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Next (2007) Soundboard

Next (2007) Soundboard

Next is a thrilling science fiction film directed by Lee Tamahori and released in 2007. Starring the talented Nicolas Cage, this action-packed movie takes us into the world of a man who possesses an extraordinary ability to see the future. With an intriguing plot and a stellar cast, Next keeps viewers on edge and delivers an unforgettable experience.

Nicolas Cage takes on the role of Cris Johnson, a Las Vegas magician with a secret ability to see two minutes into his own future. He uses this skill to his advantage, perfectly predicting the outcome of gambling games and avoiding trouble. However, his carefully crafted life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters FBI Agent Callie Ferris, played by Julianne Moore. Agent Ferris discovers Cris' remarkable talent and convinces him to assist her in stopping a terrorist threat.

With his extraordinary ability, Cris becomes a target as various agencies, including the FBI and terrorists, attempt to capture him. As the clock ticks and the stakes get higher, Cris must use his power to outsmart his pursuers and protect himself and those he cares about. Along the way, he also develops a romantic connection with Liz Cooper, portrayed by Jessica Biel, adding further depth to the storyline.

The film delves into the ethical implications of being able to predict the future, posing questions about free will and the consequences of interfering with destiny. Does Cris Johnson have the power to change his fate, or is he merely a vessel for predetermined events? Next plays with these philosophical ideas and keeps the audience guessing until the very end.

Lee Tamahori's direction brings a fast-paced energy to the film, with intense chase sequences and mind-bending twists. The cinematography keeps viewers engaged, capturing the vibrant energy of Las Vegas and creating a visually captivating experience. The screenplay, penned by Gary Goldman, offers a thought-provoking exploration of time, fate, and the choices we make.

Next is supported by a talented cast, led by Nicolas Cage's captivating performance as Cris Johnson. Cage brings his signature intensity to the role, effortlessly portraying Cris' inner struggle as he navigates through dangerous situations. Julianne Moore brings her trademark charisma and intelligence to the character of Agent Callie Ferris, providing a formidable counterpart to Cage's Johnson. Jessica Biel shines as Liz Cooper, infusing the character with warmth and charm.

In addition to the exceptional performances, the film benefits from its dynamic score, composed by Mark Isham. The music heightens the tension and enhances the thrilling moments, bringing the narrative to life. The soundtrack is masterfully crafted to create a sense of urgency and excitement throughout the film.

For fans of thought-provoking sci-fi thrillers, Next is a must-watch. With its intriguing storyline, talented cast, and captivating visuals, the film offers a unique experience that keeps audiences engaged from beginning to end. Whether you are a fan of Nicolas Cage's work or simply enjoy mind-bending plots, this movie delivers on all fronts.

If you are curious to explore the world of Next, you can delve into the sounds that accompany the film. Play and download the captivating score composed by Mark Isham here [insert link], and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the movie. From its engaging storyline to its talented cast and captivating soundtrack, Next remains a memorable cinematic experience that continues to captivate audiences.

Come on! Let's go!
Do you mind? Not anymore. Go ahead.
Drop the gun! Step back!
Go, go, go!
Here you go, hon. Thanks.
I can only give them a two minute head start.
I don't think I want to know.
I'll show you something. Come here.
I've never seen further ahead than two minutes.
Is picking up steam and heading for the U.S.
Isn't that something you should probably ask your waitress?
It will.
Let's go!
Mentalists. Magicians. Illusionists.
Okay, boss.
So I should drug you instead.
Subject is spotted heading south on 5th Street
The longest was 89 seconds, when Johnson pulled a six card 21.
The victim has been identified
There's almost $10,000 in this envelope.
There's been an explosion...
They would shoot you.
Well, listen, maybe I could give you a ride,
What was?
Where else would I be?