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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) Soundboard

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) Soundboard

Title: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) – The Legendary Outlaw's Cinematic Adventure

Released in 1991, "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" is an epic adventure film that portrays the legendary tale of the outlaw Robin Hood. Directed by Kevin Reynolds, this critically acclaimed movie captivated audiences with its thrilling action, charismatic cast, and sweeping soundtrack. Join me as we delve into the enchanting world of Robin Hood and discover why this film continues to resonate with viewers to this day.

"Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" follows the story of Robin of Locksley (played by Kevin Costner), an English nobleman who returns from the Crusades to find his homeland oppressed by the tyrannical Sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Rickman). With the support of a diverse band of outlaws, including Azeem (Morgan Freeman) and Will Scarlet (Christian Slater), Robin embarks on a quest to overthrow the Sheriff, aid the people of Nottingham, and win the heart of the feisty Lady Marian (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio).

- Kevin Costner as Robin of Locksley
- Alan Rickman as Sheriff of Nottingham
- Morgan Freeman as Azeem
- Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Maid Marian
- Christian Slater as Will Scarlet
- Michael Wincott as Guy of Gisborne
- Nick Brimble as Little John
- Brian Blessed as Lord Locksley
- Geraldine McEwan as Mortianna
- Michael McShane as Friar Tuck

The Magnitude of Robin Hood:
Robin Hood has long been an enduring folkloric figure, embodying the ideals of justice, honor, and rebellion. By portraying the legendary outlaw on the big screen, "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" invigorated the English folk hero in the hearts of a new generation. Kevin Costner's portrayal of the noble rogue showcases his charisma, sense of justice, and exceptional archery skills, capturing the essence of the character that has enchanted audiences for centuries.

Alan Rickman's Iconic Villain:
One of the standout performances in the film comes from the brilliant Alan Rickman, who expertly portrays the sadistic Sheriff of Nottingham. Rickman's impeccable acting talent brings menace and dark humor to the character, making Sheriff of Nottingham a memorable and complex antagonist. His iconic delivery of lines such as "Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings... and call off Christmas!" has become legendary.

Enchanting Soundtrack:
Adding depth and emotion to the film is Michael Kamen's captivating score. The memorable theme song, "Everything I Do (I Do It for You)," performed by Bryan Adams, became a chart-topping hit and perfectly encapsulates the love story at the core of the film. The evocative soundtrack heightens the epic nature of the film, transporting the audience into the enchanting world of Robin Hood.

Playing and Downloading the Sounds:
For those eager to relive the adventurous soundscape of "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves," there are various platforms where you can play and download the film's unforgettable soundtrack. Online streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music offer the complete soundtrack for a captivating listening experience. Alternatively, digital media stores such as iTunes and Google Play allow you to purchase and download individual tracks or the entire album for audio pleasure anywhere, anytime.

"Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" (1991) not only reinvigorated the timeless legend of Robin Hood but also became a cultural phenomenon in its own right. From its mesmerizing performances, particularly Kevin Costner and Alan Rickman, to the enchanting soundtrack composed by Michael Kamen, this film continues to captivate audiences with its timeless appeal. Whether you choose to watch the movie, explore its soundtrack, or submerge yourself in the epic tale of love, bravery, and justice, "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" is a cinematic adventure that should not be missed.

A contribution to your cause
A little news, please, sir.
Ah! God!
And do you, Marian of the house of Dubois, take this man to be your husband?
And I say no more boyish gestures.
And I've seen the lowliest unarmed squire pull a spear from his own body...
And if I succeed..
And keep the stitches small.
And you can stop all that, you old fake!
Appearances are important to that lot, especially on a Sunday.
Appropriate, don't you think, that I now use it to send you to meet him?
AZEEM: Christian!
AZEEM: English!
AZEEM: Of course it works
AZEEM: We must go.
AZEEM: Who is it? ROBIN: It's my father.
Because of a woman?
Bring them out!
But he's a savage, sire!
By God.
Can you make the shot when you must?
Children! Come to me!
Close that gate!
Cut off the infidel's hand.
Distributing libations for the celebration of the sheriff's nuptials
Don't harm an old woman
Duncan. Duncan.
Either we take our chances with ghosts or become ghosts ourselves
FANNY: Go on, John!
FANNY: Psst. John. John!
Fuck me, he cleared it!
Give this ring to my sister, Marian.
Go on, Locksley.
Go on.
Grant him also the strength...
He's there.
Hello, Marian.
How many?
I fear for her safety.
I fear you have returned home to desperate times...
I have a brother?
I have priests who would hear your confession.
I mistook you for common thieves!
I once heard a wise man say:
I swore... I swore to your brother that I would protect you.
I thought he was betraying my mother's memory.
I wanna see some dancing!
I was a fool to let him leave..
I will conceal myself here, below the scaffold..
I would, my lady, but I'm sworn to protect you.
I'll be buggered.
I'm coming, Wulf!
I'm going to cut your heart out with a spoon!
I'm not leaving.
I'm sorry, my child.
I've never trusted you, that's no secret.
I've seen knights in armor panic at the first hint of battle.
If I must, I will take you a piece at a time.
If you would be free men..
In my country, we talk to our women.
In my dreams alone have I imagined such a place.
Is it not a greater crime to starve a family?
Is that all?
It's over.
Join us...
Look at the lovely little baby. Isn't he wonderful?
Look out!
MAN 4: Hide in the trees!
MARIAN: No! MAN: That's it, sir. That's all of them.
MARIAN: Why this way?
Marry them or face me!
My lord, it appears there's no more room!
No, I took the bread!
Nottingham declared all Locksley lands forfeit.
NOTTINGHAM: Not again!
Now swear you'll protect her for me.
Now we're even.
Now, I made that myself
On the hill!
Once someone has seen the way to our camp, that person cannot leave.
Our way lies together with the speed of Allah
Perhaps we could create a name for him.
Peter! Peter
Please. Please.
PRIEST: Go in peace
Put it there!
ROBIN: Hold.
ROBIN: What do you know of women?
Set me free! I will show you a way out.
Surrender your weapons, and I give you my word you shall go free.
Take a bath?
Tell her, Rob
That there will feed us for a blooming month.
That's for five years of hell!
That's true.
The lash, I think
The sheriff calls us outlaws.
The sheriff will hear of this!
Then imagine a way to cross it.
Then, by God, we take it back.
There are no perfect men in this world...
There are your ghosts, Duncan.
Tonight I need your eyes, old friend.
Traitor! Traitor!
Truly, you are a wizard
We can't pay thee what the highwayman's taken.
We found this on him.
Well, my other god calls
Well, then perhaps you'd do me the honor...
What is it?
What would you have us do?
What's going on?
What's the meaning of this?
While he's away, he may lose his country.
Who tried to cross the river
Why scare them?
Without me, you're nothing
Wood for weapons
Worth dying for?
WULF: Where is he? Do you see him?
Yes. Um..
You are strange, Christian.
You freakish imp, I despise you.
You know, from your empty soul, that is the truth
You whine like a mule.
You're still trying to be lord of the manor.
You've been meeting with Robin of Locksley
Alas, I am not permitted. Well, fine then. You talk, I'II drink.
Come on, hurry up! MAN 2: He's armed!
For certain. Why?
Go. Quickly, go! Thank you.
He knows you always hated him, traitor! Shut up!
Hello. What are you doing here?
I killed some of the sheriff's men. Oh, dear
I swear it. AZEEM: They're coming!
John, you'll have to catch her! JOHN: Come on!
John! Come on, girl!
Leave him! He's only a boy
Locksley. Robin!
Pardon, my lady, we couldn't hold them! Someone wants a word with you.
That horrible little scribe, his tongue? Cut it out.
What is he planning? I don't know.
What? Take a bath.
Why? They say the sheriff captured your father...
Wulf! Father!
You cannot go down there! SARAH: My lady, don't rush, you'II fall
You'II have to fight me for it
Your anger drove them apart! It's a lie!
...and would hunt our children. We?
...because his answer vexed me so grievously
...I cannot allow them to grow up as my enemies.
...I will personally remove your lying tongue.
...I'm going to hang him from the walls by his entrails
...of accepting a small token of my undying devotion to your safety.
...only perfect intentions
...our glorious city.
# Everything I do #
# I can't help it #
# I will give it all #
# I would sacrifice #
# Like your love #
#All the time #
#All the way #
#And no other #
#And when you find me there #
#There's nothing there to hide #
#What you mean to me #
#Yeah, I would fight for you #
#You know it's true #
#You will find #
#You'll search no more #