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Ali (2001) Soundboard

Ali (2001) Soundboard

"Ali" is a 2001 biographical sports drama film directed by Michael Mann. Starring Will Smith in the titular role, the movie tells the inspiring story of boxing legend Muhammad Ali and his rise to fame both inside and outside the ring. With Smith's exceptional portrayal of the charismatic world champion, "Ali" takes audiences on a thrilling and emotional journey through the life of one of the greatest sports icons of all time.

Set in the 1960s and 1970s, "Ali" focuses on pivotal moments in Muhammad Ali's career, including his iconic fights against Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, and George Foreman. The film highlights not only Ali's tremendous athletic abilities but also his unwavering commitment to his principles and his unyielding confidence in the face of adversity.

Portraying Ali's contemporaries and key figures in his life, the cast includes an array of talented actors. Smith's dynamic performance as Muhammad Ali earned him critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. The film also stars Jon Voight as sportscaster Howard Cosell, Mario Van Peebles as Malcolm X, Jamie Foxx as Ali's loyal friend Drew Bundini Brown, and Ron Silver as Ali's lawyer, Angelo Dundee. These exceptional performances bring depth and authenticity to the film, enriching the portrayal of Ali's personal and professional relationships.

Complementing the incredible performances, "Ali" features a compelling soundtrack that captures the spirit and energy of the era in which the film is set. The music reflects Ali's magnetic personality and the cultural climate of the time. Audiences can immerse themselves in the sounds of the '60s and '70s by playing and downloading the iconic soundtrack of "Ali" here.

Through its captivating storytelling and powerful performances, "Ali" not only showcases the triumphs and challenges of a legendary athlete but also delves into the broader social and political landscape of the period. The film explores Ali's controversial decision to change his name, convert to Islam, and refuse to serve in the Vietnam War—actions that had profound implications for both his career and public image.

"Ali" shines a light on the intersecting dynamics of race, religion, and fame, delivering a thought-provoking narrative that resonates long after the credits roll. The movie reminds audiences of the importance of standing up for one's beliefs, even in the face of adversity, and the impact that one person's actions can have on society as a whole.

With its exceptional performances, engaging storytelling, and a captivating soundtrack that transports viewers back in time, "Ali" offers an immersive and unforgettable cinematic experience. Whether you are a fan of boxing or simply appreciate a compelling biographical drama, "Ali" is a film that is not to be missed. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the incredible journey of Muhammad Ali by playing and downloading the sounds of "Ali" here.

In conclusion, "Ali" is a powerful film that encapsulates the unmatched charisma and extraordinary life of Muhammad Ali. Through exceptional performances, engaging storytelling, and a captivating soundtrack, the movie takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster ride, leaving behind a lasting impression of one of the greatest athletes and cultural icons in history.

After I promoted this Quary fight or after I won it?
Ain't nobody hurt.
Ain't nothing like the sisters.
Ali Frazier 3. That's the fight everybody want to see.
All right, come on. Let's go.
And a $10,000 fine.
And all the predictions are going down the drain...
And ex rapists currently licensed to fight.
And he's on his knee. It is over!
And I loved you then, just like all them kids did.
And I took that $500...
And my baby leave home 'cause things ain't right
And New York may revoke your boxing license.
And that is Taher Kaid. He's the ambassador from Algeria.
And there's the bell. The fighters meet in mid ring.
And, you know, every day cannot be sunny.
Apparently, the unknown man...
As Liston is listless.
Be quiet, or I'll disqualify you.
Bring it on home to me
Bring it tome Bring that good lovin; baby
Brought all that stuffin like Africa's ain't got no steaks.
But dead children are dead children.
But it don't own me.
By the way...
Come on!
Darlin; don't you know
Did he ever hurt you?
Did you see Muhammad Ali?
Do you have any questions, champ?
Fifty G a year just for drivin' and jivin'.
For the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world.
For your precious love
Gentlemen, touch gloves. Good luck to both of you.
George is jerking us off, making us wait.
Get off the rope! Get off there! Move it!
Get off the ropes!
Go ahead.
Go on somewhere, make that deal.
He is felled by a combination of blows from Muhammad Ali!
He's defying the experts early.
Here come Herbert.
Hey, you with Don?
Hold it.
Hold on. Watch this. I've been working on this at home.
How I am says something.
How you deal with it, boy?
I ain't going back on my wife and for sure I ain't prayin'...
I ain't no H. Rap Brown. I ain't no Stokely Carmichael.
I apologize to you.
I don't drink. I don't smoke. I converted to Islam for you.
I got to tell the man that I love him
I have one I had a ten Well, I didn't have a ten.
I mean, why not Antarctica, somethin' like that?
I shook up the world!
I should've discovered Islam at 50, 'cause I'm weak on women.
I sold your belt to a barber for $500 on Lenox Avenue.
I wanna be your inspiration.
I want a clean fight.
I'm gonna get you in the ring. I'm gonna kick your ass.
I've got so much to show the girls when I get back.
In Zaire, Africa!
It ain't never gonna happen.
It will raise up the spirits of our inner cities.
It's over! It is over!
Known to millions of motorists for Big Gallon gasoline...
Lean back, man. Move back. Work, legs.
Let him go.
Liston crouching, hitting to the body.
Madison Square Garden. Millions and millions of dollars.
Make me want ya when I got the feelin; baby
Mobutu's takin' care of Mobutu.
Muhammad Ali is the champ.
Muhammad, get off the ropes!
My heart follow.
My voodoo. My magic.
Never came true
No, I'm out on bail.
No, man, I ain't never shot nothin' in my life.
No, you got to ask Chauncey Eskridge. That's my lawyer. He's in Chicago.
Now he's a dashiki wearin' rip off.
Oh, sweetie, come on.
Oh, yeah
Okay. All right. No problem.
Only one of 'em is smart, though. The fella with the glasses.
Only thing he's champion of is gettin' knocked down.
Ref, you gotta do your job.
Referee Zack Clayton is counting. Seven, eight!
She's not your wife. You don't marry this girl.
Smokin? Joe Frazier!
So there is a gift I wish to give you.
So why do you disrespect me like this?
Sonny Liston wrapped in that tery cloth towel of his...
State Department refuses permission for the one hour visa.
Stay off the ropes!
That was taken unjustly from him in 1967.
That's gonna take a long time, but you can do it.
The champion, you can see, is the aggressor.
The greatest rock and roll singer, and I'm the world's greatest boxer.
The people really look up to you. You plan on being a champ like Joe Louis?
The winner and new heavyweight champion of the world is Cassius Clay.
There are few of those years.
There he goes!
There it is!
There it is! Stay in his face!
There's a long, looping left hand. Clay's eyes are wide open now
They do that to you too, you know.
They say George is gonna kill me.
This is a resurrection. This is God's act.
This is it now.
This round is over.
Up against the ropes. Right above me now.
Very well.
Wait. Hold on. Hold on one second. That's Sam Cooke back there.
Way to go!
We We made you.
We borrow money from my folks.
We're close to the start of round one.
We're fine. Touch gloves, gentlemen. Good luck.
We're gonna be in front of the US Court of Appeals next month.
Weighing in at 213 pounds...
Well, that's one job. I got two.
Well, what's wrong with our name? My name?
Were you a virgin?
What's my name?
What's my name? What's my name?
When you don't.
Whup on him now. Whup up on him.
Why didn’t you call an ambulance or a doctor?
With a great formula that grooms hair to look neat and natural, never greasy.
Yeah, folks was screaming and fainting.
Yeah, yeah
You came to my school right before you won the title.
You can't lay up on the ropes like that.
You don't have no chance, man.
You gonna knock the ugly off of him.
You must've studied the whole D section of the dictionary.
You my enemy. Not no Chinese, no Vietcong, no Japanese.
You next. Soon as I'm done with Sonny Liston, I'm fightin' Howard Cosell.
You see this face?
You shouldn't have quarreled with Elijah Muhammad.
You will announce it from right here, from flat on your back.
You will be known as Muhammad Ali.
Your name is Muhammad Ali.
Check his time. Timekeeper's sounding it's over.
Come on, Chi Chi. Put a whupping on him now.
Get him, Cass! Come on, Cass!
Hey, champ, good to see you. All right, ladies. Take care now.
Man, you sure that's right? That's what the weight is.
No. No? I can't go there.
Well, I ain't dead. Well, you may as well be.
What kind of name is that? My father named me after Sonja Henie.
What you doing here? I was just going to the airport.
You doing okay? Yeah!
You two doing okay? Yeah!