll say, "If Bruno can do it, then I can do it.
And they'll say, "It's Jesus. He changed me."
And they're asking... They've been staying at the hotel for a while
And wanted to know if I can get the key for them because they can't get out of bed.
And we had O.J. back,
And women often don't stick to the point.
And you chose to dress that baby up in a T shirt that says what?
Anybody want a sandwich or something?
Apart from Germany.
Are there any activities you suggest
Are there any new hobbies that I should take up?
Are there any outdoor activities
Are you 100% hetero like me?
Are you hitting on me?
Are you ready for some man slamming action?
Are you ready to make that change?
Around some other men who are not gay.
As for Lutz, we decided to get married in California.
As you know, the defendant
As you know, the defendant has served our municipality as city controller
Aus. Chlamydia.
Austria. And what are your impressions of the American people?
Beat his fucking ass!
Because das ist A List Celebrity Max Out.
Because if the show scores over an 85%,,
Because she's got the Elle Style Awards.
Because some of them don't even dress no different than myself or you.
Because that would harm my body. That would hurt...
Boom. As I roll across.
Bradolf Pittler?
Bringing up a child without another parent. Am I right?
Bruno had backstage access for the hottest show of the week, de la Prada.
Bruno has known true love twice in his life.
Bruno wants peace.
Bruno was aus.
But because of the law, we had to be a bit inventive.
But Bruno had a new plan.
But can I assure you, the toilet is absolutely spotless.
But do you have something, maybe a double...
But even though marriage was a nicht nicht,
But for the last 9 years, ich have been head uber heels in love
But he did get me a starring role in a top TV show as an extra.
But is gonna really make a difference, you know, really put me into the A list.
But it's the hardest job in the world, isn't it?
But the message is not ordinary.
But the team that do it were booked up for the next 4 days
But this is the girl's position.
But which one?
But you're being really nasty.
But you're being really nasty.
By the way, where's your uniform? Go get your uniform on.
Bye, baby, I love you.
Can anybody give me one sentence?
Can I ask him if he has any advice for me?
Can I give you guys a word of advice?
Can I still play the clarinet?
Can I tell you about the person that changed my life?
Can Olivia lose 10 pounds in the next week?
Can you be quiet?
Can you look into this camera and just say,
Can you look? The key, I think, is over there, just...
Can you switch off the television? Because I made a fart,
Candidate, what are you doing?
Charity was a great way to become famous.
Clean water, food and teaching
Come and sit on our great furniture.
Come back, please. Can you please come back?
Come on, it will be fun.
Come on, Jack, look me in the eyes.
Come on! Back!
Come on. What's the big deal? It's just a couple of guys.
Compelled him to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes.
Could you hold the sheet over there?
Could you take your finger out of my Arschenholer?
Creating love is my mission
Cut. Sorry, I'm not feeling this one. Could we go again?
Definitely the hands look way too big,
Depending on his range. Boom. Then to his face. Boom.
Despite having an eyeful of Schpunken.
Didn't see anything.
Diesel, I love you. Diesel.
Difficult issue on the phone.
Do any of you guys want to make some more money?
Do as I say. Take that fucking shit off now!
Do it!
Do we all share one tent or what's more sensible?
Do you have an attitude, candidate? Do we detect an attitude?
Do you think this kid is retarded?
Do you want some strawberries
Does she always have to be in a car seat, or can she just, like, freestyle it?
Dolce und Gabbana. Hello?
Don't call me gay!
Don't fuck around!
Don't fuck around!
Don't kill each other
Du bist Bruno, dove of peace
Either we gonna have peace, or we gonna have motherfucking war.
Even though my baby's black. So it's pretty cool, no?
Excellent. Does he like it?
Excuse me, can you unlock us? Please. Hello? Can you unlock us?
Fine. Yeah, I don't mind her being up on a crucifix.
For more than 12 years,
For the host of the brand new TV show, Straight Dave's Man Slammin' Maxout.
For the second time in a century,
From the fashion streets of Milan, only for the German girls, my great hairs.
From the pop dance group Milli und Vanilli.
Fuck him up!
Fuck that shit! Fuck that shit!
Fuck that shit! Fuck that shit!
Fuck, yeah.
Fucking fag!
Fucking fag!
Full of them.
Funkyzeit is uber influential.
George is comfortable with everything. He's fine.
Get him, motherfucker!
Get off me. That is my baby.
Get on your fucking knees and suck my spike here, bitch.
Get out of my TAC Alley.
Get out. Get out now.
Get that out of my face.
Give him back! Give me my baby back!
Give it away, let a friend hold it until you know in your mind
Give it up for Straight Dave!
Give me my baby back!
Give me my baby! Give him back!
Give me my baby! O.J.!
Go get them!
Great! Das is all maximum Santzgaut!
Great. Fantastisch news.
Great. You must be hungry. Let's bring in some food.
Has anyone ever told you you look like Enrique Iglesias?
Has served our municipality for more than 12 years as city controller.
Has served this municipality as city controller for more than 12 years,
He can't do nothing from there.
He had created the food and then got lots of followers.
He is the white Obama
He never leaves us. He never forsakes us. He's here.
He pauses for an inordinate period of time.
He put a hit on me. He took his clothes off.
He says he's in a place with green trees and flowers.
He says there's some sort of thing that you will set up, like a foundation or something,
He's also mein stylist.
He's also mein stylist.
He's also my nutritionist.
He's come to heal the world
Head and eyes straight forward. Stand still, candidate.
Hello, hello. Hey, can you come in?
Hello, I apologise for the state of the room.
Hello? Engineering.
Helping other people is so vital to my life.
Her mixing the pots of acid and that type...
Here, you know.
Hey, hey, he gay, he gay
Hey, listen, you. What's your name? Hi. What's your name?