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Just Go with It (2011) Soundboard

Just Go with It (2011) Soundboard

Just Go with It is a hilarious romantic comedy film released in 2011. Directed by Dennis Dugan, this movie stars Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Kidman, among others. Filled with funny moments and heartwarming scenes, Just Go with It is sure to leave you laughing and swooning.

The story follows Danny Maccabee, played by Adam Sandler, a successful plastic surgeon who has been pretending to be married in order to attract women. However, when he meets the beautiful Palmer, portrayed by Brooklyn Decker, he decides it's time to finally find true love without any lies. To do so, he enlists the help of his loyal assistant, Katherine, played by Jennifer Aniston, who poses as his soon-to-be ex-wife.

As Danny and Katherine venture off to Hawaii, where Palmer and Danny plan their wedding, the plan starts to unravel. Throughout their journey, Danny's feelings for Katherine grow deeper, leading to a complex love triangle. Furthermore, the lies and charades become more complicated, resulting in hilarious situations that will keep you entertained and laughing.

The film features a talented cast that delivers exceptional performances. Adam Sandler shines as the funny and love-struck Danny, capturing the audience's sympathy and laughter with his trademark charm. Jennifer Aniston brings her undeniable comedic timing and warmth to the role of Katherine, Danny's assistant caught up in his web of lies. Their on-screen chemistry is undeniable, making their scenes together truly enjoyable to watch.

Brooklyn Decker, in her breakthrough film role, portrays Palmer with both beauty and grace. She adds an element of sincerity to the movie, creating a character that the audience can relate to and root for. Additionally, Nicole Kidman delivers a fantastic performance as Devlin, Katherine's college rival with a hidden agenda. Her icy demeanor adds a touch of intrigue to the story, creating further comedic tension.

Just Go with It is not only a romantic comedy, but it also explores themes of honesty, self-discovery, and the complexities of relationships. As the characters navigate through their own web of lies, they eventually learn important lessons about trust and true love.

The film's soundtrack perfectly complements the lighthearted and comedic tone. With catchy tunes and memorable melodies, the music adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall viewing experience. You can easily play and download the sounds of Just Go with It to relive the movie's delightful moments again and again.

Just Go with It is a delightful romantic comedy that will leave you smiling and laughing throughout. With its talented cast, hilarious script, and heartwarming moments, it is a must-watch for fans of the genre. So, sit back, relax, and just go with it!

To enjoy the sounds of Just Go with It, visit our website where you can easily play and download the movie's fantastic soundtrack.

A girl, okay. Was it your mother?
A lot of the people...
After he got hit by a foul ball.
All of it?
All right, take it easy, Damien, all right?
And he's gonna be a cardiologist.
And I don't wanna stop doing that.
And I got Maggie to eat.
And I told them not to air it, though,
And now when women ask me about it,
And then she gets them at night.
And you are the girl for him.
And your thighs!
At night I come home, What's for dinner?
Because I know she's not gonna get up and do it
Believe me, I have him well trained.
Both of us here at this resort at the same time.
Brian is not gonna go with him, and he..
But I would love you to.
But ladies still greet him with mace
But what?
But whoever they are,
Can I get a little something something up here in the corner?
Children of the Corn kid was calling me.
Coconut Smoochie champions right here.
Danny, wait!
Did you trip over something?
Do you see Dr. Maccabee anywhere in this...
Doesn't drink... Well, doesn't drink that much.
Dolph! What?
Don't worry. I'll get it,
Eat a cheeseburger off the Grimace.
Eight years. Ten years.
Fishing gear.
For the pelt for the sex, sexuals, yes.
Go ahead.
God, he was a sick man.
Got it.
Great teamwork, guys.
He doesn't have floaties on!
He's divorcing your head.
Heard so much about you.
Hell, yeah. All right.
Hello, are you there?
Hello, boring!
Hey, Devlin?
Hey, hey!
Hey, mami!
Hey, why are we stopped here?
Hey, you up?
High score!
His parents are disgusting, too!
Hold on a second.
I can't look at engagement rings?
I did it! I did it! Thank you!
I don't have a date. I have a lunch.
I don't high five when it's...
I don't know, saving the day. Helping. Hello?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I feel so bad for her.
I glanced at them, yes.
I got something magical, too. Right in the downstairs area.
I had some with me and the one I have on is pretty amazing
I hope when I'm her age I look that good.
I love your smile.
I mean, come on,
I need you to get on the phone. I need you to ask her out.
I see the Colonel von Generous right here in front of me.
I think you should do it, Devlin.
I used to baby sit Eddie when we were children.
I wanna actually get paid
I want a flying pony too, Michael, but they don't exist.
I, however, am fine with some man nudity, Danny.
I'll teach you how to swim, okay?
I'm all set.
I'm gonna excuse myself. I'm sorry.
I'm good at this, I swear to you.
I'm just gonna lay down the law for Danny.
I've been divorced, I have two kids,
I've used that somewhere else, but is it?
If I can spend 'em, I wanna have 'em.
If we could ever get ourselves out of the bedroom.
In a boarding school train accident?
Is it made out of panda?
Is that a real sheep?
Is this your daughter?
It doesn't move!
It's all gonna be okay.
It's bleeding.
Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome for tonight's hula girls.
Let me see if I can find my credit card.
Like, were you telling the truth
Listen, if anything happens
Love that you read the index cards.
Maybe about forty!
Maybe she'll give you one.
Mmm hmm. So you are coming? And I am paying?
Mmm. Boo Boo.
Mommy? Mommy?
My pet sheep, he passed out. He's not breathing!
My wife says I work too much.
Nein, nein to the work.
Never enough.
No, no, no. He's a sheepherder.
No. What, did Mickey Mantle sign those?
No. You're just amused by everything I say. So, here we go.
Nobody Talk game.
Now hug me and laugh
Oh, browch.
Oh, God.
Oh, man..
Oh, my God.
Oh, nice.
Oh, of course.
Oh, oh! Palmer, darling.
Oh, that'll be great!
Oh, you had a penile enlargement?
Oh! Jeez!
Okay, do it.
Okay, moving on. Uh..
Okay. Let's move on then.
Okay. Ready? One, two, three, get coconutty!
On your back. And...
One more
Or shock people with your sneaky hot body.
Pick it up, pick it up!
Please pay attention to my children.
Professionally speaking?
Remove your shirt, if you could
She doesn't even talk to me anymore.
She is so annoying.
She wasn't?
She's inside.
She's trying to beat me, but she won't.
Smelling Devlin, always a good thing.
So do we have a deal?
So I stretched the truth a little.
So you have to buy the bag of the Jelly Bellies,
So, North Carolina, how long have you lived here in LA?
Some people are just more comfortable
Squeeze your coconuts. Squeeze them.
Swear to God, like the cutest little smile.
Take you to Hawaii? No.
Thank you.
That is a... That is... That's not mine.
That was fun. Why? Were you jealous?
That's for sleeping with my wife, pal.
That's not fair. He can't do that.
That's why they remain rich. You understand?
The new thing is training them
The object of the game is,
The poor thing. She's already divorced and she has a child.
The what?
These are my stars. And here's the key,
They got no schools in North Carolina to teach at?
This has nothing to...
This is my hula palooza.
To supper?
Very, very strong.
Was just gonna come and bite you in the ass.
We did.
We gotta have the sweet sex.
We'll do it now.
We're familiar.
We're getting a divorce because you're greedy, schemy and selfish.
We're gonna sign the papers in a couple of days
We're seeing his goofy family as little as possible.
Well, I just hate that he broke his promise to me.
What am I gonna tell Palmer?
What are we gonna do about my love life, though?
What are you doing?
What happens when we're not on fake cation
What the hell are you talking about? Why is it so much?
What? No.
What'd he say? What'd you say?
When I'm in the operating room all I think about is,
When you were doing the juggling, though?
Where are we going? They are here
Who's an even bigger fan of 'N Sync.
Will you just go with it, honey?
Will you please just look at some clothes?
Wisengruber? Is that what they're saying
Would you like to dance with your wife, Doctor Maccabee?
Would you please just do this for me?
Wow, that is gonna be tough to beat.
Wow, you've been together a long time
Yeah, hang on. Let me check with Danny.
Yeah, that's fine.
Yeah, what promise?
Yes, this is a good test, so why not?
You can touch each other,
You got a little more work done, huh?
You gotta stop, though, I'm telling you.
You is bad. Give me a little bit. That's bad, though
You look beautiful. Doesn't she?
You misread what I said.
You're excited about this guy, huh?
You're going?
You're the worst.
You're voting for your favorite hula girl.
Your virtue, your intelligence, your passion.
Brian? You can lie down.
Good night. All right.
Is he doing great? He's doing great.
Oh, so she was a frenemy? Yes.
Really? Thank you. Yes.
So we're gonna watch them. Good.