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"Oh, Pretty Women" is a classic song recorded by the iconic American musician Roy Orbison. Originally released in 1964, it quickly became one of Orbison's signature hits and a timeless favorite among music lovers. With a distinct blend of rock and roll and a touch of opera-inspired vocals, the song showcases Orbison's incredible vocal range and emotional depth.

The song features Orbison's rich and smooth voice accompanied by a lush orchestration and a captivating melody that hooks listeners from the very first note. It beautifully captures the essence of unrequited love and longing, with Orbison's heartfelt lyrics painting a vivid picture of a man captivated by the beauty of a woman he can never have.

As for the cast or band members, "Oh, Pretty Women" is primarily associated with Roy Orbison himself, who wrote and performed the song. His incredible vocal talent and unique singing style have solidified his status as one of the greatest rock and roll singers of all time. Orbison's ability to convey emotion through his voice, particularly in songs like "Oh, Pretty Women," is what made him such a revered and influential artist.

If you are interested in experiencing this timeless classic, you can easily find and enjoy the song on various music platforms. Whether you want to stream it online or download it to your own music library, "Oh, Pretty Women" is readily available for all music enthusiasts to enjoy. The incredible vocal performance and irresistible melody will surely leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens.

To play and download "Oh, Pretty Women" or explore more of Roy Orbison's incredible discography, you can visit your favorite online music store, such as iTunes or Amazon Music. These platforms offer a vast selection of songs, allowing you to enjoy this timeless classic and delve into the musical genius of Roy Orbison.

So, if you're in the mood for a captivating song that beautifully captures the essence of unrequited love and showcases an incredibly talented artist, be sure to check out "Oh, Pretty Women" by Roy Orbison. With its timeless appeal and Orbison's distinctive style, this song is a true gem in the world of rock and roll.

Note: While I am an AI language model and don't have the capacity to play or download sounds, you can easily access "Oh, Pretty Women" through various music platforms as mentioned above.

Are you lonely just like me?
I guess I'll go on home, it's late
No one can look as good as you
Pretty woman, don't make me cry
Pretty woman, don't walk on by
Pretty woman, I don't believe you, it must be true
Pretty woman. Don't walk away yay. Okay
Pretty woman. Oh you look lovely as you can be
There'll be tomorrow night, but wait What do I see?
Whoa, whoa, pretty woman
'Cause I need you, need you tonight. Ah