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Downton Abbey (2010) - Season 1

Downton Abbey (2010) - Season 1

"Downton Abbey" is a captivating British TV drama series that first premiered in 2010. Created by Julian Fellowes, this acclaimed show takes us back to the early 20th century and invites us into the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their dedicated staff.

Set in the fictional Yorkshire country estate of Downton Abbey, the series portrays the contrast between the upstairs and downstairs worlds. As the family's lives intertwine with those of their servants, we witness their triumphs, tragedies, and the ever-changing societal norms that shape their existence.

The ensemble cast of "Downton Abbey" is filled with talented actors who breathe life into their well-crafted characters. The list includes Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham, who strives to maintain his family's legacy amidst the upheavals of the time. Playing his formidable wife, Lady Cora Crawley, is Elizabeth McGovern, a strong-minded American whose presence challenges the traditional British way of life.

The Crawley daughters, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery), Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael), and Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay), each possess their own unique personalities and aspirations. Their journeys through love, heartbreak, and societal expectations add depth and intrigue to the story.

Actors Siobhan Finneran and Brendan Coyle portray the contrasting roles of O'Brien and Bates, loyal servants who become entangled in the Crawleys' affairs. Their individual struggles and unyielding loyalty offer gripping storylines that keep viewers hooked.

Alongside these central characters, the talented cast also includes Maggie Smith as the sharp-tongued Dowager Countess, Penelope Wilton as Isobel Crawley, and Joanne Froggatt as the sweet-natured Anna Bates. Each member of the cast contributes their skills to create an emotionally resonant and compelling narrative.

The show's soundtrack, composed by John Lunn, further enhances the viewing experience. Its sweeping melodies and delicate piano arpeggios evoke the grandeur and elegance of the era. You can immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of "Downton Abbey" by playing and downloading these sounds here.

"Downton Abbey" not only captivates us with its lavish sets and exquisite costumes, but also delves deep into societal themes. It explores the impact of World War I, the changing role of women, and the tension between tradition and progress. The series beautifully weaves historical events into the lives of its characters, showcasing their resilience and the complex web of relationships within the Crawleys and their staff.

Whether you are a fan of period dramas or simply appreciate brilliant storytelling, "Downton Abbey" is a must-watch. Its impeccable production values, stellar performances, and thought-provoking narratives make it a remarkable TV series that continues to captivate audiences long after its initial release. So, step into the world of "Downton Abbey" and prepare to be enchanted by the lives and stories unfolding within its walls.

A blind cook, Mr Carson.
A blind cook.
A lady's maid in the house of a colonel in your former regiment.
A little hospitality in an English house may make all the difference to the outcome.
A man like that should live and work at Downton?
A most terrible idea. She doesn't know anyone under 100.
A telephone is not a toy, but a useful and valuable tool.
A tenant of Lord Grantham's. He came in today.
A thousand gutters and pipes that may block and leak,
A Turkish diplomat called something I can't read
A very great deal.
A very nice fellow.
A woman who finds me boring could never love me
About your scheme for restoring the estate cottages.
According to the wine book, we should still have six dozen ofthis,
Actually, he was a terribly nice fellow.
After the people had left.
Afternoon, ma'am.
Ah, how amusing.
Ah, open the door, can you?
Ah, thank you.
Ah, there you are, dear. I was hoping you'd be home in time.
Ah! And you thought that'd put me off?
Ah! I've been waiting for you.
Ah! Just checking that everything's being done right, milady.
Ah! So, young lady.
Ah! Thank you.
Ah. Yeah, she may have a point. I'll keep an eye out.
Alas, no. I don't think our union would please your family.
All alone with plenty of money in a house in Eaton Square?
All alone? Oh, how sad.
All I'm asking is that you release them from any obligation to let you win.
All in your own good time,
All is well.
All packed and ready.
All right, I should think.
All right, I think, my lady. Though Mr Carson's a bit cast down.
All right, I will.
All right, Mr Drake, you're in safe hands now.
All right, well, is there somewhere we could talk?
All right, where do you see this other telephone?
All right.
All Serbian and members ofthe Black Hand.
All the more reason, then.
All the stalls are set out very well this year.
All we know about Lady Mary and here I am, waiting on her hand and foot.
All we want is to know what Gwen wants with a typewriter
Alone at last.
Although I don't know why,
Although I'm afraid most of it will be wills and conveyancing.
Although they won't make a match between them ifthat's what they're thinking.
Although you'd have had more invitations than I did.
Am I? I don't feel it.
Ambition or dream?
An attache at the Turkish embassy. A Mr Kemal Pamuk.
And "Lord Branksome's charming son", who's to be flung at Mary, presumably.
And administering adrenaline.
And admire him more because of it.
And Anna's in bed with a cold, so I'm afraid it's all down to you.
And another three drove past while I was waiting.
And as the legs straighten the foot lowers to the floor.
And at least it happened on the way home.
And before I take it any further
And before it's over I'm going to tell the world.
And before they or you get any ideas, I will choose my own wife.
And bravely borne.
And cheer up, we've all had a smack from Mr Carson.
And disobey her orders? Or not?
And do you hunt?
And do you think he's keen on her? Or is it worth a go?
And do.
And end up being force fed semolina.
And faint at the sight of blood.
And for the female staff, I expect?
And forty years of boredom and duty just isn't possible for me.
And from what her ladyship said, it sounded as ifyou support women's rights.
And get Branson to bring them to the Dower House?
And has good speeds in typing and Pitman shorthand.
And he asked me to marry him.
And he drank a lot more than was good for him.
And he is so very proud of his roses...
And he might not. Oh, come along, Mary, be sensible.
And he normally comes down on this sort ofthing like a ton of bricks.
And he proposed again and you accepted?
And he seemed a nice fellow.
And he still doesn't know?
And he was horrible and fat and red faced,
And he's eager to try an English hunt.
And he's terribly clever. He might end up Lord Chancellor.
And his roses are the most beautiful I've ever laid eyes on.
And how many bedrooms have you still got to do?
And I agreed. Because all this time, I've wondered.
And I am grateful, truly, but there is nothing I need help with.
And I assume you would have no objections?
And I believe marriage should be based on love.
And I can see him now. A funny little foreigner
And I can't find one reason on which to base a challenge.
And I don't blame her.
And I don't deny you've a right to ask.
And I don't either.
And I don't suppose there's any way of knowing if it's a...
And I go back to living on my wits, and you'd rather not follow me there!
And I have to keep finding destinations to justify it.
And I haven't said nothing to nobody.
And I just shut my eyes for a moment. I've been trying to catch up ever since.
And I need some good news today.
And I think I may have a place there for you, under Colonel Cartwright.
And I thought I'd take a chance.
And I thought the hospital a great credit to your father's memory.
And I thought the key was swinging on its hook.
And I told her so.
And I want you to think carefully before you answer.
And I was imprisoned as a thief.
And I was speaking as one lady's maid to another.
And I will never mind them.
And I will say nothing ofyour behaviour.
And I won't always be a chauffeur.
And I'm just stood there like a chump watching a man get dressed.
And I'm trying to persuade her ladyship
And I've ordered what you'll need for the baking.
And if anyone thinks I'm going to pull my forelock and curtsey to this
And if I may say so, my lady, you're still very young.
And if I'm going, you won't be far behind.
And if I've offended you, I apologise.
And if it goes wrong, I'll be telling them why.
And ifthis is what's being said in London, she has to marry soon.
And in my vanity and pride, I gave him what he wanted.
And in the end, he decided the only way to appease the gods
And in the second, I am in charge ofyour welfare
And instead they're at each other's throats from dawn till dusk.
And is this the mystery lover?
And it is.
And it should be right away, now we've talked of it.
And it's high time she let go of her scheme for upsetting everything. Time we all did.
And last month he wrote, asking to see me again.
And let her ruin me with a nasty reference? Oh, I think not.
And made enquiries about the fortune, don't pretend otherwise.
And Mary, you will ride out with him.
And Miss O'Brien, I've sent Anna to bed with a cold,
And Miss O'Brien, were you then wrong
And Mr Carson won't mind. He's gone into the village.
And Mr Lloyd George's new insurance measures will help.
And Mrs Patmore's doing a souffle for the first course.
And Mrs Patmore's fighting fit again.
And never make me remind you of it again.
And no wonder. Did the dinner go well?
And not down at the fair with the others.
And now it's the other way round.
And now we have unimpeachable proof.
And now, the Grantham Cup for the best bloom in the village.
And ofcourse I'll have the weekend.
And Papa is not?
And poor Mr Pamuk has been taken care of?
And send the horses down early.
And she doesn't want to risk losing what sight she still has.
And she gave you as a reference when you don't run a business, milady.
And she says she can have it done by Friday.
And she wouldn't let me drive it over 20 miles an hour.
And she's not been in touch with Cousin Matthew?
And show she's ready to start work again? Not a chance.
And stone that will crack in the frost.
And that's what counts. It's all that counts in the end.
And the adrenaline may not be able to restart it.
And the girls got used to it when we were in London.
And the Grantham Cup is awarded to...
And the next, he was as dead as a doornail.
And then there was the Turkish gentleman.
And then we cable her so her butler can be at King's Cross to meet them.
And there they were.
And there was nothing you could do to stop it?
And there's nothing wrong with mending roads, neither,
And they cannot expect us to alter our...
And they did say his presence was essential for peace in Albania.
And they pay us to do as we're told, that's all.
And they wouldn't want her to come back.
And they'll take it from there.
And they're right. Oh, look at me.
And this is Mr Pamuk.
And this is solution of nitrate ofsilver. Rub a little in, morning and night.
And Thomas wouldn't try to.
And to keep them in your house...
And to think Taylor's gone off to run a tea shop.
And we must all be allowed to play them.
And we thought the assassination of an Archduke was a surprise.
And we will never set eyes on you again.
And we'll celebrate after we've finished today's work.
And we'll have no more talk ofthis tonight.
And we've delivered whatever we promised at the interview.
And we've got a real atmosphere going now.
And we've had quite a few answers from her advertisement.
And what about you, will you follow him or will you come over the jump with me?
And what happens ifthe baby is a boy and Matthew loses everything?
And what if I did?
And what would be the point of living ifwe didn't let life change us?
And what?
And when I hand in my notice I shall be happy
And when it comes, I want to be really useful to my country.
And when people break them you find it hard to forgive.
And when they come out ofthem, they go to school.
And when you are master here, is the butler to be dismissed?
And when you have, you can choose whether to put it in Thomas's room
And where's Mr Napier?
And who's on duty now? The hall boy?
And why has she been? That's what I'd like to know.
And why she feels the need to keep it secret?
And why should she like the man she's been passed over for?
And why would he be?
And yet be fair to your employees.
And yet Mr Carson has no difficulty believing the worst of me.
And you can't slack.