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Balto (1995) Family Soundboard

Balto (1995) Family Soundboard

Balto (1995) is an animated adventure film that revolves around the theme of family. Directed by Simon Wells, this heartwarming movie takes place in the harsh winter of 1925 in Nome, Alaska. The story is inspired by true events and follows the heroic journey of a sled dog named Balto, who becomes the unlikely hero to deliver life-saving medicine to the town's children.

In this thrilling tale, Balto is voiced by Kevin Bacon. Despite being an outcast due to his half-wolf heritage, Balto possesses an unyielding determination and loyalty. He teams up with his friends - Boris, voiced by Bob Hoskins, a Russian snow goose with a heart as big as his wings, and Muk and Luk, voiced by Phil Collins and Brian Posehn respectively, two hilarious polar bears - to embark on a treacherous journey across the frozen wilderness.

The cast also includes Miriam Margolyes as Jenna, a beautiful husky who captures Balto's heart, and Bridget Fonda as the young girl named Rosy. Rosy contracts diphtheria, along with other children in Nome, and her life, along with the entire town, is at stake. The townspeople rely on Balto and his team to bring the antitoxin serum from Nenana, hundreds of miles away.

Balto's determination and sense of family become the driving force of the film. Even though he faces numerous obstacles, including a fierce blizzard and a treacherous wolf pack led by the menacing Steele, Balto remains devoted to his mission.

The film beautifully portrays the dynamics of different family structures through the characters. Balto's own struggle to find his place in society reflects the theme of acceptance and the importance of embracing diversity. Despite not being the traditional hero, Balto's noble actions prove that being different doesn't diminish the value of one's contributions.

Jenna, as a part of Balto's family, embodies the loyalty and support that family members bring to each other. She stands by Balto's side, encouraging him to overcome his doubts and fears. Boris, Muk, and Luk, although not related by blood, illustrate that family bonds can be formed through shared experiences and unwavering friendship.

The theme of family extends beyond the central characters, as the film explores the strong ties within the wider community. The people of Nome, including Rosy's family, unite in their desperation to save their loved ones. Their intense desire to protect and care for each other showcases the resilience and strength that family provides.

The powerful message of family and unity resonates throughout the film, making Balto a beloved classic. Released in 1995, the movie continues to captivate audiences of all ages. Its stunning animation, timeless story, and memorable soundtrack make it a must-watch for families seeking an adventure filled with courage, love, and triumph.

As you dive into the world of Balto, you can immerse yourself in the sounds of Alaska's frozen wilderness, the spirited dialogue of the characters, and the enchanting music that accompanies their journey. Here, you can play and download the incredible sounds of this heartwarming film, reliving the spirit of adventure and the beauty of family that Balto embodies.

And here I've been dropping bread crumbs. Eesh !
At least one side of my family.
Back, two, three, four! Back, two, three, four! [ Telegraph Beeping ]
Balto, slow down ! [ Muttering ]
Balto, there's some things I can't do for you.
Boris Goosetenov is no spring chicken ! Aaah !
But maybe a wolf can.
Circles is a good thing. I mean, they're Yeah, circles.
Hi there,Jenna. Enjoy the race ?
Hyah ! Hyah, hyah !
It's blocked. The mountain trail is dangerous, but we can do it.
Jenna ?
Jenna, come on, girl. We're going back home.
Muk, you and Luk carry Jenna back to town on this.
My hat !
Oh, no. No, no, no, no. I'm a delicate country bird.
Oooh ! This is foolishness.
So go make move.
Steele ! We're going in circles !
Steele, I'm not leaving without that medicine.
That mutt ! Tracking a championship team in a blizzard !
That's it ! That's it !
Was with teams of dogs pulling long sleds.
Weather too severe. Stop
Yeah, what happened to the others ?
You won ! [ Laughing ] [ Growling ]
You're a hero !
[ Loud Thud ] [ Gasps ]
Balto, come on. That's it
You're lying. [ All Gasping ]
[ All Screaming ]
[ All Screaming ]
[ Boris ] You will be frozen stiff by morning.
[ Gasps, Spits ] When you are big, frozen stiff statue named Balto,
[ Grunting, Panting ]
[ Howling ]
[ Mutters, Screams ]
[ Nervous Chuckle ]
[ Roaring Continues ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Sneezes ] I don't see them.
[ Sniffing ]
[ Train Whistle Blows ]
# And find out #
# And see yourself flying #
# Deep in the storm #
# The truth shines through #
# You might touch the sky #